Is a Mail Order Bride Legal? Find Out Here!

The world has progressed a lot in recent years. Technological advancements have opened new ways of doing everything, and that is where the fun begins! People these days can use the internet to fulfill any wish and get anything right from their comfort zone. You must have heard or used home delivery services to shop for your favorite clothes or other necessary items. What if someone told you that there is a possibility of choosing and buying a wife online? No, I don’t think these women are a commodity that can be purchased using cash. But there are specific sites that allow you to access the hot brides for a minimal charge, and that’s what the mail order bride platforms are all about.

We know it sounds exciting! Getting to meet women from foreign lands is always a treat to single men. But Is a mail order bride legal? Will your law allow you to scroll through brides and find them online? These are the questions that our experts would like to address in this guide today. But, there is more to it. Hence, if you know nothing or something about the legality of mail order brides, read this article until the end to learn everything!

Is It Illegal to Marry a Mail Order Wife?

A lot of men seemed to be skeptical about marrying a mail-order bride due to legal concerns. And do you know what misconception creates confusion? It’s all in the name! People think getting into a relationship with a mail-order bride is equivalent to illegal human trafficking because the phrase ‘mail order’ suggests so. But we are glad to say that it isn’t the case!

Mail order brides are not products listed on an eCommerce platform. You cannot add them to your cart and pay a certain price to get them delivered to your doorstep. It’s not how it works! Mail order wife platforms have a collection of women looking for love. Here, you can sign-up and start scrolling through the gallery and connect with those girls who grab your attention. These women are not forced to create a profile on such sites. They are willingly here, and no user can bind them into an unwanted relationship. Hence, it’s not anything close to the product-based industry. It is pretty similar to online dating sites. The only significant difference is that all the girls are ready to get married and are waiting for ideal grooms.

Is A Mail Order Bride Legal

As evident, no such illegal activities take place in mail order bride platforms. Instead, these sites are well protected from fraudsters. They also have features using which a woman can block and report users when mistreated. We hope that helped you understand why our experts think mail-order brides are not illegal and are a genuine way of finding suitable wives!

Are There Any Laws Related to Mail Order Brides?

Our experts have done detailed research to find out the various laws related to mail-order brides. They have seen that there are no such regulations directly pointed to mail-order wives. However, there are specific special laws for foreign brides, and those apply to mail-order wives too. The US government has two laws, namely:

  • International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA): This law states various regulations that a man must follow when getting married to a foreign girl.
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA): This law protects foreign women when they stay in the US after marriage.

Other countries have no such strict laws related to the matter. However, as the mail order bride industry is becoming rapidly popular, we think more nations will develop their laws. Until then, we are happy that men can get married to their dream foreign girls without fighting a battle with legal departments!

Legality of Mail Order Brides in Popular Countries

There is a rising demand for buying mail-order brides in most countries these days. When you buy a bride, you pay for the site’s subscription charges and other costs. You do not buy a person in this case! That is why several countries take it easy without making a fuss about it. Now, let’s find out more on the same:

  • UK: The UK has no such strict rules for marrying a foreign woman. Hence, if you stay here, you can easily get into a relationship with a girl from the International lands and bring her home as your wife.
  • US: As stated before, the US has two laws relating the foreign marriages. If you follow those two rules, there are no worries related to the legality of the wedding.
  • Canada: This country had no such laws related to foreign marriages in the past, but recently, in 2012, it has made some changes. If a man desires to bring his foreign wife home, he can sponsor her through the Family Sponsorship Program. However, this law has made one thing clear that mail order wives are legal in Canada for those who abide by the rule.

Reports suggest that mail-order brides are bought all over the world. Hence, it is easily understandable that most countries allow these marriages. But is there any country that does not allow mail-order brides? Yes, there is! The Philippines is a country that does not allow such relationships at all. Hence, men who live in the Philippines need to find a suitable wife within their own country.

Which Are the Best Legal Mail Order Bride Sites?

There are numerous mail order bride platforms online. However, not all of them are legal, and hence, it is not advised that you sign-up for any site without reading the reviews. Do we have some recommendations for you? Of course, we do! Some of the best mail order bride sites that are legal and popular are:

  • Kiss Russian BeautyDate Asian Women
  • LatinWomanLove
  • UkraineBride4You
  • Date Asian Woman
  • MeetSlavicGirls

You can join any of these platforms and get started with your bride hunt. Below, we have shared some tips that will help you identify the legal mail order bride sites. Keep reading!

How to Identify Trustable Mail Order Bride Platforms?

As said before, you cannot trust all mail order wife sites available online. A few of them exist to scam the users and take their money. But we have some tips for you that can help you choose the right platforms without much hassle:

  • Read the online reviews: Every renowned site will have several online reviews on the internet. Try to find them out and read them. The reviews will help you know how legitimate the website is.
  • Check the member profiles: We recommend you join those sites that have detailed member profiles. Usually, the accounts with no sufficient information are fake and not reliable. Hence, whenever you register on a site, check the accounts first.
  • Read the terms and conditions: Every site has some terms and conditions. When joining mail order bride services, do not agree without reading the clauses. Also, check the payment methods and taxes for more clarification.
  • Connect with the support: If a site does not have proper support, it is useless to hang out there. Therefore, make sure you get in touch with the PR team at least once before using the platform in full swing.

If you follow all of these tips, you will have fewer chances to join an illegal dating service ever!

Wrapping Up

We know that rumors about mail order brides are illegal and scams, but they are legitimate, as you have read in the guide. When bringing home your lady love from a foreign country, do not ever feel scared. It is a life-changing moment that can usher a lot of happiness in your life. Hence, embrace it with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. However, still, make sure that you meet all the legalities of your country while bringing her in.

There are numerous countries where women are looking for American men. So, take your time to choose a country of your choice and then start joining the mail order bride sites. We are sure you will soon meet the love of your life on one of these platforms. So, when will you join a mail-order bride service and start looking for your life partner? We cannot wait to know!

Legality of Mail Order Brides

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a few FAQs below. Please do read them to learn more about the legality of mail order brides and more!

What Are the Advantages of Meeting a Bride Online?

People who haven’t tried online dating ever before often wonder how meeting a woman online can be better than meeting them in person. Well, there are some incredible benefits when meeting brides on mail order services:

  • You can connect with more than one woman at a time.
  • You don’t have to travel to faraway countries to talk with a foreign girl.
  • You can use search filters to find girls of your exact preferences. Hence, it saves a lot of time and effort.
  • The women hanging out on these platforms are single and looking for partners. Knowing this beforehand can save you from the awkward situation when you hit on a girl, and she replies, ‘I have a boyfriend!’

Besides all these benefits, another perk is that the services are legal. Thus, you can use them without worrying about getting into unwanted trouble later!

Why Do I Need to Pay for Mail Order Bride Services?

Have you ever heard of marriage agencies? If yes, then we assume you know they help a groom find his bride in exchange for some money. That is exactly what happens in mail order bride sites except for the fact- you get to use more features here, and the services are offered online. These online sites have a gallery full of hot foreign brides, and to get access to their collection, and you have to pay some charges or buy a subscription. It is pretty normal in online dating sites, and hence, you should take it positively without overthinking much.

Can I Use Mail Order Wife Platforms for Free?

If you want to use mail order bride services for free, then be happy because it is possible. Most of these platforms have a free plan alongside the paid ones. The free features usually involve viewing member profiles and using the search filters. Even though you can use the sites without spending a penny, buying a membership is crucial if you want to connect with the girls. The prices are pretty reasonable on most sites. Hence, we are sure you will find at least one legal mail order bride portal that fits your budget.

How Does Matchmaking Work?

Every mail order bride platform has a team of professionals who analyze the requirements you provide while signing up. After that, they match your needs with the brides they have. Finally, they pick the best girls who match your preferences and then show their profiles to you. This matchmaking system works the best so far because it is done manually, and hence, the results are more accurate than the regular dating sites.

You can also use the search filters to find the girls of your liking and connect with them. Several other sites have other computer integrated matchmaking systems, which are more advanced and better. You can find out about the matchmaking process of each site when you read their online reviews.

What If I Don’t Find a Suitable Bride on These Sites?

There are very few chances that you won’t find an ideal wife for you on these platforms. However, if it does happen, there are other ways that you can try to meet a foreign girl:

  • Join online dating sites
  • Get in touch with local wife finder agencies
  • Visit the desired country

We are sure one of these methods will work for you!

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