Meeting Eastern European Brides: Ways to Seduce Your Dream Partner

Without using seduction techniques that apply specifically to East Eastern European brides, you will not succeed in dating them. In this article, we’ll take a look at all the options available to you. Read on to find out what these women are like, how to meet Eastern European girlfriends online, and what sites to use.

Pros and Cons of Dating Eastern European Mail Brides


  • They are beautiful and take care of themselves;
  • These ladies are loyal;
  • You can meet a partner online as Eastern European mail order brides many use dating agencies;
  • Most brides dream of marrying a foreign man;
  • Family values are important to them.


  • You will have to provide for the woman and the whole family;
  • Eastern European mail order brides require profound courtship;
  • You should choose an agency carefully to avoid scams.

Eastern European Mail Order

What Is Eastern European Mail Order Bride Like?

Understand the mentality of an east Eastern European beauty to seduce her. Contrary to stereotypes, it is not that easy to attract a lonely girl from an Eastern region. The mentality of these brides, in broad outline, is roughly similar from country to country. Of course, there are differences, but communism has somewhat shaped their values in the same mold. However, there exists a remarkable difference between women looking for love from the East and the West.

If you think you will only have to show your passport to make your fiance fall in love, you are seriously wrong. Well, not quite frankly. You will succeed in attracting the girls who only want to get papers. Such Eastern European brides for marriage will divorce you as soon as they get to another country. Is this really what you are looking for? Do not miss out on all the good brides with whom you could have had a real love affair.

It is essential to understand that each country has its cultural specificities and its way of functioning. You will therefore have to adapt to the mentalities of an Eastern European mail-order bride you choose.

Various Ways to Meet Eastern European Women for Marriage

You can get acquainted with Eastern European women looking for English men via a marriage agency. This organization is a legal brokerage agency that connects people who want a stable romantic relationship. Singles, divorced people, widowers, young people, adults, or teens unite together inside such communities. You can also find the woman of your dreams there who meets your criteria of choice. Eastern Europe brides that register there strive to marry a foreigner. These agencies are distinguished from clubs and dating sites because they are reliable, secure, and regulated by law.

You can take the trip to appreciate Eastern European mail-order brides better. If you are one of those people who prefer to choose personally, you can take the journey to the land of this woman you covet so much. It must be recognized that the fact of traveling allows you to appreciate your conquest better. However, it is not easy to find the rare pearl so easily. You will have to visit restaurants, clubs, cinemas, and amusement parks together with the woman. It is only by stepping outside that you might discover an Eastern European mail-order bride worthy of your expectations. Understanding the country’s language would also be an asset to conquer the heart of the one you have chosen quickly.

There exist many countries where you can find Eastern European women for marriage. If you want to make the trip, it is essential to know the states where you can see this female: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Croatia. Know that Slavic women are very temperamental. Your success will therefore depend on your behavior towards them.

In short, to have a serious relationship with an Eastern European bride, you will have to do your best to meet her. And for that, you have the choice between a dating agency, a marriage agency, or the trip. However, you should know the countries where to find these women.

Sites You Can Use to Find Eastern European Mail Order Brides

Thanks to the Internet, you can quickly get in touch with Eastern European mail brides through dating sites. Indeed, they allow you to communicate, know each other, and develop relationships that can lead to seriousness. Such sites offer many functions to get you in touch with the members quickly. You are free to exchange by:

  • mail;
  • by site messaging;
  • through social networks;
  • through marriage agencies.

Here are some platforms that will help you meet Eastern European women.

Eastern European Women


Tinder works internationally, and Eastern beauties use this site as well. It offers a great bunch of exciting features and stands out among all the sites. For instance, the game “Super Likable.” Here you get suggested profiles of four women, all of which would have deserved a “Superlike” according to the Tinder algorithm. The four profile pictures, as a rule, look very appealing. Unfortunately, you cannot see the complete profile, only one photo. To avoid skipping the east Eastern European beauty you like, use one tip: pause the game for now, but remember the pictures and names. Likely, these profiles will also be among your top picks of the day. And here, you can view the bride profiles in full and then assign your Superlike if necessary.

The Tinder Swipe-Night is an interactive mini-series scheduled to run on three weekends in 2020 on Saturdays and Sundays. As with the Black Mirror episode “Bandersnatch,” you can interactively determine the course of your interaction with Eastern brides. Depending on your selection, you will arrive at other experiences and results. In other words: you choose how your story continues and ends. Each of the three episodes is about the approaching end of the world, and you decide you want to swipe a woman to the left or right — but you only have 7 seconds to make your decision. One month of the gold subscription costs $15.


This platform is one of the greatest for dating Eastern European women. Registration is easy: you get free space where you can write whatever you want about yourself, choose from a long list of hobbies, and provide your philosophy for life. Then you can add more information about who you are, for example, life skills, which you cannot live without.

In this way, eHarmony allows you to showcase your best personal qualities and traits. However, after registering and taking the test, you will see that not all eHarmony features are free. You will need to purchase a plan to find a mail-order girlfriend quickly. When you get down to the price, you will notice that the minimum subscription is six months. The thing is, it’s always best to try a dating site first and then buy a long-term subscription, but eHarmony won’t let you do that. After all, chances are you will meet your Eastern European wife in less than six months. Six months of the premium subscription costs $30.


Matchmaking based on personality tests that works is the main characteristic of this platform. OkCupid will assist you in meeting Eastern European women for marriage as it is an international dating site. Different sites use their methods to match two people to each other. Without a doubt, the most popular of these methods is based on personality tests. The vast majority of OkCupid reviews will tell you that OkCupid falls into this category as well. However, many people mention that you might have a pretty good time finding Eastern European wives, or your experience might completely suck. One month of the premium subscription costs $40.

Tips You Should Know Before Approaching Eastern European Girls Online

We have tested the sites mentioned above extensively and therefore know exactly how to flirt with a bride most successfully:

  • Your main photo has to be great. Tinder has a right to be the most superficial dating app out there. If your primary image doesn’t show you at your very best, East European girls will mercilessly wipe you away.
  • In our experience, photos that show you outdoors doing an exciting activity (e.g., on the beach in the mountains, etc.) work best to seduce brides. Your face should be visible, but it’s often good not to look directly into the camera when taking your main photo.
  • Avoid photo mistakes. The absolute no-gos for men include boring application photos as the main picture, poser photos with a naked torso in front of the bathroom mirror, photos with unfriendly and dismissive facial expressions, and pictures with grimaces. Eastern European women for marriage do not swipe such profiles to the right.
  • Upload the correct full-body photo. In addition to your main photo, you can upload other materials to give Eastern European brides a small impression of your personality. Make sure that your photos are varied and show you at your best. For example, photos of you doing sports or on vacation are usually a good choice for seducing women.

Things You Should Finally Know About Eastern European Women

Questions and answers below describe why meeting Eastern European ladies is a good idea and how to do it properly. Meet your love with our tips.

meet Eastern European girls

At What Age Can You Get Married in Europe?

In most Eastern European countries, you are allowed to get married after reaching 18 years of age. In case of pregnancy, the couple is allowed to marry earlier — from 16 years. If you want to find an Eastern European bride, remember to arrange an official wedding after she reaches legal age.

How to Attract an Eastern European Woman?

If you meet an Eastern European mail order bride, she will expect to receive gifts from you. So pay special attention to what she likes and the traditions of courtship in her country. For instance, in Russian, specific date presents include flowers, sweets, jewelry, perfumes, dresses, bags, tickets for an event, and makeup.

Are Eastern European Girls Easy?

In most cases, Eastern European brides are pretty, feminine, gentle and devoted, cultured, caring, and with family values. The trials women went through made them courageous, resourceful, and capable of adapting to and actual traditional values of the couple and the family home. So, when Eastern European women dating, do not expect them to be easy.


Maybe you have never visited Russia or Ukraine, but if you have, you must have noticed one particular thing: most Eastern European girls are adorable and take good care of themselves.

This is especially true when you hang out around universities or go to a nightclub, like in Kyiv, for example. During your first visits to Eastern Europe, you will be fascinated by the beauty of Eastern European women for marriage. Now you know how to seduce women that are waiting for you.

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