How to Recognize Genuine Costa Rican Brides

Once you’ve met a Costa Rica woman, you will want to see her again and again. Costa Rican women are gorgeous and authentic. You can hardly confuse them and other Latina brides because of Costa Rica women’s unique combination of beautiful appearance, subtle behavior, and rich inner world.

Apart from brides in many other regions in Asia, Costa Rica girls don’t envy their western female competitors. On the contrary, some local ladies put themselves above the rest of the women. However, they remain cheerful, easy-going, kind, and responsive. Costa Ricans tenderly call their girls Ticas. This perky name fits their characters and temper perfectly.

Why Are Costa Rican Mail Order Brides So Desirable?

Costa Rica brides are not picky when it comes to their men’s age. They can boldly date males 20 years older and feel no inconveniences. They don’t pay much attention to a western man’s face, eye, hair color, etc. All that matters for Costa Rican brides are guys’ financial capacity.

Does it make the women of Costa Rica materialistic? No way. She wants a lovely house, a safe environment, money for everyday expenses, remote support for her parents, good stuff, and education to raise her kids, and that’s all. Is a Costa Rican wife different from a western woman? No difference is visible.

However, unlike many American and European women, Costa Rican girls don’t require things like social standing or ambitious career building. Moreover, they are grateful to their foreign husbands and appreciate their well-being. They return a “favor” by taking care and supporting them, giving them all their love and attention. They cook tasty dishes and want them to be happy every minute. That’s why Costa Rican women for marriage are in high demand among Gringos and Europeans.

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Do Really Costa Rican Girls Love Foreigners?

Costa Rica mail order brides are really into western fellows. Women prefer to marry a fiancé overseas rather than date local guys (Ticos). A foreign partner is more desirable for a Costa Rican bride because of the following reasons:

  • Men from highly-developed countries are emotionally mature. Western culture makes them grow up faster and become independent of their parents relatively early. Many male Latinos, including Ticos, are rather infantile and hide behind their mothers’ backs. They can even be a bit aggressive to show their power.
  • Women in Costa Rica like foreigners and appreciate their fidelity. Whites hold more progressive and honorable views on sex. They feature a respectful attitude even to casual women. Sexual partners are mentally and emotionally equal in their culture. At the same time, Ticos have double standards.
  • American and Europeans have chivalry to Costa Rican chivalry when it comes to manners. While Latinos can get ahead through their natural charm when they need it, whites are more well-mannered in any situation.

So, men from overseas can easily steal the hearts of Costa Rican mail order brides and become happy nearby one of the most beautiful women in the world.

What Should You Know about Costa Rican Women for Marriage?

Costa Rica dating and marriage seem attractive to those into exotic tropical climate, culture, and lifestyles. This tiny land is pretty peaceful and stable, unlike other Latina regions. Many tourists worldwide arrive in this country every year in search of entertainment and, of course, Costa Rica wives.

Since international tourism is a fast-growing industry, Costa Rican singles are good at connecting to foreign men. They aren’t shy to show their interest and contact men from other countries. Costa Rica ladies are proud of their native land, its beaches, parks, and biological reserves. No wonder that an average Costa Rican woman looks like a professional model. At the same time, they preserve their natural sexuality and attractiveness.

Of course, single Costa Rican ladies have hot tempers, like other Latinas. However, they are well brought enough to handle their emotions and too cheerful to be mad at someone for too long. Any Costa Rica mail order bride professes traditional family values and behavior.

Such peculiarities of their culture also influence their look. A Costa Rica girl uses much less makeup than other Latina brides. That’s why Costa Rican wives look more beautiful and natural at any age, without recourse to plastic surgery. However, they still remain Latinas with black hair, large flashing eyes, and seductive curves.

Dating a Costa Rican Mail Order Bride

How to date Costa Rica women for marriage? Just be yourself. Does it sound a bit simplified? Maybe, but this is the right way to find real love and long-term relationships. Costa Rican brides are much more intelligent and educated than many other Latinas. They are closer to European women rather than Peruvian or Mexican brides. Most women speak English well. They are insightful and can recognize lies very fast. Hence, a man shouldn’t play games but be honest and genuine.

If you want to pump a Costa Rican bride with gifts, be generous but don’t demonstrative. You should persuade your bride of the intensity of your feelings rather than the power of your purse.

Remember to be respectful and escape the outpouring display of public affection. It’s also crucial to go out and provide a bride with a high-quality pastime. A man should be confident but don’t mimic Ticos in their vulgar swagger. The most important thing is to make your bride feel protected. By the way, protection means caring but not domination. In other words, your future Costa Rica wife shouldn’t feel like being in a golden cage.

If you take your Costa Rican bride seriously, try to meet her family and get their approval. Otherwise, you might have problems with your girlfriend’s relatives, elder brothers in particular.

Best Places to Find a Costa Rican Mail Order Bride

Those who crave Costa Rican girlfriends can discover many perks in Hotel Del Rey, the capital of San Jose, or El Pueblo’s nightclubs. If you prefer to meet girls in the daylight, San Pedro Mall will make you happy with tons of Ticas that go there for entertainment and shopping. Small family restaurants in downtown San Jose are jam-packed with authentic Costa Rica singles that can tell you much about their culture and lifestyles.

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Suppose you are a young backpacker and adore active life outdoors. In this case, a small town Puerto Viejo provides you with decent Costa Rican brides and other backpackers from Europe to hang out all together.

Still, the question arises: how to find a Costa Rican woman if you cannot leave your native country to see the exotic beauty of Central America. In this case, a matchmaking agency may come in handy. However, it takes time to negotiate, maintain liaison with matchmakers, spend money on social events, etc. What is a way out?

If you are a busy person without resources and opportunities to travel, online dating platforms are a win-win solution. Of course, it deals with reputable and legit services that boast their high success rate and popularity among Costa Rican brides.

Frankly speaking, you can hardly find a dedicated niche app that would contain only Costa Rican women’s profiles. This part of Latin America is pretty small; that’s why the dating industry still lacks a niche site. However, you can join a platform focused on Latinas and set the “Costa Rican brides” filter to make the site display relevant profiles.

Top Rated Sites for High-Quality Matches

This legit and credible resource allows you to meet a Costa Rican woman effortlessly. The platform offers many exciting features and options to provide fruitful search and soon result. The app is very popular among Costa Rican women looking for American men. Hence, you can browse various profiles to ensure the most compatible match.


  • Cupid Tags work well and ensure precise matchmaking.
  • Most Costa Rican beauties want to meet western singles.
  • The site implements advanced protection to keep users’ data safe.
  • Most Costa Rican women looking for love are very active.


  • You cannot read incoming messages without a paid subscription.
  • It would be great to see forums on the platform.



  • 1 mo.: $29.98
  • 3 mo.: $20.00 ($59.99 totally)
  • 12 mo.: $10.00 ($119.98 totally)


  • 1 mo.: $34.99
  • 3 mo.: $23.33 ($99.98 totally)
  • 12 mo.: $12.50 ($149.99 totally)

Plenty of Fish

If you want to find genuine Costa Rican beauty, POF will fulfill your desires. It has been matching lonely souls together since 2013, handling this challenging task pretty well. The app has many special features, making your online dating more efficient and entertaining.


  • The user pool is massive.
  • You can find a mail order girlfriend by income, profession, and occupation.
  • Both a desktop site and mobile app boast perfect digital performance.


  • Free users suffer from numerous ads on their interfaces.
  • Complete profiles are available if you have a paid membership.


  • 2 months: $19.35 ($38.70 totally)
  • 4 months: $12.75 ($51.00 totally)
  • 8 months: $10.18 ($81.40 totally)


Tinder seems to be more suitable when it comes to hookups. However, this app is one of the most Costa Rica dating sites. Local girls use it to find Americans and other western people to find long-lasting relationships.


  • There are many hot Costa Rica single women on the app.
  • The service is integrated with such platform as Snapchat, Spotify, etc.
  • It’s possible to stay logged on several devices at a time.
  • A live video call is a nice touch.


  • Profiles are shallow.
  • You can view a photo within a couple of seconds only before swiping.

Costa Rican women


Tinder Gold under 28

  • 1 mo.: $14.99/mo.
  • 6 mo.: $8.83/mo. ($52.99 totally)
  • 12 mo.: $6.92/mo. ($82.99 totally)

Tinder Gold over 28

  • 1 mo.: $29.99/mo.
  • 6 mo.: $18.83/mo. ($112.99 totally)
  • 12 mo.: $12.50/mo. ($149.99 totally)

Tinder Plus under 28

  • 1 mo.: $9.99/mo.
  • 6 mo.: $5.83/mo. ($34.99 totally)
  • 12 mo.: $4.58/mo. ($54.99 totally)

Tinder Plus over 28

  • 1 mo.: $14.32/mo.
  • 6 mo.: $8.35/mo. ($60.00 totally)
  • 12 mo.: $6.67/mo. ($80.00 totally)

Tinder Platinum under 28

  • 1 mo.: $19.99/mo.
  • 6 mo.: $10.00/mo. ($50.10 totally)
  • 12 mo.: $5.97/mo. ($71.64 totally)

Tinder Platinum over 28

  • 1 mo.: $17.99/mo.
  • 6 mo.: $10.50/mo. ($63.00 totally)
  • 12 mo.: $7.50/mo. ($90.00 totally)


How Loyal Are Costa Rican Brides?

Costa Rica ladies for marriage are very loyal wives. They accept their husbands’ leadership and always support them. However, they are not submissive, having personal views and opinions. They respect their life partners as long as they respect their wives. Mutual support and equal rights are critical to providing loyalty, regardless of ethnicity and country of living.

At What Age Can You Get Married in Costa Rica?

Single women in Costa Rica should reach 18 years old before getting married. Then, the wedding doesn’t require parental permission. The official ceremony is recognized in all countries. Two witnesses’ presence is obligatory to testify to the marriage’s legitimacy.

Are Costa Rican Girls Easy?

Many lonely Costa Rican women are easy to pick up. This is great if you seek casual dating but can hardly help you meet your love. Generally, most girls from Costa Rica contact foreigners without a problem. Still, their friendliness doesn’t mean that they want to get laid. They are just polite and may want to chat with you or learn more about your life.

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