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The AmourFeel website appears pretty fashionable to start. The bright colors and extremely simple design assist to make a favorable first impression. You won’t have any problem knowing how Amour Feel works because the setup is quite clear, and the introductory page is extremely educational.

Our review on AmourFeel dating site confirms that this is a fantastic and well-liked online interaction tool. There are about 15,000 foreign-born girls registered. Russian girls make up the bulk of international dates, while Ukrainian and other Slavic women can also be found. However, Amour Feel is primarily an online dating site for Russian singles, so if you come here hoping to talk with a Russian woman, you won’t be dissatisfied, and your first experience will be favorable. Keep reading this review to learn more,

Pros and Cons

We have millions of lonely hearts in this world, so it’s no wonder that we have a countless number of dating services. However, quantity doesn’t mean quality, and it’s difficult to define greatness within a world wide web. Amour Feel states that it deserves the title of a decent dating site. Does it hold up to its statement? Here are the pros and cons of these ladies:


  • An excellent mobile variant of the website and a consumer-friendly design
  • Simple signup procedure and quick authorization form
  • Both informal and committed relationships are ideal for this
  • New users receive free points, while credit buyers can choose from a variety of packages
  • Expert Amour Feel customer service team


  • No Amour Feel application
  • Free users may search for females but cannot communicate with them
  • Receiving images and sending them both cost money
AmourFeel main page

AmourFeel Pricing Policy

You can utilize all of the site’s messaging options if you purchase a subscription. On Amour Feel, you are unable to communicate with ladies without a subscription. However, because this system has a sophisticated anti-scam mechanism and enables you to stay secure online, you get precisely what you paid for. You must pay more for the services over the $3 cost of the basic subscription with 20 credits. Is AmourFeel worth paying for? It’s a pleasant method because you just pay for the goods you use and don’t overspend. In this approach, the website serves your requirements and benefits you, while your expenditures are solely based on your activity. What they cost is:

  • $11 for 20 credits
  • $25 for 55 credits
  • $50 for 125 credits

Safety of Payments on AmourFeel

The Amour Feel team constantly tries to safeguard its customers from con artists; cutting-edge technology and procedures give consumers a safe and dependable online dating environment. You may feel secure using our site without worrying about your privacy because all transactions and operations are secured. 

But since there are evil individuals around, you should never transfer currency to other members, even as a present. Likewise, you shouldn’t share your private login information or anything similar to prevent issues when using this website. Contact this site’s help right away if you have any concerns about the Amour Feel fraud. Additionally, the website offers everyone the chance to verify their identity and profile to receive a verified badge to make your trips more pleasant.

How Does AmourFeel Work? 

You can’t see a preview of the profiles unless you log in, however, you don’t have to be a paying member unless you decide to, but you do have to log in and fill out a fairly extensive profile before you can do anything. Some sites allow you to see their members before you sign up.

The registration process is free and quick. First, you need to create a profile and then fill out a compatibility test (it is highly recommended to fill it out if you want search results that match who you are).

After creating your profile, you will be able to and will have to consult profiles that interest you, so AmourFeel’s Behavioral Matchmaking technique will analyze your actions, which will allow it to propose profiles that may suit you. So far, it’s all free, but if you want to access messaging, chat, or see who’s viewed your profile, you’ll have to pay.

If you have a Facebook account, you should know that Amour Feel is linked to it, and if you log in to your account, you’ll be able to find your Facebook friends. You should know that the Amour Feel dating site is one of the “must-haves” for all single people.

AmourFeel get started

Registration Process on AmourFeel Site

Our AmourFeel dating site review affirms that the process is relatively simple. Fill in your basic information, such as your date of birth, email, password, nickname, and gender as well as that of the partner you are looking for. It takes about 20 minutes, explained by the presence of a unique personality questionnaire. It is possible to register as a man looking for a woman, but also another man. Women can also choose to meet only women. AmourFeel is a gay or straight dating site without distinction.

The test asks a whole bunch of questions related to your physical traits, but it especially concerns the character and the views. We have the feeling that we are not being scammed because the questions are so numerous and thought-out. This is one of the main reasons why we like this site. Where many dating sites sell a two-minute registration, Elite-Rencontre stands out.

Once you’ve filled out the questions, all you have to do is send a profile picture, validate your email, and that’s it. By logging in with your login and password, and even without having subscribed yet, you already have access to similar profiles. However, the photos are blurred. You have to subscribe to see the pictures, send messages, and smile.

AmourFeel Site: Step-by-Step Registration

According to AmourFeel dating site reviews, signing up is quick and easy, as there is no personality test to complete before you can access the various AmourFeel site services. Here are all the steps to register and fill in your AmourFeel site profile:

  • Account creation. Nothing original so far, you just have to enter your email address and a password and choose your gender and your sentimental attraction (man looking for a woman and vice versa, man looking for a man or woman looking for a woman);
  • You must then select your geographical area (by city or zip code. You can then increase or decrease your search radius in the parameters;
  • Choice of the profile photo. You were expecting it: the inevitable profile picture. Even if it is not mandatory to choose one, we can only advise you not to ignore this step, and even to pay a lot of attention to it! Even if your appearance is not everything, your photo is the first thing that other users will see and the gateway to your profile;
  • A few questions to know you better. You are already at the end of your registration with some very simple questions that will inform users about some key points of your life. What is your body type? What is your level of education? Do you smoke? What is your origin? In short, nothing fancy;
  • Tutorial. You are now officially an AmourFeel site user. A very short tutorial shows you in a few steps how to use AmourFeel free search and get in touch with other singles;
  • Matchmaking. This is a way to refine your search for ladies. Before you start searching for your soul mate, we recommend that you click on matchmaking. The site will then ask you questions about the type of profile you are looking for. Thus, the profiles of singles that are proposed to you will correspond with a little more precision to your criteria.
AmourFeel users

Profile Quality of AmourFeel Users

Is AmourFeel any good? In its advertising, the AmourFeel site seems rather promising, after all, more than 40 million singles worldwide are supposedly registered with it. It is also said to send more than 3 million messages per day. But can this dating site convince people that membership is worthwhile?

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AmourFeel Site and the Intelligent Matching Algorithm

Does the AmourFeel site offer the possibility to get to know people who match your wishes and needs in a short time and then start dating them? What are the strengths and weaknesses of AmourFeel site? How can you get the most out of this dating app as a single person?

To answer these questions, we made this AmourFeel review of website. We would now like to share with you our findings and experiences with the site. We would also like to give you some information on how to get the most out of your AmourFeel membership.

Is Speed Dating Available Via AmourFeel Site? 

The truth about AmourFeel is that the developers wanted to create a more intelligent matching system than many other dating sites. That’s why AmourFeel site relied on so-called “behavioral matching” for the application, which automatically learns from users’ actions. But is it a guarantee of success in getting more dates?

Here’s what we noticed about dating on the AmourFeel site. We saw the reviewers from big cities who were trying to date a big amount of ladies within a short period. It became apparent to us rather quickly that these users found quite a few users with premium memberships on AmourFeel site. 

There are no secrets about it. You write to a person of interest and be truthful about your intentions. If you communicate your thoughts with her then she is more likely to agree to date you. You can do that with many ladies simultaneously via chatting, and thus, you get your virtual speed dating. 

Protection Aspect: Is AmourFeel Safe? 

Thanks to the reputation of the AmourFeel site group, we are not worried about the privacy policy and data security on the serious dating site. You can find their customer service contact information in the footer of their website. Don’t forget to check out the “help” section, which has a detailed FAQ (it looks more like a blog, actually).

Concerning the protection of your data, AmourFeel is a reliable and serious site. Everything is encrypted and secure. No other member of the dating site can see your personal information unless you give it to them yourself.

How to Avoid Scams on AmourFeel Site?

No site is safe from scammers. According to AmourFeel dating reviews, there are a small number of fraudsters, but one cannot be too cautious. At first, the swindler will try to gain the trust of his victim by leading long discussions, often passionate. He emphasizes his sincerity and honesty, and of course, he evokes a serious story. He plays the romantic card, he sends poems, and very quickly starts talking about true love (yes, it still works!).

This relationship can quickly turn into a real love affair, passionate, and even addictive for some people more fragile than others. The swindler sends photos and messages to his victim… The latter, suspicious at first, opens up and ends up succumbing to his “charm”.

AmourFeel search

How Scammers Act on AmourFeel Site?

Our AmourFeel review noticed that after revealing personal information or intimate secrets, the perpetrator explains to the victim that he is in a difficult financial situation and asks him to send money.

Here again, the scenarios are always the same and, therefore easily identifiable:

  • She has had his bank cards and/or identity papers stolen and can no longer access his money,
  • Her visa has expired, and she is in jail;
  • She is in a hotel but cannot pay the bill, and the manager keeps her papers in return;
  • She has been attacked, is in the hospital, and has to pay her bills;
  • Her son or daughter is seriously ill, and he needs money to pay for an operation or vital treatment;
  • She also often asks his victim to cash a (stolen) check for him and to send her back the money in cash through the Western Union system.

Safety Measures on AmourFeel Site

AmourFeel reviews that the only solution to avoid any scam attempt is to never send money. If the pressure is too great, talk to your friends and family or stop all relations with the scammer. Be aware that if you are scammed, you will never get your money back.

 Some recommendations when using AmourFeel site:

  • Never leave AmourFeel site. The support won’t protect you outside the dating service;
  • If in doubt, search the profile picture on a search engine to make sure it has not been stolen. Do further research on Google and social networks to see if the person’s name matches the information given. There are also many specialized sites with blacklists;
  • Be wary of overly enthusiastic feelings and immediate romanticism;
  • Do not hesitate to contact the administrators of the dating site to report any suspicious profile;
  • In case of doubt, stop contact with this person and report the fake profile to the support service of the dating site. In case of theft or usurpation, it is recommended to file a complaint with the police and/or to contact a lawyer.

AmourFeel Site: Help and Support 

We have had time to talk about the dangers of scammers and ways to protect yourself from them, but what can the AmourFeel team provide? Is AmourFeel a good dating site with decent protection? We have reason to recommend you not to go to external resources because the administrators of the site have tried a lot with protection and moderators make sure that users are not asking for money or trying to manipulate the interlocutor in any way. 

If there is suspicious activity on the site, it can always be reported to customer support. Customer support is also there to help you with your transactions, answer your concerns, and simply ensure your users are comfortable. So you can trust the site.

AmourFeel do you like

AmourFeel Site: Final Verdict

If you are a foreigner who is rather fluent in English, you can have the opportunity to chat with many different profiles, especially foreigners living in your country.

What is AmourFeel is the best dating service to open up to the world and discover different profiles. We didn’t go to a physical meeting in the middle of the world’s chaos, but we had some fun having a little chat with a Ukrainian woman.

AmourFeel is not on the list of the best dating sites for foreign men, but it is very well designed and allows you to work on your English or other languages. It’s hard to find women fully fluent in English, but they try their best, and with some practice, the language barrier is not an issue. 


Can I Use AmourFeel Anonymously?

The site has no official way of giving you anonymity. The site respects users' freedoms, and therefore you have the right not to upload your data and photos to the site. However, it is unlikely that they will want to communicate with you when they cannot even see your face in a photo. Anonymity creates mistrust which is so important for your other half. This is why AmourFeel does not have an anonymity feature.

Is AmourFeel Free?

The site is only partially free. You can create your profile, upload photos, and fill in data about yourself, and it doesn't cost a penny. However, direct contact with a girl and continuing to communicate requires money. Of course, you can write to you a girl with a premium subscription, but the lack of control can be annoying. Is AmourFeel worth it? AmourFeel is a high-quality service, and therefore browsing profiles and communication is a standard you have to pay for.

How to Use

To use AmourFeel perfectly, you need to consider several factors. You have to fill in real data on the site to create a strong connection with your partner. A detailed profile will get the most attention but don't include your credit card details or anything like that. Girls will write to you themselves, so it's only important to keep the conversation going and listen to your conversation partner.

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