Asian Mail Order Brides Cost – What the Price For a Bride From Asia

If you’re serious about online dating and use it to find a lifetime partner, the expenses are inevitable. To find a wife absolutely free of charge is impossible. You will face travel, services, document expenses, etc. So what are mail order Asian brides prices? Are there any ways to save money on purchasing a bride?

❤️ Success Marriage Rate 82%
💰 Asian bride cost range $800 – $15,000
⌛ Average age of single Asian women 28 y.o
😏 Best Sites AsianMelodies

What should you never grudge money on? Why should you spend money on Asian dating sites? Let’s find out below.

Calculate the Cost of Asian Brides

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

General info about Asian Mail Order Brides Pricing

To buy an Asian bride, you need to pay some fees. These would include travel costs, communication fees, Visa expenses, etc.

Type of expensesCosts
❣️ Cost of communication on a dating site:start from $320
✈️ Cost of flight tickets:ticket to Tokyo – $900
Cost of hotel accommodation:start from $3,000 – 2 weeks
Expenses for restaurants and cafes:from $500 to $1,000 in 2 weeks

Before you learn more about the prices, let us tell why Asian brides are the right investment.

How Much Does Online Asian Dating Cost

The Registration Fee

International dating platforms, as a rule, offer free registration. Newly registered members can create an account, add some information about themselves, and browse the Asian mail order brides gallery of pictures. Free services may also include sending likes, winks to break the ice, and using basic search to see how many girls are looking for relationships.

Spending Money on Gifts

The online dating industry is so advanced that it can almost fully replace live dating. As proof, you can even send gifts and flowers to your mail order girlfriend. You don’t necessarily need to use the flower and gift delivery service offered on a dating site. As a rule, simple bouquets are overpriced there. Just google the best deliveries in your girl’s home city and pay by credit card.


It’s good if the dating site you’ve chosen offers translation services. It’s even better if the translation is included in your membership plan. It’s a bitter truth, but Asians have poor English skills. If by messaging a woman from Asia, you can erase the language barrier, what would you do when she arrives at your place? The best option would be to prepare in advance and to pay for her English lessons. Prices in private schools start from $320


The final and the most exciting step. You invited a woman to your country. This is a very responsible step that needs some effort from your side. So how to get an Asian bride to America? Or how to meet mail order Asian brides in Canada? First, you need to obtain a fiancee visa. After that, you have 90 days to tie the knot.

Mail Order Asian brides

Free Credits to Use on Asian Mail Order Brides Sites

50 credits (one-time offer)
100 credits
$38 ($33 with a discount)
250 credits
$95 ($75 with a discount)

Organizing a Love Trip

The Asian mail order brides prices are probably the highest of all. Let’s take a look at the three most common and popular destinations to meet your love in Asia: Japan, South Korea, and China:

A one-way plane ticket to Tokyo will cost you around $900. The cost of living in Tokyo is pretty high as this is one of the most expensive megapolises in the world. Two weeks of living in a good hotel will cost you a whopping sum of $3,000. The local food is relatively cheap. However, lunch at a restaurant can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 in 2 weeks.

A plane ticket to Beijing will be about $750. The cost of living in China’s capital is lower than in Tokyo. $2,000-2,500 for two weeks in a decent hotel. Food is cheaper, but dinner in some restaurants will make your wallet thinner on $500.

The minimum price to get to Seoul is $800. The accommodation cost is around $2,500 for two weeks in a decent place. Food and other expenses are similar to the Chinese.

Courtship Cost

Asia can boast of an entire courtship culture. You should add the wooing expenses to an overall cost. Korean singles, for example, go mad about flowers. The floristics industry is highly developed and very profitable. Local men are willing to spend vast sums to surprise their brides with large bouquets.

Asian women from other countries expect chivalry gestures and gifts as well. For them, dating is all about romance. As a man, you’re expected to take care of all the expenses. In local culture, this is how a man proves his capacity to provide for the family.

Choose your Asian bride ❤️‍🔥

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Wrapping Up

To sum up, mail order brides are women looking for American men like you. They seek a reliable and supportive fiance to date and marry. At the same time, you can’t have mail order Asian brides free of charge. To purchase her, a man will need to face some expenses. The Asian mail order brides cost depends on the country she comes from, your generosity, and the type of dating site you choose. No matter how much you have to pay to marry a woman from Asia, be sure it’s worth it.

asian mail order bride cost

Free Vs. Paid Asian Mail Order Brides Services

It is possible to get online and use the free features and services on Asian dating sites. All dating establishments want to allow everyone to enter and have fun online. But there are much better results when you pay for a membership. You can connect with far more Asian women when you have a paid subscription. You have full access to the website you use when you are a member. There will be no limits to what you can do online. This gives users much more peace of mind and, of course, freedom.

When you decide to go down the accessible route and search for an Asian girlfriend, there are limits. You may be able to search through the various profile pages. You may be able to look through the photos and details of the Asian girls. But when it comes to contact, there will be some issues. In most cases, free users on an Asian bride service will only be able to send a message to another user. They will not be able to read any message returned to them. As you can imagine, this is a problem. You want to be able to read the messages that are sent your way.

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Pros Of Using Paid Dating Platforms

By using paid dating platforms to search for hot Asian women, your percentage of success goes up by fifty percent. Paid dating websites offer much better results and quality brides too. There is a saying that goes, “you get what you pay for in life.” It is true in many ways. If it’s free, it may not be the best thing. So when you are considering using a paid platform to look for an Asian lady of your dreams, think of these pros below.

  • Full access to everything the platform offers, which makes for tremendous success.
  • Many quality Asian women are all looking for an international partner.
  • Excellent features which will assist every client in meeting their perfect match.
  • You can send virtual gifts to the Asian bride you admire the most.
  • Several quality chat rooms where girls will be waiting to meet men.
  • The chance to use a video call to have a one-on-one session with an Asian woman.
  • Unlimited messages to send and receive from your Asian mail order wife.

As you can see, there are several benefits when you decide to use a paid dating establishment to search for your partner. The great news is that it does not take long to register and become a full-fledged member. All that is required is some simple details about yourself and adding some photos to your profile page. Then you can start your journey of dating Asian women online. It is as simple as that.

Asian brides for marriage

Guide to Dating An Asian Girl At a Paid Site

When you want to impress a girl on a dating platform, there are certain things to consider. If you implement some of these tips, you will gain good results faster. We have created a list below with advice that should assist in the dating process.

  • Enter chat rooms and start conversations with Asian women. It is a great place to break the ice, and you can meet some fantastic people in chat rooms. Always be polite and respectful.
  • Never rush your date into anything too fast. It is essential to be patient and respect her space and views. Nobody wants a pushy partner that is selfish. So have an open mind and be patient.
  • Send the woman you admire likes and winks to show your interest in her. These features on dating websites are for this exact reason. They are to break the ice and create a partnership. Asian brides love this feature.
  • Once you get on well with your woman in a chat room, request a video chat. A video chat is a fantastic way to get more intimate in a one-on-one session. When you are on a video chat, you can share more of yourself, and things can often get very steamy.
  • When interacting with Asian brides, you should always ask questions about their families. These ladies are super close to their parents and family members, so being curious about them will positively present you.
  • When in the chat rooms, be a good listener. We all know ladies love to chat, so the better you listen to them express themselves, the more they will like you. Females are certainly impressed with a good listener.
  • Another way to win the hearts of these ladies is by sending a virtual gift. When you have a paid membership, you get all these benefits. You can send flowers, chocolates or other items. It will please any woman to receive such a thoughtful gift.

The list above shows all the advantages you can gain by becoming a paid member of a dating website. You get full access throughout the platform, which means more chances of getting what you want, which is Asian wives. Asian ladies are easy to chat with and laid back. So by following some of these tips, you are sure to get what you want. Just remember to always treat them with respect and manners.

Do Hot Asian Ladies Become Good Wives?

If you are just thinking about dating Asian singles, we thought it would be interesting for you to find out which wives Asian women for marriage become. It’s worth mentioning that an enormous Asia consists of a lot of different Asian countries. And each of these countries will have its own particularities in dating, and of course, Asian women are different and Asian brides will become different wives. However, in this section, we have collected the most common characteristics of an average Asian wife. 

They Are Supportive

Probably this is the most common characteristic that unites all Asian brides. The point is that most Asian girls can be waiting for the right man for a very long time. They do not like creating intrigues or unserious relationships. However, once an Asian woman gets married, she will give all her support to her husband. He will become the most important part of her life. Asian girls always support their husbands no matter the situation. And we want to assure you that even when the whole world rejects you, your Asian wife will do everything to make you feel better.

They Are Loyal

You see, the point is that the rates of divorces in Asian countries remain low for decades, and all because of the fact that an average Asian woman remains loyal to her husband for the rest of their life. Be sure that once you meet her and she has chosen you, you’re the lucky guy. She will never give you a rise to jealousy. These women are perfect examples of what the attitude of the wife should be. So if you are already married to one of these perfect Asian beauties, you should rest assured that this marriage will last for life.

They Are Perfect Housewives

Once you will marry your Asian girl and you will start living together, she will do everything to turn a usual flat into your love nest. Be sure that you will never meet a woman that will love housework as strongly as an Asian girl. She will do everything to make your home comfortable for both of you. However, that doesn’t mean that she will not ask you for help. But do not worry, she will not ask you to go to the shop when you will be tired at home after work, because everything will be ready for your arrival.

Mail Order Bride from Asia

Do Asian Mail Order Bride Websites Legit?

If you have already started to use some Asian dating sites, some questions might start to pop out in your head, especially about the legitimacy of the сhosen platform. But do not worry. We’d like to reassure you that most of the Asian mail order brides sites are reliable and legit for a hundred percent. You see, in most Asian countries, the law regarding this matter is very strict. That’s why there are not a lot of these sites. But, nevertheless, at least you will be sure that you will definitely find your destiny on one of these amazing platforms.


What Does The Average Asian Mail Order Bride Cost?

There are no set mail order Asian bridal prices. For every man, such experience will carry different expenses. The most common expenses include the cost of membership on a dating service, the price of gifts and flowers, and the travel expenses to meet Asian ladies live. In general, you can expect to spend from $2.000 to $20.000.

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