EasternHoneys Review 2024 – Pricing, Features, Bonuses on the Asian Dating Site

EasternHoneys Review

  • Fast registration up to 10 minutes
  • Verified profiles
  • Lots of hot Asian women profiles
  • Quick and easy navigation
  • 24/7 friendly customer support

Asian women are the pinnacle of hotness, but few know where to find them, let alone know a quality service to converse online. EasternHoneys steps in to fill this niche and recommends itself as the paragon of connecting foreign men and Asian beauties. Our review is here to check the truth of this statement. 

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Eastern Honeys: Assessing New Dating Leader

Eastern Honeys is probably the most famous dating site in the USA and one of the most used in English-speaking countries.

EasternHoneys is proud to be the Asian leader in online dating. A few years ago, EasternHoneys had a good reputation as a dating site offering free membership to female members, while men had to pay to access the site. A concept that seduced. So, soon after its startup, the site gained a good reputation and eventually grew into a big company!

History of EasternHoneys

Since its creation and to offer quality services, EasternHoneys is constantly improving its platform! However, there are serious rumors on the Internet that EasternHoneys has an army of fake profiles to entice male members to sign up for a paid subscription. But these are only rumors because the service openly commits itself on their website not to resort to such practices. Today, EasternHoneys is the number 1 in online dating, and its community is growing.

Eastern Honeys main page

EasternHoneys Review: Free Features in Online Dating

Our Eastern Honeys review starts with the main features available to all members:

  • Members who visit site for free can create a profile and upload their photos for free
  • The size of the images that can be uploaded must not exceed 5 MB
  • EasternHoneys sends six recommended partners per day to members based on their preferences
  • Members can rate their recommended partners. Members can rate their recommended partners, and if their recommended partners think the same about them, EasternHoneys will put them in touch
  • EasternHoneys users receive email alerts to keep them informed of new developments
  • A member can find out who is online to chat with someone instantly
  • EasternHoneys sends recommended partners. You avoid wasting time in your search for the perfect partner
  • Members take an affinity (or compatibility) test to determine what kind of person is right for them when they visit site
  • Members can block registrants that they are not interested in
  • Members can use winks to flirt during online dating

EasternHoneys: Paid Features

While paying members receive the same benefits as non-subscribers, EasternHoneys subscribers have more options. They can thus :

  • Enjoy quality online dating
  • Be able to see profiles that other members are interested in
  • “Hide” their profile to avoid being disturbed by members they don’t like
  • Use the “Similar Profiles” feature
  • Surf the site without being bothered by advertisements
  • Access the private chat rooms and be able to send messages to Asian women in these rooms
  • Use instant messaging to contact other EasternHoneys members
  • Send emails to other EasternHoneys users with the site’s emailing system

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EasternHoneys: Pros and Cons

Above, we looked at what the site can provide with paid and free versions. What about quality in its entirety? Dating platform should be considered from all sides because we are looking for a perfect match of good and bad. If you think that there are perfect services, it means that you very skillfully hid flaws. Let us fully evaluate EasternHoneys international dating website. 

Pros of EasternHoneys

Dating sites should be easy to use, provide innovative communication tools, or have features that are better than competitors. Site administrators try to keep the site in a healthy state, so you don’t run into bugs and can safely start dating. Below is a list of what the site boasts:

  • All you need is a computer
  • You can meet people from all over the world
  • EasternHoneys members all have the same goal: to find a long-lasting and serious relationship (or a sincere friendship)
  • Members can meet when they are ready without any pressure
  • There is no need to dress up to impress the other person
  • Advanced search feature
  • The EasternHoneys community is very active

Cons of EasternHoneys

It is always necessary to strive for perfection. Site EasternHoneys understands its shortcomings and is committed to working on them in the future. What could negatively affect your experience?

  • False identities can be present on the site, but EasternHoneys takes the necessary steps to remove false profiles
  • Members’ photos can be different from their appearance: some are photogenic, and those who are not
  • The virtual chemistry between two people can be different from real life
EasternHoneys features

EasternHoneys Search Options

On EasternHoneys, you can search for verified members using the following parameters: location, age, date of birth, the distance between your locations, recommendations and reverse search, languages, relationship status, education, profession, religion, nationality, physical attributes, and personality.

EasternHoneys Prices: Subscription Fees

Although the registration process is free, members wishing to use the site and its options must take out an EasternHoneys subscription. They can choose between three packs, and there is no free credits system:

20 credits
50 credits
125 credits

The Benefits of Signing Up On EasternHoneys

With more than one million users, EasternHoneys concentrates on a very large community, and today the site is the leader in online dating. Eastern Honeys is therefore the ideal place for singles hoping to find love in real life. What is encouraging about the website is that every time a member logs on, he or she finds thousands of members online, unlike other dating sites where subscribers are few. Thus, on Eastern Honeys, you can visit site to communicate with Asian girls at any time of the day.

EasternHoneys: First Steps in Online Dating World

It is also easy for a new member to register on EasternHoneys. Indeed, it is enough to complete its Eastern Honeys profile with seriousness and attention to attract a maximum of members. If some people decide to give a minimum of information about themselves, it is still advisable to complete your profile and give a maximum of information to attract the attention of any top mail order bride.

Even though registration is free, it does not give you full access to the site: you can browse the site and search for Eastern women who interest you, but you cannot contact them. To take advantage of Eastern Honeys, it is necessary to take out a subscription.

Steps to Register On the Eastern Honeys Dating Site

Registering on Eastern Honeys website is quick and easy. All you have to do is visit site and provide basic information such as your gender, sexual orientation, email address, date of birth, and the city where you live.

You are then subjected to a series of friendly questions revolving around your tastes, age range, and personality. Additionally, you will present your desires and expectations regarding your dream personal meeting. Therefore, answering these questions as honestly as possible will maximize your chances of finding ideal profiles that meet your tastes and criteria.

The site then asks you to describe your personality. Bring the information you wish to share with Asian women. You will then have access to members and senior singles who correspond to you and who are not so far from you geographically. At any time, you can change your search criteria and view the selected profiles with an extended search.

EasternHoneys user members

Starting Conversation on EasternHoneys

As far as the means of communication are concerned, the site offers instant messaging or e-mail. EasternHoneys offers a direct and no-frills service as well as interesting options for members to find friends and true love. However, other features would also be appreciated, such as video chat, forum discussions, and virtual gifts. These additional options would be especially appreciated by members who want serious romantic relationships.

EasternHoneys: Main Communication Tools

The site offers a wide range of secure and romantic alternatives to getting in touch with new members. You may utilize voice mail, phone calls, instant messaging, photo exchanges, and several other international dating techniques to get in touch with the person you like. With so many alternatives available, communication may occur as organically as it would in real life.

The fact that all interaction options are already included on EasternHoneys’ website is another fantastic feature. Thus, installing any third-party software is not necessary for ID verification. Use other platform features as well to astonish your hot Asian woman with modest tokens of appreciation like flower-filled presents.

Browsing Contact Details on EasternHoneys

Eastern Honeys has many detailed profiles, even among new members. You can go through this data to grasp a woman’s personality type before trying serious relationships. You may learn about a woman’s religion, language proficiency level, and hair color by looking through her profile. Viewing the user’s publicly available images is yet another option on the dating platform.

As a result, you can tell if a profile is real or phony immediately. Additionally, as part of the enrollment process, each user is required to provide a quick assessment of their character. This summary is shown at the bottom of a personal page and is basic information.

The Key to Success On Eastern Honeys

Many people have probably heard stories from acquaintances about how they found their partners or spouses through the Internet. And it did not necessarily happen on special portals for finding a couple – someone “liked” the photo of the person they liked on the social network or started a correspondence in a messenger. The web helps to find not only friends but also love. However, online dating has its own rules and secrets. To find love on EasternHoneys international dating site, here are a few tips:

  • When you visit site, take the time to describe yourself and fill in all the information about your own account. Don’t try to become the perfect single person that everyone is looking for. Be honest with yourself;
  • Next, add a good quality profile picture, and don’t take a group or family picture. You need to be alone in this picture for online relationships;
  • Be clear about the partner you are looking for. Again, take the time to describe your expectations. Don’t pressure members with contact details;
  • Finally, when a member of Eastern honey interests you, originally approaches them, and then write correctly, it’s always more pleasant to receive well-written messages from a future partner.
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EasternHoneys: Quality of Security

All EasternHoneys profiles go through a verification process at the time of registration. If an incorrect profile is detected, it will be deleted immediately.

On your side, if you notice a suspicious profile, you can report it to the support team directly by clicking on “alert the moderator” on the profile page or by using Eastern Honeys messenger. You can also click on “report message” from a message you have received. The customer support team will take the time to check each of your alerts and will do what is necessary.

On Eastern Honeys, all your data is confidential. This includes email address, birth date, phone number, etc. It will never be revealed to other EasternHoneys members. You decide who can see them within the framework of EasternHoneys’s general terms of use.

Before being put online, the photos and ads are checked by customer support. They also check the consistency between the profile information, the photos, and the ad to avoid fraud. Data Protection

The website’s protection framework, according to EasternHoneys review, includes steps that should preclude the leakage of your credit card information and a zero-tolerance policy for fraudsters. Customer support continually explores each violation. Numerous articles on how to avert being victimized. 

EasternHoneys has been promoted as a secure dating site thanks to these increased security features. Sharing your monetary and personal information with people you meet online, though, requires caution. Don’t hesitate to use the advanced search form to find suitable partners.

EasternHoneys search

EasternHoneys: Avoiding Fake Accounts From Asian Countries

To prevent bots and phony profiles when seeking beautiful women from foreign countries, it is always advised in evaluations of EasternHoneys dating services, and this article is no different.

Use these recommendations after joining EasternHoneys:

  • We advise inviting this individual to a Chat Session with you before a face-to-face encounter if you feel as though you are conversing with a machine;
  • Additional photographs are needed. EasternHoneys evaluations state that if a profile has just one photo, it is certainly a scam. They will deny any contact request; 
  • The site’s single ladies must always be aware that international guys should never browse external links.

EasternHoneys Mobile Version: How to Benefit From It?

The Easternhoneys website is compatible with smartphones and all mobile devices. If you are already registered on the website, you can use the mobile version without renewing your registration. Simply use your usual login and password to access all the features and services you enjoy on the website!

If you don’t have a subscription yet, you can register on the smartphone. The registration process is 100% free and you will have unlimited access to all services by choosing a monthly subscription. With your subscription, you will have access to all the benefits. It will be renewed automatically at the same price and for the same period as the offer chosen at the beginning.

Today, Easternhoneys is undoubtedly one of the best serious dating sites of the moment. It is easy to use, and Easternhoneys rates are very affordable. All of the factors make Eastern Honeys legit.

Support Partner Search

You now have exposure to a sizable user base, and the first step toward happiness has been taken. Find the woman of your dreams right now. Yes, you may personally examine the accounts of other users, but for the overview, we strongly suggest using EasternHoneys free search. 

Eastern Honeys app has many options and is highly user-friendly. The potential groom can specify the characteristics of the bride that are essential to him, such as look, physical attributes, skin and eye color, personality features, city of residency, the existence of children, unhealthy behaviors, etc.

The algorithm will choose the matches you desire after you hit the search function. The program’s tremendous effectiveness has already helped thousands of single individuals find fulfillment here. If you need more assurance, then you can also try to look up the Eastern Honeys reviews of several other users. Multiple data helps you to prove something and vice versa. 

EasternHoneys pricing information

EasternHoneys Free Version: How to Use Site Before you Spend Money?

Easternhoneys allows its members to visit site and use its services for free. Thus, when Easternhoneys free is activated, you can try the site and its options and contact all the members you want. 

This trial offer is therefore ideal to discover the Easternhoneys options and to meet new friends or partners from Asian countries. You can visit site to find single men and women and talk to some of them. Registration only takes a few minutes.

Optional Pricing on EasternHoneys

There are additional options available on the platform to enjoy more privileges than Asian women. When you visit site, the Premium option allows, among other things, to communicate with members who only have the free offer, which opens up more opportunities for you to meet people. You will, however, have to pay a monthly fee for a membership per month to benefit from it. 

EasternHoneys: User Opinions

Here are the main advantages of using the Easternhoneys website. Those are the thoughts highlighted by many members. It is important to listen to the thoughts of many as opinions differ in real life. Without further ado, let us take a look:

  • A large community of beautiful Asian women
  • A high-quality and addictive site
  • Quality profiles
  • Affordable rates
  • An efficient correspondence rate of over 90%
  • ID verification for member’s profile

Users state that the disadvantages of EasternHoneys are not numerous. However, we would have liked a little more freedom regarding its free version, even if our own research lasted for a short period.

Scam or Serious Site: the Opinion of Western men

Whatever the quality of a platform or a service, there will always be those who praise it on one side and those who criticize its defects on the other. When you visit site, you see a globally satisfied users user. The services are good, and absence of a credit-based system.

Although the free services offered by Easternhoneys are not interesting, members will not pay money for nothing. The profiles are of good quality, and it is possible to meet Asian beauty quickly, which is not always the case elsewhere. In short, according to Internet users, there is no need to discuss any kind of scam. This is simply a reliable, serious, and quality site with a good dating experience.

Checks are carried out as soon as you register, and suspicious profiles are evicted from the community at the slightest doubt. Moreover, do not hesitate to report international members who do not respect the rules. You can be reassured on this point, that the site of Easternhoneys is under the control of moderators.

EasternHoneys like or dislike

EasternHoneys: Our Research on Meeting People

We stand by the opinions of members. Our dating experience was overall very positive. You can visit site to get good value for money. The system of suggesting profiles is precise, which facilitates the meeting of your half. The majority of the members are of good quality, even if there will always be exceptions, of course.

The only small hitch is that it is impossible to contact in free mode when you visit site. However, the price of subscriptions being reasonable, why not make the effort to get a real life date? In any case, the fact that you are almost obliged to subscribe to a paying offer does not detract from the seriousness and reliability of Easternhoneys.

Better than Eastern Honeys

Eastern Honeys Review: Final Word

To conclude, we are satisfied with the further communication the site offers. For those who are still hesitating to take the plunge, we strongly advise you to choose this platform if you have an average age of 35 and want to share a marital status with an Asian girlfriend. Your other half is probably waiting for you among the hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

It’s simple to express our opinion about Eastern Honey. The fact is that it’s a great, fantastic dating site, and we can advise all American males looking for an Asian partner to use it. It’s a terrific platform with a user-friendly UI, tons of stunning female members, and excellent customer service. There are no ideal dating services, so yes, this one isn’t perfect. However, we can give you a dating expert confirmation that the site won’t let you down.


Is Eastern Honeys a Good Site?

Eastern Honeys has received mixed reviews from customers and experts. Some claim that the website is legitimate and offers high-quality matches, while others have reported being scammed out of money and not finding suitable matches. It is important for users to carefully research the website and any potential matches before committing to a membership or giving out personal information. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide if Eastern Honeys is the right matchmaking.

What Is Eastern Honeys?

Eastern Honeys is a dating platform for men looking to meet women from Asian countries, such as China, Japan, and Korea. The website offers translation services and assistance with travel arrangements to facilitate cross-cultural communication and connections. Eastern Honeys prioritizes safety and security, with each profile being manually verified before being approved for use on the site. Eastern Honeys also offers a variety of features, including the ability to send virtual gifts.

Is Eastern Honeys a legit site?

Eastern Honeys is a one hundred percent legitimate site that strictly adheres to all customer laws. In fact, once you sign up for the program, you'll be protected under the platform's policies. So if legitimacy was something you were worried about, rest assured- there's no need to worry here!

EasternHoneys Rating

Overall Score
Site usability
9 of 10
9 of 10
9 of 10
App usability
9 of 10
Customer Support
9 of 10
Quality of profile
9 of 10
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