Eme Hive Review: The Truth From The Experts

This is a unique dating site where flirting, browsing profiles, and messaging are free. Our specialists, after analyzing a lot of Eme Hive reviews, made for you this Eme Hive Review 2022, in which they described the truth about Eme Hive and how does Eme Hive work.

Eme Hive review of website

Eme Hive is a niche, user-friendly platform for singles in Asia, who want to meet and connect with each other, possibly without the racial overtones that exist on other popular online dating sites.

Now Asians do not have an identical similarity in appearance, some Asians do not speak the same language, for this reason, a specially designed Asian site for online datings, such as Eme Hive, is in demand.

It offers its users a specific way to indicate the type of Asians they want to start chatting with or start dating. East Meet East’s recent Eme Hive update also introduced a couple of cool new features to the Eme Hive app that our experts have been eager to explore in this full review.

EME Hive main page

Is Eme Hive safe?

During the creation of the EME Hive review, no fake profiles were found by our experts. But judging by customer reviews, there are still such profiles on the site. However, there are few of them, and most of the profiles are from real people. And the site is also safe, because it has a high and modern data encryption method.

In addition, thanks to the presence of live broadcasts and video chats, you can independently check real users on the site.

Pros & Cons

After analyzing dozens of Eme Hive dating site reviews, specialists identified a number of pros and cons of the site.


  1. Ability to start chats with someone
  2. Live broadcast function. Thanks to this, you, as a user, can demonstrate your individuality beyond ordinary photos.
  3. Eme Hive free search people
  4. Easy to find virtual date
  5. Video chat is available for participants, the limit is 4 people.


  1. The main chat function is hidden. (can be used only with paid access)
  2. Periodic crashes and lags in mobile dating Eme Hive app
  3. Frequent advertising in the words of users’ reviews

Is Eme Hive worth it?

For Asians who are struggling to find someone with the same cultural background, EME Hive is a great solution among other dating sites and other dating apps. The site stands out because no one else needs to spend time explaining cultural nuances, as well as fighting racial stereotypes.

Instead, everyone can use the time to truly share a shared understanding of the culture, find a mate, and mourn the daily struggles they face in society and life. When people have something in common, the likelihood of building relationships increases tenfold. In this case, EME Hive is definitely worth the time and effort.

Eme Hive how it works


Membership PlanPrice per 1 month Total Cost
Premium 1 month$37.99$37.99
Premium 3 months$20.99$62.97 Total
Premium 6 months$15.99$95.94 Total
Premium 12 months$9.99$119.88 Total

Is Eme Hive worth paying for?

EME Hive used to offer the creation of free profiles for women, but now all users need to pay for the site’s services. Also, members can start a chat by sending a message, the other side of the members will not be able to reply or view the message if neither of you is a premium user. But the site has a wide selection of profiles, so our experts consider the site worth at least 1 try.

Eme Hive subscribe prices

How does Eme Hive work?

EME Hive operates as a modern Asian online dating site where men and women can find the type of meaningful relationship they need. To keep up with the streaming and vlogging craze, EME Hive also has new features that cater to users’ need to showcase their multi-faceted personalities beyond photos with this live stream. 

As EME Hive continues to receive feedback for the betterment of the Asian community. It is becoming an attractive social networking platform for bringing the Asian American community together, not just for Asian dating or sex. After analyzing Eme Hive dating reviews, experts identified the 2 most favorite features of users – Live video chat and live stream communities.

Live video chat

With EME Hive’s video chatting feature, you can chat with not one, but up to three at least one other users in a live chat group. Using this opportunity, you can strike up a conversation or get to know other Asians and their culture. You can also use this feature for EME Hive online dating.

Live Stream

Take advantage of the new feature called “Live Broadcast” on the platform. Through it, participants can see self-confident, open-minded people who will take the opportunity to demonstrate their attractive personalities, beautiful body, or special or hidden talents to anyone who wants to get to know them.

This is a great way to chat with someone and strike up a conversation with them through the chat window. Live Stream feature can be done if you are not worried about others watching your movements.

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What is exciting is the fact that there are daily events scheduled by popular broadcasters. On them, these users play games like Truth or Dare or even host live bachelorette parties. In case you want, you can create your own live event just by your own rules.

Eme Hive live stream

In case you are the same sociable and self-confident person, go live. Showcase your talents, whether it’s singing, cooking, dancing, or just interacting with a live audience. It includes features such as examples of questions you can ask your audience to start a discussion or polls you can conduct to get your audience’s opinion on a topic. 

Thanks to streams, you can find new friends, serious dating, community building from scratch, and gain fans. Or if you only want to attend streams, then in this way, you will be joining like-minded communities

While live streaming, you can also receive Diamonds as gifts from your viewers, which are free credits you can use to access features on the platform. Who knows? Maybe you just catch the eye of someone special.

Profile Quality 

It is quite difficult to find fake profiles on EME Hive, but our experts have found a few profiles. These profiles were found to be fake thanks to the live chat function.

Here’s what you’ll see if you click on a random user’s profile:

  1. Name and age of the user
  2. Profile photos (1 or more)
  3. Personal section with basic data, from education to income
  4. Preferred nationalities
  5. interests
  6. Sports

The only problem with EME Hive profiles is that the members most often do not write self-descriptions. Because of this, the quality of the profiles on this site is not very high.

Eme Hive users

Safety & Security

EME Hive is the first Africa Americans & Asian dating app to go live, and it’s doing great. Singles can now find a live streaming community and forum to connect with other social dating apps, allowing them to create lasting romantic relationships in a safe and fun way.

Other dating sites use video chat features to meet and connect, but EME Hive is different because it continues to introduce valuable new technologies for singles to find love. And thanks to a highly qualified data protection system, the site is safe.

Is EME Hive better or worse than East Meet East?

With the development of interactive new features such as live broadcasts and unique one-on-one capabilities or group video chat of up to 4 people, where you can find new friends. So yes, EME Hive is clearly a hundred times better than its previous version! After changing the name and adding functions, the site has so many successful matches, and more bring positive social energy.

Eme Hive app

Help & Support

While doing a review on Eme Hive dating site and their support service, testers noticed that support on the site is good, and service support responds quickly.

  1. To contact support, open this page.
  2. You will need to fill out a ticket on it, as in the screenshot below. After filling out, click the send button, and the ticket will be sent to the support mail.
  3. When the support gets familiar with your problem, it will send you a reply with help also by mail.

Can I use EME Hive services through a web browser?

Yes, you can use the EME Hive Asian dating services in your browser. To improve the experience and user experience for customers, EME Hive is available for download for both iPhones and Android phones from their respective marketplaces.


After a full Eme Hive dating site review, testers can say that EMEHive is a secure dating service that works on both your computer and mobile device. Male and female members require a paid subscription if they want unlimited chat access. Based on the experience of our dating experts, you can find interesting and funny people to talk to on EMEHive. 

It will be more difficult for you if you choose too many search unique filters for easier finding the perfect cupid match. Also, conveniently, they have a mobile application for Android and iPhone phones.


Is Eme Hive any good?

Yes, the site has benefits. They are as follows: site users are polite and pleasant. With live chat and broadcast features, fake profiles are easy to spot.

Is Eme Hive a good dating site?

Eme Hive is a dating site that offers a safe and secure way to meet new people. The site is beautifully designed and uses SSL encryption to protect your personal information, and has a strict anti-spam policy. In addition, Eme Hive offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the site. So, if you are looking for a safe, beautiful, and reliable way to meet new people, Eme Hive is a great option.

What is

EME Hive is a vibrant dating and live streaming app with over 1 million users that lets you meet new people and join like-minded communities around you. Whether you are looking for serious Asian dating, looking for a meaningful relationship, or flirting with other singles, the site is for you.

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