10 Most Beautiful and Famous Ukrainian Blondes

Do you think you know what the perfect woman looks like? In this case, you haven’t meet Ukrainian blondes yet. These beauties are well-known all over the world for their gorgeous looks, seductive figures, and strong characters that are combined with charming femininity. Usually, a foreigner is ready to marry a girl from Ukraine right after the first date, because he just can’t wait to become a husband to the Ukrainian blonde. Want to become one of the lucky guys? Then read our article and find out how to conquer young Ukrainian beauty with light hair color. 

ukrainian blondes

Why Are Ukrainian Blonde Women So Popular Among Western Men?

Blonde Ukrainian brides are popular not only among local men in Ukraine but also among Ukrainian women. Blondes are especially attractive for western men who can travel for thousands of kilometers just to see with their own eyes beautiful Ukrainian blondes. But of course, we totally understand your desire to get a full understanding of blonde Ukrainian brides. That’s why in this section we decided to provide you with the main reasons why blonde Ukrainian brides are considered the best women in every aspect. So, here are some of the characteristics of blonde Ukrainian brides that might be really interesting for you. 

Recognized As the Standard of Beauty in Eastern Europe

Ukrainian blondes are considered not only the most beautiful women in Eastern Europe but also the prettiest women in the whole world. Be sure that, no matter how many women you have seen in your life, once you meet a Ukrainian blonde, you will totally forget everything. It’s also worth mentioning that every Ukrainian girl has her own feature that makes her unique even if you will compare her to other Ukrainian blondes and of course, Ukrainian girls are icons of beauty for girls from other European countries. 

Very Sociable and Friendly

Another great advantage of Ukrainian blondes is that they are very sociable and convivial. A Ukrainian blonde is a perfect example of an extravert girl. So, you should not worry that it will be hard for you to meet and get to know her. Most likely that you will find common ground with your Ukrainian blonde pretty quickly. What is more important is that blonde brides from Ukraine will be really friendly to you, especially if you manage to interest them at first sight. 

Will Provide You With All-Around Support

Blonde brides from Ukraine are the perfect examples of women who become the most supportive and caring wives. No matter what is happening in your life your beautiful Ukraine blonde will be there for you. Another reason why men around the world just adore Ukrainian blondes is that there are no other women in the world that will be there for you 24/7. And with her support, you will feel like you can change the whole world even without straining. 

ukrainian women blondes

Easily Adapt to Different Cultures and Lifestyles

Ukraine blonde is a person who easily changes countries and cities of the living. And all this because Ukrainian blondes just adore traveling and seeing new places. You will never see a boring Ukrainian woman, who doesn’t want to travel and does not want to see anything. Be sure that if you suggest she move to your country, she will grab her suitcase, take all her clothes, and a beautiful road hat on her head and will be ready to take a flight immediately. 

Very Athletic and Stand Out From the Crowd

Another great advantage of Ukrainian blondes is their hot and seductive figures. Besides the fact that the average Ukraine blonde is amazingly beautiful from her birth, they also have amazing figures. It’s also true that blonde Ukraine women have great taste in clothes and that it’s pretty easy for them to choose looks that will make them stand out from other girls, and make their appearance just gorgeous. So if you see a blonde-haired girl in Europe, who also has a perfect figure and tasteful look, that would definitely be a Ukrainian girl.

The Secrets of Ukrainian Blondes Beauty

Of course, Ukrainian blondes have just perfect genes, and even if you will spend a couple of years in Ukraine you will never see a girl that you will not like. But do not get us wrong, since blonde Ukraine girls do everything to maintain their beauty. These women are an example of how to take care of yourself in order to remain beautiful at any age. We totally understand your desire to know all the beauty secrets of blonde Ukraine women, and that’s why in this section we’ll try to identify key factors that make Ukrainian blondes so beautiful. 

They Are Naturally Pretty

If you see a blonde girl in Ukraine that will be extremely pretty, you can rest assured that her beauty is natural. Only a small percentage of mature Ukrainian women maintain their beauty in a surgical way. Meanwhile, when you will meet young Ukrainian blondes, you can rest assured that their beauty is natural for hundred percent, but of course, a typical Ukrainian blonde also knows how to improve herself with makeup and clothes, but let’s leave that for the next section.

Excellent Taste in Clothes and Makeup

Another distinguishing feature of Ukrainian blondes is that they have excellent taste in fashion and in makeup. Once you will be in Ukraine you will notice that it’s really hard to see two blonde girls in the same outfit or with the same makeup. And that’s because Ukrainian blondes spend a lot of time preparing for their meetings or dates. Unlike women from Western Europe, you will never see a Ukrainian girl without makeup even if she is going to a regular shop.

Ukrainian blondes girl

They Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Ukrainian blondes are addicts of a healthy lifestyle. Be sure that these beautiful women do everything to improve their appearance and health. That’s why bad habits such as smoking or drinking are not about them at all. Instead of sitting at home, they prefer walking in nature or pursuing their hobbies. So if you want to conquer blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes, you need to maintain the same lifestyle as she does. 

Looking After Their Appearance and Figure

As we already mentioned Ukrainian blondes just adore a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Ukrainian women blondes spend most of their time in gyms or in some sports classes. Ukrainian blondes do everything to make them look thinner and better. Of course, when we’re talking about the gym and stuff, that means that they barely eat some junk food, and most of their ration consists only of healthy products. But do not worry, because if you propose to a blonde Ukrainian to visit a fancy and expensive restaurant, she will definitely accept your offer but will still control herself.

TOP 10 The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Blondes

In order to confirm our words about the beauty of Ukrainian blondes in this section, we’d like to provide you with a list of top-10 Ukraine blondes. In this section, you can see for yourself that owners of blonde hair are not only beautiful but also really successful. In this paragraph, you will see a lot of women from very different professions, but each blonde from this list is united because of their origin and interesting and sometimes amazing story. 

Lesia Nikituk

Lesia Nikituk

This Ukrainian blonde woman is extremely famous on television and on the internet. Lesia became famous due to her participation in different Ukrainian tv shows. Lesia was born in the Western part of Ukraine in Khmelnytskyi city. From her childhood, she was a very active and funny girl. That’s why during her studying at university, she started to take part in humorous speeches with the team from her university. After that in the early 2010s, she appeared on the famous Ukrainian traveling show “Orel and Reshka”, she started to gain incredible popularity, and because of this, she became one of the most famous blondes.

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Olga Polyakova

Olga Polyakova

Another popular blonde on our list is the famous Ukrainian singer Olga Polyakova. Olga is well-known for her outrageous outfits and popular songs. Also, many times this blonde Ukrainian singer has been a program host to many programs. Her star career started in her childhood when she had an episodic part in a humoristic series for children. Olya has been singing since her childhood and even finished a musical college, but the musical career she started in the early 2000s, and continues to do so till our days. At the current moment, the blonde singer is married and has two daughters.

Olga Freimut

Olga Freimut

Olga Freimut is a very popular Ukrainian TV presenter and influencer. Olga was born in the city of Novyi Rozdil, Lviv Oblast. During her childhood, she studied piano classes, and after graduating from high school, she moved to Lviv where she studied international journalism. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the famous blonde has been studying in London, where she earned a magna cum laude degree. Before massive success on television, she worked as a waitress. However, in the early 2010’s she was selected for a TV show, after which her popularity began to grow.

Alina Grosu

Alina Grosu

Alina is another blonde Ukrainian singer on our list. However, it’s worth mentioning that Alina became famous in her childhood. During her teenage years, she has already been a popular young singer with great prospects. She has participated in many different singing contests for kids, including Eurovision for kids. Despite the fact that Alina was born in Chernivtsi at the age of seven she moved to Kyiv and focused on her musical career. In the year 2021, she released her last album which included 17 tracks. 

Olga Sumska 

Olga Sumska

Olga Sumska is one of the most famous and beautiful blonde women in modern Ukrainian history. Olga was born in the year 1966 in a family of professional actors. That’s why her talent for acting showed up very early. She took part in her first play in theater at the age of five. In that year future, the blonde actress graduated from Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University. After that, she has been working as an actress in the theater of Lesya Ukrainka. Have been married twice, and have two daughters. 

Tina Karol

Tina Karol

Tina Carol is a famous Ukrainian singer and also is one of the most beautiful blonde women in Ukraine. However, the name Tina is not her true name, because the future singer was named Tatyana, by her parents. Like our previous Ukrainian blondes, Tina began to show her talents from an early age. During her childhood, she studied music in the local music school. Tina represented Ukraine in the Eurovision song contest in 2006, where she placed 6th place, and gained a tremendous amount of popularity. 

Lilia Rebrik

Lilia Rebrik

Our next famous Ukrainian blonde has reached popularity in many spheres. During her childhood, little Lilia joined the musical school, where she played on piano. Also, Lilia is a master of sports in gymnastics. However, her real popularity comes to her when she begins to appear on Ukrainian television. She was a TV presenter on the weather forecast and also appeared on a popular Ukrainian dancing show. At the current time, Lilia is married and has two daughters.

Olena Shoptenko

Olena Shoptenko

Our next famous Ukrainian blonde is a dancer and choreographer. Olena was born in Kyiv in a family of Ukrainian businessmen. Little Olena begins her dancing career at the age of only six years. In the year 2005, she finished high school in Kyiv and continued her dancing career. Blonde Ukrainian dancer started to gain popularity after she showed up on some popular Ukrainian dancing shows. And one of the very interesting facts is that her dance partner was the current president of Ukraine – Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Iryna Fedyshin

Iryna Fedyshin

Iryna is one of the most popular modern Ukrainian singers. This beautiful blonde woman was born in Lviv. Her father was an engineer by education, but also has his own band and was interested in music. Despite that, her father wanted Iryna to play chess and didn’t consider music as a serious occupation. Nevertheless, Iryna continued her music attempts and finished music school with honors. In 2018, she appeared on the popular Ukrainian music show “The Voice of the Country”, after which she became more popular.

Olena Kravets

Olena Kravets

Our next blonde woman is one of the most famous comedians in Ukrainian modern television history. Olena is well-known due to her participation in the comedian Ukrainian show Kvartal-95, which made her really popular even outside Ukraine. However, Olena began to show her artistic talent in early childhood, and continued to develop her talent at school and university. At the current moment is married and has three children. 

Best Places Where To Meet Blonde Brides from Ukraine

After reading our article you may start wondering if there are any special places in Ukraine where you will be able to meet your Ukrainian blonde girl. Fortunately for you in Ukraine, you can meet blonde beautiful women absolutely everywhere, in every corner of Ukraine you will be meeting beautiful girls. However, in this section, we still would like to share some special places where you will be able to meet Ukrainian blonde beauties. 

Online On Dating Sites

First and the easiest way to meet a blonde Ukrainian girl is with the help of an online dating site. You see the fact is that many Ukrainian women spend a lot of their free time dating virtually. For that matter, Ukrainian blondes are using a lot of different popular sites, starting from regular social networks and finishing with dating apps. So in case you want to meet a blonde girl from Ukraine but do not want to spend money or move to another country, that is the perfect way for you to make your dream come true.

Meet Blonde Brides from Ukraine


Kyiv – is the capital of Ukraine and the largest city in the country. That’s why you can rest assured that here you will be able to meet thousands of blonde beautiful women. To do that you can just walk through Khreshchatyk street at the weekend and just collect the number of girls that you liked the most. 


Another Ukrainian city where you will be able to meet hundreds of beautiful blonde women just for one day is Odessa. This port city is a real magnet for beautiful blonde ladies from all around the country. The only thing that you need to do is come here in the middle of the summer and meet as many girls as you like.


Lviv is the biggest city in the western part of Ukraine. And by the way, it’s the city with the biggest amount of students. That means that here you will be able to meet as many beautiful blonde girls as you want. We recommend that you come to Lviv in winter, because of the romantic atmosphere.


Ukraine is a country that is considered to be the birthplace of the most beautiful girls in the world. It’s hard to disagree with this because of the incredible number of blondes that you will meet every day on the Ukrainian streets. So do not lose your chance to go to Ukraine to meet your future girlfriend.

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Why do Ukraine blonds want to marry foreign men?

Ukrainian blondes want to marry foreigners because they are open to changes, and they also are excited to move to another country. But of course, only if you manage to conquer the heart of this beauty.

How common is blonde hair among Ukrainian women?

Once you come to Ukraine, you will be surprised by the number of blonde girls that you will see here. So, probably, every second girl in Ukraine will be the owner of blonde hair.

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