Chinese Brides: How to Find, Engage and Marry a Woman From China

Many men from Europe are looking for attractive Chinese brides online today, as they are considered very loyal. If a Chinese bride has chosen a man, she does everything she can to ensure that the relationship works and is harmonious. But what about the other typical characteristics of brides from China? What do they expect from their husbands? These questions will be answered below.

❤️ Success Marriage Rate71%
Popular Chinese cities with bridesShanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen
Average cost of a Chinese mail order bride$1,200 – $11,000
⌛ Average age of Single Chinese women24 y.o.
Divorce rate29%

As we know, Chinese ladies are one of the most diverse females among Asian women. Chinese brides are known for being reserved, gentle and passive on the outside, but in fact, they are courageous and independent.

Chinese brides
Chinese woman online from EasternHoneys

Who are modern Chinese mail-order brides?

Best Sites To Find Chinese Women

In our ever-connected world, the concept of the “Chinese bride” is evolving, particularly those connected to online dating platforms or mail-order services, often termed “Chinese mail-order brides”. This group of women, either seeking or already in marriages with men they met online, offer an authentic window into their experiences.

To give you a first-hand insight, we conducted interviews with five Chinese girls who navigated their paths to matrimony through these online channels. Their experiences are as diverse as their backgrounds.

Personal stories of Chinese women who become mail-order brides

“Who are modern Chinese mail-order brides and what is the public opinion in China about mail-order brides?”

“Hello, I’m Li Mei, a 25-year-old woman from Beijing, currently living in Guangzhou. I’m single and work as an accountant. To me, a modern Chinese mail-order bride is a woman seeking global connections, open to finding love beyond her local sphere. There’s varied opinion in China about us, some see it as adventurous, others find it unorthodox. We’re breaking barriers in our own way.”

— Li Mei, a Chinese mail-order bride.

“What are the cultural nuances associated with Chinese mail-order brides?”

“Hi, I am Xiao Yu, a 32-year-old woman from Shanghai. I am married, don’t have kids, and I’m a software engineer. There are challenges being a Chinese mail-order bride, primarily adjusting to a different culture and language, especially if you marry someone not of Chinese origin. But it’s part of the journey, a test of resilience and adaptability.”

— Xiao Yu, a Chinese-born mail-order bride who met her husband through an online dating service.

“What are the cultural nuances associated with Chinese mail-order brides?”

“Greetings, I’m Huan Ying, 35-years-old from Chengdu, currently living in Shenzhen with my husband and our two kids. I’m a housewife now, but I used to be a teacher. As a Chinese mail order bride, there’s an expectation to carry our culture, customs and traditions into our new families. It’s about striking a balance between our rich heritage and our new homes.

— Qiao Li, a China-born mail-order bride.

“What are the legal aspects associated with the industry of Chinese mail-order brides?”

“Hey there! I’m Qiao Li, a fun-loving 30-year-old from Nanjing, now living in Hong Kong. I’m single and work in a travel agency. It’s important to know that despite the term ‘mail-order’, it’s not buying a bride, but connecting two adults for potential marriage. There are legal aspects to consider like visa applications, immigration laws, and marriage registrations.”

— Huan Ying, a Chinese mail-order bride using online dating sites to find a potential husband.

“Explain the motivations and reasons why Chinese women become mail-order brides?”

“Hello, I’m Feng Bai, a 28-year-old from Xi’an, now happily married and living in Beijing. I work in finance. For me, becoming a mail-order bride was about finding love and forging a life outside my comfort zone. It’s about exploration, growth, and of course, a bit of adventure.”

— Feng Bai, a successfully married mail-order wife from China.

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Finding and meeting with Chinese women for marriage: in China or online

Discovering an enchanting Chinese bride, a lady from a culture steeped in rich traditions and vibrant customs, can be a thrilling endeavor. Several methods can be adopted for those who are determined to find these local Chinese ladies, perfect companions for those who appreciate their distinctive beauty and traditional values. Whether it’s a courtship trip to China, contacting a reputable international marriage agency, or using a Chinese dating site, you’re sure to find your match.

Traveling to China to meet Chinese brides in person

Exploring China in search of your bride, is an adventure that immerses you in a unique cultural experience. The diversity of the country offers a wide variety of women to date, which is why China ranks among the best countries to find a wife for an international marriage.

Beijing and Shanghai, known for their cosmopolitan ladies, and the southern province of Guangdong with a reputation for outgoing and entrepreneurial women, are ideal places to start. The spring season, with its pleasant weather and numerous traditional festivals, presents the best time to travel.

The cost of a two-week trip might include:

  • Return flights: $800 – $1,200
  • Accommodation: $700 – $1,400 (hotel for two weeks)
  • Food: $300 – $500 (depending on dining preferences)
  • Local transportation: $100 – $200
  • Entertainment: $200 – $400 (visits to attractions, festivals, etc.)

Total approximate cost: $2,100 – $3,700

However, the trip can be a daunting process, requiring substantial investment, time, and coping with language barriers.

Contacting a Chinese marriage agency and searching for Chinese women for sale

International marriage agencies offer professional services to find your ideal Chinese bride. They present a broad catalog of Chinese women profiles and facilitate interactions with potential matches. Agencies arrange meetups and provide translation services, bridging the cultural and linguistic gap. The approximate cost of agency services can range from $2,000 to $5,000, which includes profile access, communication, and meetup arrangements. The main challenges of this method could be finding a reliable agency and the possibility of facing cultural misunderstandings.

Using Chinese mail-order bride sites to find a Chinese wife online

Online dating platforms have become increasingly popular and effective, particularly in the realm of international dating. These Chinese mail order sites offer the comfort of meeting and interacting with Chinese girls from the comfort of your home. Just like Latin American brides have made a significant impact on dating platforms, Chinese brides are becoming a significant presence online.

The growing number of success stories confirms the effectiveness of using Chinese dating sites. Besides, these platforms offer detailed profiles of women, comprehensive search tools, and a variety of communication options that make online dating an exciting experience.


  • Allows a wide range of choices in terms of profiles
  • Affordable compared to traveling or using an agency
  • Offers flexibility and convenience


  • Possibility of encountering fake profiles

The approximate cost of using these platforms can range from $15 to $70 per month for premium subscriptions, which offer unrestricted access to communication tools. Challenges might include language barriers, time zone differences, and finding reliable sites with genuine profiles of Chinese women for marriage.

The Best Chinese Mail Order Bride Sites to Find a Wife from China

For those hoping to find a Chinese mail order bride or wife from China, several online platforms stand out due to their impressive features and usability. Here are three top-rated sites with Chinese brides: Eastern Honeys, OrchidRomance, and Asian Melodies.

Eastern Honeys

This Chinese mail order bride site is tailored to those seeking long-term relationships with Chinese ladies for marriage. Eastern Honeys offers a high-quality match system and easy-to-navigate user interface, ensuring a smooth journey for users. The site features a significant number of active users, mainly composed of ladies from various Chinese regions. Notable aspects include exceptional customer service, extensive user verification methods, and a well-rated mobile app.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Robust user verification methods
  • Highly-rated mobile application


  • Limited communication options
Monthly active users150,000
Users by gender40% male, 60% female
Users by relationship status60% single, 30% divorced, 10% widow/widower
Success rate35% of users have reported finding a long-term relationship on the website
Safety and securityBackground checks, Identity verification, Data encryption
Eastern Honeys statistics.


OrchidRomance, specifically designed for finding a mail order bride from China, stands out with its unique features such as advanced search functionality and attractive profile quality. The site focuses on brides of Chinese origin, making it a go-to for men seeking women from this region. Among the strengths of this dating site that our experts noted during the OrchidRomance review process are the balanced gender ratio and the impressive success rate.


  • Advanced search functionality
  • High-profile quality
  • Balanced gender ratio


  • No mobile app availability
Monthly active users100,000
Users by gender50% male, 50% female
Users by relationship status70% single, 20% divorced, 10% widow/widower
Success rate30% of users have reported finding a mail-order bride on the website
Safety and securityIdentity verification, Data encryption
OrchidRomance statistics.

Asian Melodies

Asian Melodies is a platform dedicated to fostering marriage-focused relationships with Chinese mail order brides. This site stands out for its range of communication options and user-friendly profile privacy settings. Its audience is composed mainly of Chinese women interested in marriage. The site provides value for money and a substantial success rate.


  • Diverse communication options
  • User-friendly profile privacy settings
  • Good value for money


  • Lower number of active users
Monthly active users80,000
Users by gender45% male, 55% female
Users by relationship status55% single, 25% divorced, 20% widow/widower
Success rate25% of users have reported finding a marriage-focused relationship on the website
Safety and securityIdentity verification, Data encryption
Asian Melodies statistics.
Chinese Mail Order Bride

Interview with Asian Mail Order Bride 🔥

Hey Mei Lin! What made you think about being a bride through this international thing?

Hey! Life's big, right? I wanted to connect with someone who digs different cultures, someone to vibe with on this crazy journey.

Cool! Any speed bumps so far?

Sure thing! Language was a bit of a head-scratcher, but it's like learning a killer dance move. Takes time, but once you get it, it's a blast.

Nice analogy! What's your checklist for a potential partner?

Kindness is my jam. Someone who's cool with traditions, cracks jokes, and is down to grow together. Life's a party, you know?

Totally get that! And the big one – would you jet off to another country for love?

Absolutely! Love's a wild ride, and if it means packing my bags for someone special, I'm all in.

Chinese mail-order bride’s features: appearance and personality

Modern Chinese mail order bride’s distinctive and alluring appearance and facial features are greatly influenced by their genetic and cultural heritage. Chinese women have a distinctive set of physical qualities and facial features due to the genetic makeup of the Chinese people, which includes distinct and varied traits.

What are the typical Chinese mail-order bride’s facial features?

Chinese brides have a set of unique facial features that distinguish them from other ethnic groups in Asia:

  • The Chinese women are light-skinned, but you can also meet ladies that are tanned a little bit, depending on the habitat.
  • Their eyes are either brown or black. In China, long hair, in particular, is a sign of femininity and youth.
  • Beautiful, shiny hair is considered a sign of health. The natural tone is usually dark to almost black.
  • The hair is often straight and reaches the chin.

Many men are fascinated by the beauty of Chinese brides and their Asian charm. Chinese brides take care of their feminine, well-groomed appearance, and the list of the hottest Chinese women are a vivid confirmation of that. Therefore, they take a lot of time for their personal hygiene. The well-chosen clothes of the stylish ladies are usually very elegant. This is another reason why men are attracted to Chinese brides.

What are the characteristics of Chine ladies for marriage?

It should come as no surprise to anybody that males in the United States and elsewhere prefer to date beautiful Chinese women. Everyone is aware of this truth. However, an increasing number of Western men are searching for Chinese mail order wives. Because these ladies have the potential to be excellent brides. As a result, it’s understandable that this has an impact on the costs of Chinese mail order brides. The price is influenced by the uniqueness and beauty of single Chinese ladies. Let’s take a look at the most crucial traits of Chinese brides and why they’re so sought after all around the world.

  • Chinese Brides are Naturally Calm Woman. A Chinese girl is ideal if you want a level-headed individual. Chinese girls are never cracked or strained because they are relaxed. Chinese brides have such a clear mind that they will make the best selections possible. In reality, guys dislike extremely emotional girls. Those who have the ability to weep at any time or have a true tantrum. Because such splashes will soon exhaust the person, you should avoid shattering plates and hurling garments out the windows. With Chinese girls for marriage, you will never encounter such a girl. Chinese brides are composed and cautious, holding themselves in their hands at all times. However, abusing these and doing intentionally unpleasant things is not essential because everyone loses tolerance at times.
  • Every Chinese Mail Order Wife Has Women’s Wisdom. We all know that in a relationship with a woman, men want attention and assistance. This is also something that the Chinese mail order bride online does not have to report. They do a good job. The fact that Chinese wives are always by their husbands’ side is incredibly significant to them. To avoid quarrels and misunderstandings, Chinese couples are wise enough to know what to speak and when to remain silent. In family life, female knowledge is extremely valuable. Guys that are clever in every scenario and act intelligently and judiciously are really popular with females.
  • Housewives and mothers who put in a lot of effort. Not everyone understands the advantages of marrying a Chinese woman! Delicious home-cooked meals, a clean home, and well-educated children are just a few examples. It is handed down the generations from mother to kid. Chinese women for marriage value their families and would go to great lengths to ensure that they are comfortable. Any male would appreciate it if the girl was nice to him and his family. At the same time, she should be friendly to all of her relatives, children, animals, and strangers, not only the selected ones. But don’t go overboard; else, you risk becoming a mother instead of the ideal lady.
  • Chinese Mail Order Bride Is Known For Their Devotion And Trustworthiness. Asian women are recognized for their obedient and loyal behavior, which is instilled in them from an early age. Chinese mail order brides, in particular, are on the lookout for life partners via the Internet. It is instilled in them that a Chinese wedding occurs just once in a lifetime. Because in Chinese culture, divorce is frowned upon. As a consequence, these spouses will fight tirelessly to rescue their families and guarantee that all family members are content. Chinese brides never start a fight and are always willing to forgive someone they care about. This does not, however, imply that you may despise your Chinese mail order wife. Only when they love and are loved can Chinese women prosper and become devoted.

Dispelling Chinese mail-order brides stereotypes and misconceptions

There are many prejudices about China in the West. No wonder, because which cultural nation is more alien to European culture than Asian? If you want to buy a Chinese wife, take a look at some common misconceptions about these people.

  • Chinese Brides Cannot Pronounce an “R”. By nature, no Asian can really pronounce the “R” that we are familiar with, which is formed in the throat because the language of China has no such sound. Nevertheless, having married a foreigner, local women easily learn new things, and language is not an exception.
  • Chinese Women All Have Only One Child. In the 1970s, the government adopted the so-called one-child policy, which was intended to bring rapid population growth under control. The reason was that population growth seemed to destroy all economic upswings. The centuries before, the population was kept limited by various natural disasters, famines, or wars. It was not until 1949 that the population began to rise rapidly. In the Western world, this law was very controversial because it severely restricted the rights of the Chinese.
  • Chinese All Look the Same and Are Small. Just like here in Europe, height varies greatly from region to region in China. Spaniards or Italians are usually smaller than Finns or Swedes, so southern Chinese are also smaller than northern Chinese. In northern China, it is by no means uncommon to meet someone with a height of 1.80m or 1.90m. The fact that the Chinese brides look the same can certainly be denied. For the Chinese, Europeans also look pretty similar – whether blonde or brunette. This is also how we feel about China. But the longer you live in a culture and the more different people you see, the better you learn to distinguish them.
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Facts and statistics about marriages with Chinese mail order brides

Now, let’s try to learn a little bit more about stunning Chinese brides. What about their appearance and character? Let’s find out.

Average age of Chinese women getting married

According to Statista, the average age of women at first marriage in China has increased from 24.5 years in 2015 to 25.5 years in 2020. This trend is in line with the global trend of women marrying later in life, as they prioritize their education and careers. In comparison, the average age of women at first marriage in South Korea is 29.9 years and in Japan is 30.1 years. This data shows that Chinese ladies are still marrying at a relatively young age compared to their Asian peers.

For American men seeking a wife on dating sites, this information is relevant because it gives insight into the personal values and family-oriented mindset of Chinese woman. Younger brides may be more open to starting a family early, whereas older Chinese brides may be more focused on their careers. It’s important to note that this is just a general trend and there is a wide range of personal experiences and individual preferences among Chinese women.

Total fertility rate among women from the People’s Republic of China

The total fertility rate in China has decreased over recent years, with the current rate being 1.6 children per woman. This rate is lower than the replacement level of 2.1 children per woman and also lower than the rates seen in other Asian countries like India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The change in fertility rate reflects the evolving social and economic conditions in China, where more women prefer to prioritize their careers and individual aspirations over starting a family. This shift has resulted in a smaller pool of young, marriage-aged women for American men seeking a potential partner through dating sites.

Average divorce rate in international marriages with Chinese brides

The divorce rate in China has been steadily increasing over the past few decades, with current rates standing at around 3.5 divorces per 1000 people. This is slightly higher than the rates seen in other Asian countries, such as India and the Philippines, but lower than the rates seen in the US, which currently stands at around 4 divorces per 1000 people (Source).

The increase in the divorce rate in China can be attributed to a number of factors, including changing social attitudes towards divorce, the increasing financial independence of women, and a greater emphasis on individual needs and desires. For American men looking for a wife on dating sites, the divorce rate is an important consideration, as it can give insight into the stability of marriages and the risk of divorce.

However, it is important to note that the divorce rate in China is still relatively low compared to other countries, and many marriages in China are still strong and stable. Additionally, cultural values such as the importance of family and commitment still play a significant role in Chinese society, which can contribute to the success of marriages between Chinese women and American men.

Chinese ladies prioritize building a career before settling down

The trend of Chinese brides pursuing careers before settling down is becoming increasingly popular in modern China (Source) This is due to the rapidly changing social and economic landscape in the country, which has led to an increase in women’s education and job opportunities.

More and more Chinese women are choosing to focus on their careers and personal goals before starting families, and this has become a common trend among mail order brides as well. This can affect American men who are looking for a wife on dating sites in a few ways. 

  • Firstly, it means that these women are likely to have a strong sense of independence and may be less likely to prioritize family over their careers
  • Secondly, it means that these women may have more specific relationship expectations and may be less traditional in their approach to marriage and family

However, it is important to note that the trend of pursuing careers before settling down does not necessarily mean that these women are not family-oriented. Many Chinese women still place a strong emphasis on family values, and may choose to start families once they feel secure in their careers and personal lives.

What Do Chinese Wives Think About Marriage?

The women from China are very modest and related to the family. If you choose a Chinese bride, you can be sure that she would be happy to have children. The desire to get married quickly is just as strong. However, they stand by their husband and would also like to document this. Chinese women for sale know how to make home cozy. Moreover, they cook delicious, often exotic food for their partners and support them no matter what. What else can one dream about?

What are the Chinese bride’s expectations from her potential husband?

Most Chinese brides are looking for a well-educated and successful man. Ideally, he should own his own apartment. Chinese women long to lead a pleasant life with a strong man. Therefore, European men are welcome by many Chinese women because they are considered successful, self-confident, stable, and sporty.

Every Chinese bride attaches great importance to sovereignty, spiritual strength, and inner peace in men. Only those who communicate openly and freely will be able to solve equally critical moments confidently. The man should also be able to make the woman laugh and also provide romantic moments. Chinese brides also like excursions together, as they like to spend time with their partner and do something non-trivial.

What You Should Consider When Building a Relationship with a Chinese Mail Order Wife?

Gender roles play a major role in flirting. The question often arises: who has to be the one to show interest? How inconspicuous or direct should this be? In traditional China, the man approaches a bride. He brings the bride flowers and gifts. He also has to pay the bill in the restaurant. The woman is reserved and shows her interest very cautiously. Therefore, it is important to be empathetic rather than to be premature and patient. This is the basic principle when flirting with a Chinese woman.

Attracting a potential Chinese wife with compliments

Women love to be praised – this is an axiom. “I always give compliments, but it doesn’t work,” you might think. But it’s all about what you say. How to conquer the brides of your dreams with the help of words? We’ll tell you.

If you haven’t talked to a Chinese bride about your feelings yet, compliments are a great way to win over her. Be original, but don’t overdo it. Sometimes it is better to sincerely make a simple compliment to a bride than to say something vulgar and ambiguous. Compliment accessories the bride wears or comment on how the color of this dress suits this particular woman.

If you have already confessed your feelings before, you can’t do without compliments. Tell a Chinese bride what she is the best at. Is a woman delicate, beautiful, or maybe bold and attractive? Do not confuse compliments with banality. If you say something like: “You are so beautiful, it’s weird that you don’t have a boyfriend,” you won’t succeed. After such a remark, the woman will feel awkward and indignant. Pay compliments with care and admiration.

Chinese Woman

Winning the heart of a Chinese woman with active listening and showing interest

Are you wondering how to win a woman’s heart? Listen carefully to what a woman says: you will find the answers to all questions. Pay attention to the following:

  • what a woman likes and what hurts her;
  • what kind of relationship with parents a bride has;
  • what does she do in her spare time;
  • what the bride’s favorite series is.

Nod your head or support Chinese brides verbally; the main thing is to show that you are not bored with a bride. Ask questions, but don’t pry. Let her do it if she wants to share the secret, but do not fish out her personal secrets. As soon as a woman realizes that it is easy and interesting for her to be with you, her heart will not remain cold.

How to Win a Chinese Wife: A Non-trivial Surprise

You have already learned a lot about your Chinese bride, found common interests, and have a similar sense of humor. The next step is to demonstrate that you “learned the material.” Present a woman with an interesting surprise.

  • Maybe your lady always wanted to jump with a parachute but did not dare?
  • Most Chinese girls love flowerpots instead of cut flowers?

It’s not about the amount of money spent. Remember what a woman mentioned when talking to you, and try to surprise her. So you will not only make them happy but also show your attentiveness.

How Much Does a Chinese Mail Order Bride Cost? Can You Buy a Wife from China?

Engaging in a romantic pursuit of a Chinese bride, whether through online dating or otherwise, brings with it certain expenses. These are not to suggest that one can buy a wife from China, as human trafficking is both illegal and unethical.

In contrast, these costs are associated with the processes of meeting and delivering a Chinese bride by mail to the United States, in which case getting a mail-order spouse is not human trafficking and is perfectly legal.

Different budget options are presented below to provide a clearer understanding of these costs.

Types of ExpensesLow CostMiddle CostHigh Cost
Dating Site Usage (3-6 months)$120-$300$300-$600$600-$1200
Air Tickets to China$500-$800 (Economy)$1200-$2000 (Premium Economy)$3000-$5000 (Business Class)
Lodging (2 weeks)$300-$600 (Budget Hotel)$600-$1200 (3-4 Star Hotel)$2000-$4000 (5 Star Hotel)
Food (2 weeks)$150-$300 (Street Food)$300-$600 (Moderate Restaurants)$600-$1200 (Upscale Restaurants)
Entertainment (2 weeks)$200-$400 (Local Attractions)$400-$800 (Popular Tourist Spots)$800-$1600 (Luxury Experiences)
Transportation (2 weeks)$50-$100 (Public Transport)$100-$200 (Rideshare Services)$200-$400 (Private Cab)
The cost of a Chinese mail-order bride.

Based on these potential expenses, different budget options emerge:

  1. A low-cost budget might involve utilizing a less expensive dating site, flying economy class, staying in budget accommodations, eating street food, visiting local attractions, and using public transport. This could total to approximately $1320-$2500.
  2. A middle-cost budget might involve a more expensive dating site, flying premium economy, staying in a 3-4 star hotel, dining in moderate restaurants, visiting popular tourist spots, and using rideshare services. This might total to approximately $3600-$6200.
  3. A high-cost budget might involve a top-tier dating site, flying business class, staying in a 5-star hotel, dining in upscale restaurants, enjoying luxury experiences, and using private cabs. This could total to approximately $8200-$13800.

Beyond these expenses, there are additional costs to consider based on the man’s further intentions:

  • Cost of a traditional Chinese wedding: Depending on the scale and opulence, this could range from $5000 to $30,000.
  • Cost of paperwork and marriage registration in China: These administrative expenses can vary but generally amount to around $300-$500.
  • The cost of return tickets to the U.S. for two people: This largely depends on the class of the flight, which can range from $1000 (Economy) to $10,000 (Business Class).
  • The cost of processing a Visa for a Chinese bride: This includes application fees and other related costs, which can range from $200 to $1000.

Considering these additional expenses, the total cost for finding a mail order wife from China can vary significantly. The average cost of an Asian mail-order bride of Chinese nationality could range from a more modest $6500 for the budget-conscious, to over $50,000 for those seeking a luxury experience.

How to get a Chinese bride: a detailed step-by-step guide

Frequently, people make many mistakes when utilizing dating platforms. If you have decided to look for Chinese brides with the help of online services, let’s take a look at common mistakes.

Choosing the Right Main Profile Photo

This is the first thing that women, and guys, pay attention to on dating sites. Most importantly, decide for yourself what impression you want to produce. If you post a photo in a business suit, then women will get the impression that you are a serious person with a prestigious job. You should not immediately reveal all the cards and post a photo of your naked torso, even if you are not into sports.

The second important point is that the face should be clearly visible in the photo. If it is covered with glasses, a cap, or completely turned to the side, this means that a person has something to hide.

The third point is that you should not publish studio shots where you are in conditions that are not typical for you. You don’t look like this every day. It is better to choose ordinary photos for the profile picture, which depict you in the conditions familiar to you.

Blank Profile

Who do you think will be interested in you if you have not provided any information about yourself in your profile? Women, as a rule, are looking for a partner with similar interests. Therefore, fill in the “About Me” field first. You may not include all the details of your biography. This can be discussed in private messages. But hobbies and interests still do not hurt to indicate.

First Message

Please do not start your correspondence with the standard “Hi. How are you?” And what’s even worse is “Hello, beautiful! Shall we get to know each other?” As a rule, such messages remain unanswered. Do not be too lazy to study the page of the woman you like. Interests and hobbies can be indicated there, which you can ask about in the first message. So the woman will understand that you are interested in communicating with her since you have studied her page in detail.

Watch for Mistakes

Guys who make mistakes in elementary words seem less attractive to women. Therefore, after writing a message, check the spelling with the help of special spell-checking tools that can be found on the Internet. You should also not overdo it with punctuation marks and exclamation marks. They characterize you as an impulsive and extremely emotional person. This can annoy a lot of people.

Chinese Singles

You Shouldn’t Rush a Date in Real Life, but It’s Also Bad to Delay It

If you like a woman, you can try to exchange phone numbers with her, but not immediately after the meeting. Dedicate a couple of days to active correspondence, during which you will understand whether you are ready for a date in real life, but you should not correspond for months and delay the meeting either. Otherwise, one of you will definitely get tired of it.

Fake Profile Information

Many dating site users want to seem better than they really are. Therefore, they often resort to publishing fake information about themselves, hiding their true age or weight, and using old photos.

How to avoid Chinese bride scam on dating sites?

The quest for love can sometimes lead us into the tricky world of online scams. While searching for a Chinese bride online, you must stay vigilant to avoid falling prey to such scams. Here are three types of scams common on Chinese bride sites that you should beware of when interacting with Chinese ladies:

  • Emergency Assistance Fraud: In this type of scam, a scammer impersonating a Chinese bride might claim to face an urgent crisis requiring financial help, such as a health or family emergency. While it’s human to empathize, it’s essential to be aware that authentic individuals rarely seek financial aid from someone they’ve recently met online. Never send money based on such requests without verifying the situation independently.
  • Gift Fraud: Scammers can pretend to be Chinese brides and ask for extravagant gifts or money to purchase them. They might argue that these gifts are necessary for cultural reasons or to prove your love. Genuine individuals are likely to appreciate the relationship more than material gifts. Avoid sending money or valuable items to someone you have not met in person, especially if they ask for it directly.
  • Catfishing by Impersonating Chinese Brides: Catfishing involves scammers creating fake profiles, posing as attractive mail order brides from China to attract unsuspecting victims. Chinese brides typically use stolen photos and provide fictitious personal details. Be vigilant of this scam by performing a reverse image search or requesting specific information about their life in China, which they may struggle to answer accurately if they are indeed a scammer.

Chinese Dating Culture: Interesting Facts

We have created this section for foreign men who want to find a traditional Chinese wife. China is a country where traditions have a very significant role, especially in family life, so if you want to meet Chinese women, you should prepare yourself that China is a completely different country with its own traditions, so everything can be not like you have used to. So here are some interesting facts about Chinese dating culture that you will find out during serious relationships with a Chinese girl. 

  • Keep distance. China is a very conservative country. That is why you should always keep that in mind. Even if you’re dating your Chinese bride online, we recommend you keep your dates innocent. However, do not worry because this beauty will begin to trust you with time, so your relationship will receive more fire.
  • Be formal. If you have already used some international dating websites, it may sound weird. However, when you are dating a Chinese girl online or especially on the street, you need to keep it formal. But this applies only to the first meetings. After you get to know each other better, you will start feeling her warm attitude towards you.

But sooner or later, if your communication drags on, the truth will come out, and then you will have to get out. Starting a relationship by cheating is a bad idea.

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