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Finding a partner abroad is different from finding a partner in the USA or Canada. You encounter a foreign culture and mentality when you meet your love in Russia. But their unforgettable beauty, sense of style, openness to adventure, and desire to explore the world around them attract hundreds of men. Men are capable of everything to get to know these ladies: go to Russia, travel to European countries. Other males register on ​​Russian mail bride sites to chat online with many girls. Is it worth trying this way of dating, and which services to choose?

Female PopulationMore than 80 million
Average cost of a Russian mail order bride2,000 – 50,000 $
Best cities to meetMoscow, Grozniy, Ekateringurg, Ufa, Novosibirsk
Average Marriage age19 – 55 y.o.
Success marriages91%
Divorce rate23%

How to find a Russian Wife?

Being single can be frustrating if you’ve been looking for a partner, date, or relationship for a while and haven’t had any luck. But there are numerous ways to try to find women looking for love. Consider these ways of dating to find a wife from Russia.

Your Work

Considering the rules of corporate ethics, romantic relationships between colleagues are not desirable (and even prohibited in some companies). If you work in an international company, the possibility of finding a Russian female is high. Take a closer look at the girls around you and attempt to get closer if you find a Slavic girl.

While traveling

Those men who travel have many chances to find a Russian bride. You can meet a lonely woman who can become an integral part of your life. While meeting on vacation, you forget about excitement, stress, because you perceive it as entertainment. If you fell in love with a lady, you can continue your communication online.


Finding girlfriends on foreign forums, chat rooms, social networks, and Skype is one of the most popular ways of connecting with other singles. We all become dependent on the virtual world and communication. After all, the Internet allows you to contact those who live on the other side of the world. You overcome boundaries and get to know women looking for American men from other countries without leaving home. There are hundreds of international platforms for finding Russian brides online, and we will review them below.

Best Russian Brides Sites

Advantages of online dating

Although online dating is rarely free, it’s significantly cheaper than offline marriage agencies. While it’s true that most mail order bride sites offer only a limited set of features for free, you can still learn a lot about them. 

For example, you can usually browse the profiles of Russian mail order brides and check their quality and authenticity. You can assess the set of features they offer (such as video chat, for example) and decide if they work for you and your goals. 

A reputable dating service verifies its members. It offers more security compared to finding a partner via social networks. This, however, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to exercise caution whenever you date Russian mail order brides online.

There will always be scammers who want to profit from thriving online dating services. Unfortunately, there’s no way even for legitimate Russian bride sites to eliminate all fake profiles. 

Dating Agency vs. Dating Site

The name explains it all. 

A dating/marriage agency brings together people who are looking for a serious, stable relationship. Members of these mail order bride services are supported in the partner search by suitable candidate suggestions.

A dating site/platform is mostly a portal that helps people get to know each other. Marriage brokerage isn’t the focus of a mail order brides service of this kind. Most of its members are looking for casual dating and hookups. They contact the people they like, flirt, casually chats with them, and break contact whenever they choose, no strings attached. This, however, doesn’t mean you can’t meet people looking for serious relationships there.

Advantages of Russian bride sites compared to other ways of meeting

If dating sites continue to attract more and more foreign men and women, it is because they have significant advantages that more traditional dating alternatives cannot offer. These aspects may encourage you to try Russian bride websites.

  • With the best Russian bride site, you no longer have to procrastinate for 30 minutes with “am I going to approach this Russian lady or not? “. It’s much easier to seduce Russian singles behind a small screen and get to know them little by little. Men avoid embarrassment and are free to stop communication with ladies that don’t correspond to their requirements.
  • Various Russian marriage agencies allow you to add a short description to your profile, namely about the relationship you are seeking. Men identify what ladies they deal with and avoid any misunderstandings. The chances of meeting Russian girls who are on the same wavelength, or at least who share your vision of relationships, are multiplied.
  • The search criteria and the multitude of Russian women registered on these online dating sites allow you to waste less time and to choose the corresponding person more quickly.

How to choose a reliable Russian brides website?

What distinguishes promising Russian bride sites? The demands on dating platforms to find brides are different. When analyzing the agency, pay attention to what the creators promise you.

Check the safety options

A good site should ensure that it does not publish your personal information such as phone number or credit card number. Platforms cannot guarantee that you will not run into scammers because these violators break the rules and bypass security systems. But if you control your actions, nothing bad will happen.

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Free membership features

A good Russian dating site to order Slavic women offers all its customers free registration and profiling. It is an essential option to get a rough overview of the portal. Keep your hands off providers who demand money from you before you register. Free membership already reaches its limits with the search function.

The diversity of women and the completeness of their profiles

After the first login, you will see a database of profiles of girls registered on the free Russian bride website. On a good platform, Russian women upload many photos, talk about their lives and specify wishes for a future fiance. Review this information and decide if these women meet your desires and preferences.

Functionalities of great ​​Russian Mail Bride Sites

The contact options offered by Russian communication platforms play an essential role. If you can chat with each other easily and without any problems, the possibility of a future real date is high. Here is a shortlist of the most common communication functions you can take advantage of:

  • Private Messages – Sending personalized messages to other singles.
  • Chat – Enables quick and instant communication between users.
  • Like button – With a short click, you express an interest in a woman.
  • Dating games – Are great for making contact quickly.
  • Video function – Men can see their women live.
  • Search tool – specify the age, appearance features, hobbies, family status of your potential wife.
  • Icebreakers – reactions, stickers, or pre-written messages to make your first contact less stressful.

How to find a wife in Russia using dating sites?

You’re going to take your first steps on the best Russian bride dating site you have chosen. But how to spot the “good” profiles? Should you take the first step when chatting with women? Finding a wife is easy if you keep in mind some tips.

Take your time with your profile

Most Russian portals start with a list of questions: a mixture of psychological tests and information about your interests, sporting activities, musical preferences, whether you smoke/non-smoker, etc. When you enter the portal, you see the “matchbox” of profiles of Slavic women who correspond to the criteria specified during the signup process.

Select the catching profiles

A promising woman will create a great profile with pretty photos that show several facets of her personality. If she reveals both her qualities and her faults, it is another reassuring sign. Do a quick video call with a woman if possible to make sure the photo wasn’t misleading.

Upload a photo

When registering on a dating site, be sure to post a photo. Users who are scared of being recognized by someone they know upload “false” photos. The complete absence of the photos on the profile page is a zero opportunity to meet someone. When finding a great Russian mail order brides catalog, you should try to stand out from other men registered.

State your wishes

Be adequate in your requirements. Analyze your preferences to create an image of the desired woman. If you plan to date online and continue these relationships in real life, spend time assessing what you expect from your potential girlfriend.

How to order a Russian Bride?

It is worth clarifying one issue that worries many men. Is it possible to buy or order a bride in the truest sense of the word? If yes, how much will it cost? The price of a woman is the amount that you spend on finding a woman, communicating with her, sending gifts, and organizing dates. Online brides are not things that can be traded. But we can calculate the price of dating them.

The price depends on the Russian Mail Bride Site you choose

When you sign up for free Russian matrimonial sites and chat with women online, you spend $0. But since completely free platforms involve more risks, choosing a paid service is a more logical option. The price of paid portals varies: some offer monthly subscriptions, others have credit-based systems.

Gifts play an important role

If, after a few weeks of communication, a man and a woman understand that it is worth moving to the next stage of the relationship, the man can take the initiative. Online services offer the perfect opportunity to send virtual gifts or deliver real flowers if you are more serious. In this case, everything also depends on the site and how far away your foreign partner lives.

Arranging a date as the last step before marriage

Can you really order a Russian bride? If we are talking figuratively, then yes. You can pay to arrange a date with a woman after a certain communication period. The price is usually less than $1,000, but it also depends on the country where you plan to meet.

Meet charming beauties on Russian bride portals

Life presents unpredictable twists of fate. Men looking for love abroad can take advantage of all the opportunities that come along the way. Dating on online Russian sites does not require a lot of time, money, or effort. We told you how to calculate the Russian mail order bride cost and choose a good platform. Now you decide whether you want to start getting closer to stunning Russian women. Maybe it is worth a try?


Are mail order brides legal in Russia?

Yes, mail order brides are legal in Russia. There is no law against it. However, there are restrictions on who can become a mail order bride. The woman must be at least 18 years old and must consent to the marriage. She must also be able to prove that she is not married and does not have any children.

Can I buy a wife from Russia?

Of course, you can not buy a Russian wife. If you're interested in learning more about the topic of Russian mail-order brides, we can direct you to an article on "The Cost of Russian Mail-Order Brides" which examines the financial aspect of such arrangements and the potential risks and consequences involved.

How to find Russian bride?

There are a few ways to find a Russian bride. One way is to go through a Russian marriage agency. Another way is to go online and look for Russian mail order brides websites. Finally, you can also meet Russian women while you are traveling in Russia.

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