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There are women who can be easily tempted by money. They fall for foreigners because they consider them a goldmine, a lucky chance to get a better life. These girlfriends are nothing like that. These women are not gold-diggers. They want to live a good life, but high moral standards would never let them date a man only because of his money. 

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Top Vietnamese Mail Order Wives Websites

If you already know about the Vietnamese culture and dating habits of local women, you can skip the rest of the article and check out the best websites to find Vietnamese ladies. Most of these mentioned sites and apps are used by people with serious intentions. 


Cupid Media holds some of the biggest and best dating apps. VietnamCupid is one of the websites that belong to this network. It’s a convenient dating website that matches men and women looking for love. It can be used by Vietnamese people to find locals, but it’s also popular among foreigners trying to find a bride in Vietnam.

You may use InternationalCupid, but then you’ll end up seeing profiles of women from other countries. That’s why VietnamCupid is your best option. It’s a convenient dating site with a user-friendly interface and tons of features enabling easy search. Moreover, it’s an affordable dating website. 

vietnamese women


It’s a great website popular among Vietnamese single ladies. The website is safe and secure and ensures it doesn’t waste your time. The YMeetMe platform has a way of fighting bots and scammers by inactivating their accounts. Moreover, inactive profiles are removed so that you can communicate only with women actively seeking partners. 

Blossoms (Formerly CherryBlossoms)

It’s one of the best Asian dating websites to meet a Vietnamese wife. Overall, Blossoms is a niche dating app dedicated to Asians seeking love. However, it’s also of great use to foreigners from western countries seeking wives from Asian countries.

Women from Vietnam, China, Japan, and South Korea use this website. You might find ladies from India, Cambodia, or Pakistan, but they are rare visitors of Blossoms. But if you’re seeking Vietnamese girls, Blossoms is the perfect dating website. The owner of the site has more than 50 years of experience in matching individuals seeking love. It used to be a marriage agency, but in the 21st century, people want to find love online. 

Date In Asia

As the name implies, users can start dating people from Asian countries. It’s a convenient website that matches foreigners with Asian ladies who also meet their preferences. The website has a great matchmaking system and an active audience. If you’re interested in Vietnamese women only, then state this fact in your profile so that the system matches you with an appropriate profile. You may also seek by country if you’re into an active search. 


The reality is that Tinder is arguably the most popular dating app in the world. Yes, it operates almost everywhere, where online dating is a thing. Since online dating is popular in Vietnam, Tinder is popular as well.

It’s a relatively easy task to start dating Vietnamese brides on Tinder since the majority of users are of 35 years or younger. Thus, the Vietnamese Tinder audience consists of men and women of marriage age. You can travel to Vietnam and use Tinder to find suitable brides.

Why Vietnamese Wife For Sale Is A Good Investment

First things first, you can’t buy a Vietnam girl. The “investment” part means that it’s easier and more convenient to invest in romantic relationships with Vietnamese girls. Most Vietnamese ladies are interested in serious romantic relationships, so they are ready to compromise and work towards mutual goals. 

Some western men believe that the wording “mail-order bride” means you can buy and order a woman from a foreign country. However, in reality, it means that the woman is simply ready to marry a foreigner and uses online dating websites. In fact, a man using such sites is referred to as a “mail-order husband.” Now that all these concepts are clear, let’s see why is it a good idea to date Vietnamese ladies.

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Free Credits to Use on Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Sites

50 credits (one-time offer)
100 credits
$38 ($33 with a discount)
250 credits
$95 ($75 with a discount)

These Ladies Are Respectful 

Endless respect for family, friends, and people around is very common in Vietnamese society. Your woman will never speak badly about the people she loves. Respect makes brides from Vietnam wonderful wives. But keep in mind that respectfully doesn’t mean submissive. She’s free to express her thoughts and opinions. It’s just she’ll always try to pick the words carefully not to offend anyone’s feelings.

They Are Kind And Loyal

Mostly all ladies of Vietnam are fiercely loyal. They really devote themselves to a family dissolving into it to a full extent. Local women care more about the interests of their husbands than about themselves. So if you find women of your country self-centered and selfish, then you should buy a Vietnamese wife. 

A Charm to Seduce

These ladies are among the most beautiful Asian women. When it comes to beauty, they can compete with girls of any other nation. Women from Vietnam possess what people are used to knowing as “classic Asian beauty”. Tender bodies, pale skin, dark long hair, and dark eyes make Vietnamese women striking beauties. I bet your friend would be envious of seeing you with such a gorgeous woman.

They Strive For The Best

These women are not the type of people who’d sit idly waiting for someone to come and make their lives better. They believe that a person is the creator of his own happiness. A wife from Vietnam will support you in your every start and will try to make your home a better place. So if you want a woman who’d understand your aspirations, consider these tender beauties.

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A Few Words About Vietnamese Dating Etiquette

Dating practices in Vietnam depend on regions, education, and family attitudes. Mail order Vietnamese brides prices depend on exactly the same factors. Parents are very authoritative in Vietnam. They may not allow their children to date until they have finished their tertiary studies. Many, however, begin dating in their early teens. In urban areas, the dating process usually involves visits to coffee houses or movies as a couple. If you find a Vietnamese bride in a rural area, prepare to attend lots of group dates.

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Couples often choose to make it official at a relatively young age. Men marry at the age of 25-30, while women walk down the aisle at the age of 23-26.

As Vietnamese society is getting more liberated, it’s getting more open to premarital intimacy. What was frowned upon a decade ago is now a commonly accepted thing. Sex before marriage is considered a sign of serious relationships.

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Are There Vietnamese Girls For Sale?

Girls from Vietnam are among Asian mail order brides. Just like all women looking for love with a foreign partner, they register on dating services. Luckily or not, there are not many Western fiances seeking a Vietnamese woman on purpose. That’s a good thing because you won’t face much competition. Besides, this fact greatly impacts the Vietnamese mail order bride cost.

There are lots of women looking for American men in Vietnam. But can a foreigner buy a Vietnamese bride? Are there Vietnamese women for sale? The answer is clear, no. This article is about prices on Vietnamese marriage websites and travel expenses. 

Instead of bribing a girl from Vietnam with gifts, flowers, and expensive cars, you need to show your good personality. These ladies are not materialistic. They value your soul over your wallet. Read further to see how a man can win the heart of a Vietnamese bride.

How To Get A Vietnamese Bride To Fall In Love?

Many men who want to buy Vietnamese girl don’t know how to date them. Luckily, I can reveal some tips, so you know how to woo a bride from Vietnam.

Make the First Move

Brides from Vietnam are of modest nature. If you have spotted a girl who makes your heart beat faster, you will have to make the first move. Go for it! Crack the ice between you two. Local women may feel a bit “cheap” if they approach men first.

Speak of Family

If a woman from Vietnam decides to marry you, she wants to see your commitment to family ties. The best way to show your appreciation is to speak of your siblings, parents, and grannies, showing how much you care for your loved ones. There’s nothing more appealing to local women than a family-oriented man who knows what he wants.

Vietnamese mail order bride cost

Make Her Parents Like You

Dating a mail order girlfriend from Vietnam involves meeting her parents as soon as possible. And by “parents”, I also mean brothers, sisters, and grannies who want to see who’s dating their lovely girl. Earn the love and respect of her relatives to skyrocket your chances to order a Vietnamese bride forever.

Be Respective

Even though most citizens have no religion, they’re respectful of the beliefs of others. You can be thousands of times rich and attractive, but it would mean nothing if you don’t respect the people who surround you.

What Is Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Cost?

Online dating is another topic for discussion. Vietnamese mail order brides prices fluctuate and depend on a lot of factors. Here are a few of them.

Choosing the Vietnamese Dating Service

Many dating services on the market offer to explore Vietnamese mail order brides free of charge. You pay nothing for the registration, browsing, and viewing Vietnamese mail order brides gallery of photos. Contacting women requires an extra payment. Communication tools make a part of the service’s subscription plan. It can be as low as $15 or as much as $30 per month. 

Communication Tools

These include messaging, voice, and video chats — literally anything to erase the distance between people. If you join a credit-based matrimonial service, you need to spend credits in order to use them. Credits are a special currency that a potential fiance purchases for real money and spends on a site.

Gifts and Flowers

A special feature that increases mail order Vietnamese bride prices. On many Asian dating sites, you’ll find a gift and flower delivery feature. Choose a gift that fits your budget, and the website’s moderators will do all the rest. 

What Are Mail Order Vietnamese Bridal Prices?

As you see, there are no mail order Vietnamese brides free of charge. So what about the in-person approach? What’s the cost of a love trip to Vietnam?

Travel Costs

Depends on the city where you reside. The average cost of a plane ticket from Sydney to Hanoi is $1,127. A ticket from Washington DC can cost up to $4,000. There are surely cheaper options. Prices start from $800-$1,200. Reaching mail order Vietnamese brides Canada will take from $1,000 to $2,000.

dating vietnamese brides

Accommodation And Living

The first place that comes to mind when you plan on meeting Vietnamese girl looking for marriage is Hanoi. The country’s capital and one of the largest cities, Hanoi is a picturesque and affordable destination. Prices at luxurious hotels start from $153. Rooms in good hotels cost from $50 to $70.

Dating Process Expenses

Vietnam is a place where you can afford to take your woman to the most luxurious places. Shopping, restaurants, and taxi costs are relatively cheap. A price for dinner for two with alcohol starts from $14. Two cups of cappuccino will cost as low as $4.


Vietnamese women are gorgeous on the outside and beautiful on the inside. These beautiful ladies combine some of the best female traits: they are charming, feminine, family-oriented, and hard-working. These ladies are charming and extremely friendly. Moreover, they have an amazing sense of humor and tender hearts.

Typically, Vietnamese women for marriage become perfect wives and loving mothers. Yet, they have aspirations and goals in life. Most Vietnamese ladies prefer to work on their careers while maintaining serious relationships. They are great at balancing these aspects of everyday human life.

If you like Vietnamese wives, you can meet them online or by visiting the country. You may also combine these two options and save time or money (or both). If you prefer dating online, use some of the most popular mainstream apps for serious relationships. But if you’re into visiting the country, then consider visiting Ho Chi Minh city. It’s the biggest and most populated Vietnamese city, so it should be easier to encounter a soulmate.

Overall, meeting Vietnamese brides online seems to be the best option since it’s convenient. You can use filters and matchmaking features to find the best possible match.


What Does The Average Vietnamese Mail Order Bride Cost?

Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Cost - All You Need to Know

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