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What is

ChinaLoveCupid is a platform where singles from China gather to fall in love and build a relationship. With dating reviews, ChinaLoveCupid is a modern, and advanced touching incredible website from the Cupid media network compared to other online dating sites. Find out the truth about ChinaLoveCupid in the new 2022 ChinaLoveCupid review.

Pros & Cons

Our specialists read a lot of ChinaLoveCupid reviews and can now say the pros & cons of this website compared to other online dating sites.


  1. There are many methods of talking to others on ChinaLoveCupid dating service from the famous Cupid media network
  2. The dating internet site has thousands of users hailing from China as well as other states ready to get matched up with great partners
  3. Like the specific one that has the free membership, you should have the elements to the right
  4. Never, at any moment, be afraid of your security since the operators highly prioritize it


  1. It’s just a small online dating site with not as big an audience as we would like. But still, the website has a site active audience. And also it’s user friendly.
  2. You need to upgrade, so you can access the most improved elements of the web page
chinalovecupid main page


Can you use ChinaLoveCupid free search? Is the site generally free?

  1. Free member can use internet dating services for free or try it out.
  2. Sending messages to premium users, that pay paid membership, is free.
  3. Free member can read at least the first messages in your mailbox for free

All the advanced features are paid and are not available to free members. For Premium members, that are looking for awesome Chinese women or men, the online flirting addicting site has 2 different plans of paid memberships. Below you can find a table of contents with prices for other users that want to get paid features.

Gold Membership Prices

It’s the first plan with prices for Premium members:

Monthly paid subscription:$29.98
Three-month paid membership:$69.98
12-month service membership:$119.98

ChinaLoveCupid how it works

Platinum membership Prices

It’s the second plan with prices for Premium members:

1-month premium membership$34.99
3 months premium membership$69.98
12 months premium membership$149.99

Platinum membership on this online dating services is worth buying for getting chance to chat with gorgeous Chinese women or man. Reviews about other dating sites you can read on our website.

Is registration really easy?

Brief facts about the registration process on this online dating site:

  1. You must provide personal information when registering to become one of these communities.
  2. The process will not take much of your precious time; Two to five minutes is enough to participate.
  3. The platform is easy to use or navigate; You will not face any obstacles.
  4. As soon as you complete the registration, you will receive a huge number of matches.
  5. You may be asked to upload your photo.

As mentioned earlier, don’t be afraid of difficult registration questions – no annoying pop-ups during registration. The process is incredibly simple. However, all data you provide to ChinaLoveCupid from Cupid media will be verified. Be sure to add the image that you think is the cutest, then the others in your computer or mobile phone’s gallery.

More cute pictures are allowed to be uploaded later. It’s as simple as described in this block. The registration process is easier than the process on other Chinese dating sites.

ChinaLoveCupid create account

How Does Work?

Specialists thanks to reviewing a lot of Chinese dating sites and ChinaLoveCupid reviews concluded in the review that it is incredibly easy to track matches and carry on a conversation.

After successfully registering with entering all the personal details, the next step on this amazing platform is to set up your profile. This is done in order to make it visible to other Chinese women and men members and other ChinaLoveCupid members from other countries of the platform.

You can then start looking for a perfect match. After a large review on ChinaLoveCupid dating site, specialists determined that the site offers thousands of companions to choose from. However, no one is limited only by the games available to them. Yes, you can be recruited by new online members by doing an advanced search on the site. It is very legal to thin out search results with the effective filters you can use on the platform.

Your search will show many matches, and then you need to indicate who you think is right. With the results that are coming, you can just keep noticing someone who is quite impressive. In addition, there are different approaches to achieve those that seem impressive to you. And finding a partner on this platform is easier with paid membership.

Firstly, it is desirable to make a good introduction. However, this is after looking at their profiles and the number of photos they have uploaded. Then send them an introductory message right now.

You see, the advantage of ChinaLoveCupid from Cupid media is that you can exchange any number of messages. You can also start a conversation with other participants using instant messengers.

It turns out to be the best for you and your colleagues, as it serves as an active conversation. This makes it easier for the tactic to learn more about the person. A personal meeting with your virtual lover should take place after a conversation with the same guy.

You can also use the chat. The chat room is very important as it allows you to chat with various active comrades. You can learn a lot from chatting with different people. They allowed the internet dating site to achieve its goals by connecting single Chinese people with a preferred possible real life partner.

ChinaLoveCupid members

Is ChinaLoveCupid worth it?

  1. An internet dating site for single Chinese women and men who are looking for love and want to find their ideal possible life partner.
  2. Anyone in the online world who wants to experience Chinese girls and boys can join for free.
  3. Send likes for free and even reply to platinum and diamond ChinaLoveCupid members with a free membership. Also, it has an App in Google Play Store.
  4. It’s user friendly site, and also a sugar daddy site
  5. It has a few active members as it is a niche dating site.
  6. Premium Members can access the VIP profile visibility feature, which allows their profile to be seen more often by other single people.
  7. Provides translation features for a global audience. The features you can get with paid membership
  8. You can use ChinaLoveCupid for free

Profile Quality. Or is ChinaLoveCupid Any Good?

The dating platform has very detailed profiles. You see, before you can move when you spot an impressive dick, it’s good to know a few details. It must be fast. And the all the details you need to check are well displayed. You can already tell if you’re compatible by looking at your profile for the first time.

Remember that all photos and your awesome profile are visible to all the members, regardless of their membership status. So make sure your ChinaLoveCupid profile is impressive. It should be very noticeable.

Do not upload photos that are not clear enough. They must be clear and distinct. Remember, no one wants to go through the hassle of uploading your photos to get a clear view. Profile improvements can be made later. Your photos will be watermarked after the specialist team completes their ChinaLoveCupid Review of your profile.

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Who is really registered here?

  1. You will receive a personal profile that you can complete
  2. Meet participants from different parts of China
  3. Male members are more active than female members
  4. Many members go through the verification process easily
  5. New members do not immediately have photos on their profile as they are being verified. They can see photos on other members profiles only after a verification process. The verification process is not very long, so you just need to wait some time and then with pleasure look for Chinese ladies or gentlemen.

The site’s population may not be as large as other popular online dating sites, but the platform is currently one of the most popular and claims to be the “best” Chinese dating site available on the market.

ChinaLoveCupid search

There is little difference between the number of female and male members. The male members were more aggressive when it came to messaging.

Participants must verify their email addresses to complete the process. This eliminates the huge possibility of fake accounts on the dating site. For further verification, profile photos are manually checked to ensure they are genuine so as not to deceive other members.

You can easily check the activities of other members, especially your matches, in the Activity tab. This tab will always be busy, as you will constantly receive views, likes, or messages.

Safety & Security

After a painstaking ChinaLoveCupid dating site review, experts determined that you have the great privilege of using a dating website that uses an advanced fraud protection system.

They conduct regular security checks to make sure all active members are valid and safe. So never hesitate when using the dating platform. You should also be able to consult the advice common on the Internet for additional safety dating tips when using the dating internet site. Also, during testing, there was never a site’s mistake, which indicates a high level of site operation.

ChinaLoveCupid review of website

After ChinaLoveCupid review of the website, specialists determined who the site is for and not for.


  1. Singles looking for the perfect Chinese woman or man and falling in love
  2. People who can speak Chinese or English to facilitate communication
  3. Singles who want to find a serious relationship
  4. Singles who don’t mind long-distance relationships

Not for:

  1. People who don’t want to make payments in paid membership to access the messaging feature
  2. Singles are not interested in interracial dating
  3. Singles who just want casual sex or fun flirting
  4. People who prefer online dating sites with larger subscriber bases

Specialists also read and summarized many very own associations reviews from platform customers. Most of them are positive, which indicates that many have managed to find a pair. Of course, we also found cancel customer reviews, but this is absolutely normal.

ChinaLoveCupid girl profile

Help & Support

Platform is known for offering the best support online dating services to its customers in different states. To create the ChinaLoveCupid review, specialists read hundreds of ChinaLoveCupid dating reviews from various sources on Help & Support. So their customer support is on another level and instant messenger for quick customer assistance. You can get to them in different ways.

If you think it’s appropriate, mail them. This way of communicating with them is beneficial for those who intend to send physical credentials to their offices. You can use this contact type, but it’s not that fast. Thus, it may take several days before you receive a real refund.

However, the best way is to call them directly. You can contact us by phone from Monday to Friday. Make sure you use a phone number that exactly matches the state or country you’re calling from, so they can serve you better and more efficiently. Your call should be answered without a long wait.

Any burning issues will be quickly resolved by the platform team. The customer support team has the necessary skills to handle customer requests with unrivaled professionalism.

Whenever you have questions about the dating internet site or related issues, always consider contacting us for more information.

It is sometimes recommended to visit the FAQ section before attempting to contact customer support. This tip is helpful. So, consider looking for help on said internet site or check out the ChinaLoveCupid review to learn how to make full use of it.

Android application

  1. The design of the program is clean and functional, so it is well-suited for dating online;
  2. The app and the desktop version have the same features;
  3. You can download the program for free for Android;
  4. You can create a new account for dating online through the application;
  5. The application is a more compact version of the dating site, but it does not deprive the most important functions. You can search for new people, chat with your partners, view profiles, and more.
ChinaLoveCupid testimonials


To create the ChinaLoveCupid review, specialists read hundreds of ChinaLoveCupid dating site reviews, so here is the conclusion after analysis and data collection. If you are looking for a real dating site, your long search ends right here. The best way to fulfill your dating dreams or name goals is to find the most successful dating platform that will connect you with thousands of potential lovers.

ChinaLoveCupid is one of the great platforms that works great. Don’t be fooled by shady online dating sites that use bots to lure you into conversations that never lead to any useful results.

Meeting real people is a wonderful feeling that only the participant can understand. In this case, be a participant, and you will experience greater intimacy. And maybe on this incredible website with a Chinese dating market, you will find love with Chinese ladies or gentlemen for your entire life.

You can become a member of this dating internet site without paying anything. You can simply create your dating account, set up your profile, and add your photos. Then you can char with other members. And you can enjoy the advanced features of ChinaLoveCupid by renewing your current subscription.

With a premium account, you can use all the features without any restrictions. Feel free to create or update so no one will stop you from using advanced search filters, matchbox, and instant messaging.

You might meet Chinese woman or man if you could find a way to get them. You can also find a man from other states if you are Chinese. Dating guys from the Asian continent would be a great idea. Hurry up and take the necessary measures to protect the ChinaLoveCupid account to win the heart of China. And if you ask, is ChinaLoveCupid worth paying for? So our answer is yes, it is worth it, at least if you really love Asians.


Is ChinaLoveCupid safe?

In fact, this dating internet site is very secure. They take user safety very seriously, compared to other usual dating sites. Therefore, no one should worry about using it. It is safe for anyone who wants to find the right partner.

Is ChinaLoveCupid free?

Yes, having a free account is possible and highly recommended. The account you sign up for free allows you to view photos and profiles. You can also add your photos after creating a profile.

Is ChinaLoveCupid a good dating site?

This platform is a good and real dating site. Any authorized person can get matches here. For example, men looking for beautiful Chinese ladies can find the right one of them on the platform. And maybe it will be a good love for real life. Compared to other dating sites, this’s user-friendly and modern.

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