Mail-Order Brides – International Relationships With Online Women

If you have ever used dating sites, you’ve heard of mail order girls. Who are they? And is it legal to establish relationships with online brides?

Discover Mail Order Brides

The concept of relationships has changed since the emergence of the Internet. And the way people get to know each other is also different. Parties, shops, cafes are no longer popular meeting spots. No wonder mail order brides decide to use various dating sites to meet love and build new relationships. Online chats, webcam services, and social media create new opportunities to meet foreign singles. But who is a mail order girl? Are mail order brides still a thing?

Mail-Order Brides

What Is Mail Order Bride?

Modern brides are more daring and enterprising. They use dating services without fear and doubts. Online sites allow them to take the lead and show all their beauty, femininity, and inner power. Shy men also reap the benefits, without any obligation to write and show attention first. Mail order females often take control of the situation. 

Dating sites create friendly communities where there are no shyness or gender codes. Also, online ladies are open to new encounters. They take time to choose a partner, take steps forward, expect the other to respond, and chat. If you enjoy each other, you continue communication until you meet.

“Mail order bride” is a term that refers to women looking for love who post personal ads on dating sites. They want to find a husband in their region or another country. Mail order females are women of all ages who try to escape the financial hardships they face in their home countries. They want to meet a loving man to marry. Brides see it as a way to improve their living conditions or the quality of life.

Mail order singles want to be wives men dream of. Your lady may be submissive and bring happiness into the men’s life. These brides pay attention to men’s financial well-being, how confident and reliable he is. Foreign men seeking love on dating sites have lots of questions about the phenomenon of international brides. Before starting your search for your future bride, it is good to know what to expect in relationships with these girls. Are mail order brides legal?

Why Do They Want to Be Mail-Order Brides?

In the past, mail order ladies moved to other countries to seek husbands and lead better lives. Mail order wives of today still fit this description. They have now, however, more options to address the unknown man and get closer to him. Using numerous dating platforms, a bride posts her photos, creates profiles, and feels secure chatting from home. Also, such agencies offer tour packages to travel to foreign countries where you can buy a bride.

Nowadays, everything runs on the Internet. Just as there are regular social networks, there are also sites to connect spouses who live in different parts of the world. Mail order women perceive such a marriage as an excellent chance to find a partner abroad and raise their living standard. They have their profiles on sites, wait, and hope to meet interested men. They are not goods offered at different prices. 

Mail Order Bride

A legit service that operates with a base of mail order girls has its standards, and men always know what costs they will face. Since a man has a choice, and since everything is legal, he can choose a woman himself. If there is a mutual interest, marriage is what he may expect in the future. There are no guarantees but numerous opportunities.

Is It Human Trafficking?

The item of many men’s interest is the cost of mail order girls. It is impossible to buy a wife over the Internet or through any type of marriage agency. Doing so would be human trafficking, which is illegal and immoral.

Nowadays, many laws prevent human trafficking. The actual concept of “mail-order bride” is a thing of the past. Brides move overseas when there are already romantic relationships with their foreign boyfriends. The proof should be in the form of messages, emails, and the desire to meet each other. 

Are mail order spouse illegal? Some laws and regulations care for the safety of women around the world. If you ask how much it would cost you to date a beautiful bride by mail and marry her, it depends on the site you use. You spend on registering, using the service, and making presents. Spending money on these options is what people call “buy a bride.” 

Are Mail Order Spouse Illegal?

Mail order girls are hardworking and motivated people who want a better life in a new environment. They come from developing nations and want to taste life with a loving man who offers them financial stability. Can you blame them? It is one of the few legal routes people undertake to get to rich countries.

Brides enter into agreements with sites on which they post their profiles, photos, and videos in a mail order bride catalog. Websites guarantee the safety of mail order girls’ information. They also make sure there is no manifestation of aggression and violence to these ladies.

Men using such sites have the right to choose and are not obliged to marry the girl they came into contact with. They don’t buy a mail order girl but pay to use the services they want. The cost of a mail order bride includes the subscription price, communication, gifts, arranging a meeting, and a date. That is, there is nothing illegal here. The sites also have their privacy policies and terms of use, making it easy to determine their reliability.

How Much Is a Mail Order Bride?

Perhaps you have already used a marriage broker where thousands of mail order females try to find a partner. But how much does it cost to find such a bride? 

A bride is not a commodity, and you cannot give money and take her. Buying a bride includes costs you spend on her and establishing a connection. There are some options you will spend money on. In relationships with a foreign bride, men spend money traveling to meet her, although air travel costs can be reasonable. If your mail order girl doesn’t speak English or your native language, you have a great option of using translation services. The cost of gifts and flowers is typical for both a foreign girl and one living near you. 

Communication Costs

A simple way to get started in finding free mail order brides is registering at a dating service. Some dating agencies offer translation services and have clear rules and privacy policies. Registration is free on many platforms. If you want to instantly message brides, watch their videos, or send them flowers, you should spend money. At matrimonial agencies, you pay for convenient communication tools, a friendly environment, and customer support. The exact amount depends on the website of your choice.

Traveling Expenses

Find a Wife

After you order a wife online, you will want to visit her country. Some dating agencies also offer romantic tours or first dates. Either way, you buy plane tickets, accommodation, food. The cost depends on the comfort level and how far your home country is from the bride’s homeland.

Administrative Costs

Obtaining visas or hiring a lawyer is the last step to marry a mail order girlfriend. If your bride wants to live in your country, pay all expenses to prove you are a reliable partner.

You find that the cost of relationships with an overseas mail order lady is equal to or less expensive than a relationship with a local girl. With a little insight and common sense, many men find out that pursuing a romance abroad makes more sense than they have believed. So don’t let money worries discourage your desire to meet your love. 

Best Countries to Find a Wife

In many countries, brides are dissatisfied with the quality of life and seek partners from other countries. America is the best country for mail order brides, and many girls seek a partner from the USA. They are ready to be faithful, loving, and give their husband only the best. But what are the features of mail order girls from different countries? Which one is better to choose? 


Many foreigners want to have an Asian girlfriend, no matter if she’s from China, the Philippines, Korea, or Thailand. But what makes these brides desirable and passionate? Are there any differences between Asian women? You should know their peculiarities to choose a bride who may fulfill your deepest wishes. 

Single Asian girls make up a large portion of the Asian female population. Many young mail order ladies want to get a good education, a well-paid job, and marry later. No wonder foreign men have ample opportunities to find an Asian mail order bride to date and marry. They think more about the future, the education a bride has, her goals and aims. However, what should you know to identify better who is an Asian lady? 

Asian brides are gorgeous and stunning women, with a tiny and small physique, the classic features belonging to oriental women. These are mail order females who love to take care of their clothes, overall appearance and look. Asian mail order girls do not use wagons of make-up to look brilliant. They are natural lovers of the soap and water look and attract men who love naturality. 

Another picky advantage is their character. Despite an apparent placidity, brides are very energetic, friendly, and companionable. Mail order ladies also combine features that make them desired partners in marriage and relationships. They are calm, peaceful, independent, and emancipated. In practice, it is a kind of an “all-inclusive package” with the best features.


Mail order ladies from other cultures are a secret for many men. It is why they amaze and excite with mystery and new feelings you may get in relationships with them. Chinese mail order girls are a treasure for Western European men, who experience new emotions by dating oriental beauties. 

At first glance, Chinese brides are reserved and passive. In reality, however, most mail order females are self-confident, strong, and brave. Their self-disciplined and tolerant character hides behind a soft facade. Likewise, Chinese brides are ambitious and determined. When performing a new activity or a new task, they do their best and improve their skills. Every new challenge is a way to broaden horizons and abilities.

Chinese mail order bride takes care of the preservation of her beauty and purity. Keeping fit and healthy is of great importance. These brides prefer openness and friendliness. They are tolerant and try to hide inner emotions when talking to strangers.


What makes Japanese mail order girls so catching? Attractive Japanese brides are intelligent and innovative. They are independent, hardworking, and motivated. The greatest strengths of Japanese women include loyalty, patience, and calmness. These talented mail order girls enjoy art, creativeness and have developed imagination.

Japanese brides are famous for their humble character, simplicity, and clean skin. Girls also attach great importance to stylish make-up, good manners, and elegant clothing. They think about their nutrition and have a balanced diet, which results in a slim physique and good health. Also, brides want to be beautiful inside, caring for mental health and constant personal development. They work efficiently and try to do an enormous amount of tasks.

Japanese women enchant men with their natural beauty, unforgettable charisma, and exotic features. They have long black hair, dark, almond-shaped eyes, and a smile that melts the heart. With their reserved manner and the lovely sights, they win the men’s hearts with ease and grace. Japanese brides make a lot to be attractive and desirable for their husbands.

The combination of the petite appearance and childlike behavior is what many men appreciate and value. The charm and passionate charisma make Western men use dating services to find a wife online.


The typical characteristic that describes the Thai mail order girls is their striving to feel “Sanuk” in every situation. Sanuk is having fun, joy, enjoyment. When Thai brides decide if a task is worthy of attention, they judge whether it brings “Sanuk.” The hobby they prefer and their job correspond to inner wishes.

At first sight, first words, first touch, a man can feel an undeniable charm of Thai mail order females. It is a virus that lets the mind turn off and create a state when everything you want is never to lose sight of this beauty. Thai bride is slim, eye-catching, affectionate, and loving. She is a queen who makes a man feel like a king. You shouldn’t be a billionaire to order brides from Thailand and impress your charming girlfriends. Show your desire and readiness to date her. What you will get in return may impress you.

Thai women love children, value family traditions, and are family-oriented. Brides have a heartfelt desire to start their own families. Financial security in marriage plays an essential role in the Thai mail order girl’s society. A potential spouse should have a stable income to provide the means necessary to lead a happy life. You should be a kind of protector and provider. Thai men are fond of fun, games, and entertainment. On the other hand, Western men have ambitious goals and achieve them, which may impress a Thai woman. 


The greatest desire of Philippines mail order girls is to build a loving family and raise children. A potential partner of any Filipina bride should be a good protector. He should have strong character traits, confidence, and the ability to take the lead in family life. If a Filipina meets a man who gives her support and security, she rewards him with endless devotion and care. 

Many Filipina brides lived in a Catholic environment, which influenced the way they perceived marriage. Marriage is a sacred thing, which goes beyond financial stability. Divorce is an exception to the rules in the Philippines. Brides also have a strong wish to cultivate healthy relationships, understanding, and fewer conflicts. 

Philippines mail order girls believe in the sanctity of marriage. They invest time in it and would try to save a threatened marriage. Filipina women are open-hearted, confident, and direct. They attach importance to politeness and know how important it is to be tolerant and friendly. Once they have found a fiance whom they love, honor, and respect, they give him the feeling of security, love, and attention. Philippines mail ordered wives are experts in enticing their husbands.


Eastern European brides are queens of beauty. It is what foreigners hear about them from everywhere. Mail order girls know and value it. They pay attention to their overall look, style, appearance and strive to eliminate any flaws. Brides enjoy living without complexes and have an ideology “Beauty will save the world.”

European women have a pear-shaped waist, which is an indicator of a high level of estrogen. It makes them feminine and attractive in the eyes of men. They perceive European mail order females as hot lovers and great future mothers.

Women in Eastern European countries are brave and strong in all aspects of personality. Brides show such strength in their great patience, ability to forgive, and struggle to support their relatives and friends. Beauty is a great force. It is not only about external strength because European mail order ladies’ incredible power is their femininity.

Brides are persistent and patient. In European countries, women enjoy more freedom and have more rights to be equal to men. It changes the brides’ lives, how they behave, and what desires they have. They combine some male qualities, including competitiveness, ambition with a good understanding of other people. It explains why European mail order girls are outgoing, helpful, kind, and endowed with maternal instinct. It is what, in harmony with great femininity, attracts foreign men.


Ukrainian online brides are young unmarried women who do not have children, but they want them. They like men who also want to have children and share traditional family values. Ukrainian mail order girls are charming, tender, sensual, elegant, and fashionable. They are well-groomed and devote much time to their physical appearance. No wonder they work and spend money on their health and beauty. They go to the gym, beauty salons. Young brides enjoy spending leisure time with fun and have vibrant, eventful lives.

No wonder pretty mail order ladies seek determined and caring men who will bring some stability and seriousness in their lives. Some older Ukrainian brides are single but already divorced ladies. Their marriage has failed, and they want to build a new life, filling it with love, passion, and appreciation. Some mail order females have children and are great housekeepers. 

Men prefer dating and want to find a bride from Ukraine to get rid of instability and constant changes. Dating older brides, you get mature and wise women with an established view on life and love. They are great cooks and turn your house into a cozy place. Ukrainian women can combine family and work, be good, caring mothers. They seek a respectful, sober fiance who maintains his physical appearance. He should have a strong personality.


Russia is the largest country in the world. It hosts many stunning single women who want to find the man of their life. Russian mail order brides show more patience and tolerance than Western women. In family life, the relationships determine such values as support and mutual aid. Women are attached to their family members and see themselves as part of the family rather than a separate individual. They want to have the same views on children’s education, hobbies, clothes, and household chores. 

Russian brides also wish to remain tender women. They want to get love and support, lying on the arm of a caring fiance. In family life, brides become devoted and faithful wives with traditional values. It will bring passion and diversity into your life.

Russian mail order ladies love and appreciate handsome men. When there is a choice, they prefer men who are less beautiful but have a soul, a heart, and the ability to provide them with stability guarantees. They enjoy it when two partners understand each other without words when there is a soul connection. Dating will then bring enjoyment and serenity.


Polish women are self-assured and confident. They know they are beautiful, and no one will challenge that fact. The Polish mail order females are ambitious, sometimes excessive. In the company of women of different nationalities, Polish brides win. With a modest personality, elegant look, friendly smile, and smart conversation, they attract numerous men. Polish brides are different in how they behave themselves and what attitudes cultivate. You feel no pressure and awkwardness when getting in touch for the first time. You may feel you have known each other for ages.

Polish brides are direct in the manifestation of emotions and say pleasant things to you without hesitation. She will admire the gift you bring all evening. The Polish internet bride, however, will care for being tolerant and avoid any unpleasant situation. 

A Polish girl, who looks cuter than other brides from other countries, is happy to transform virtual communication into reality. What is important here? Mail order girls from Poland expect to meet a well-mannered man who acts like a gentleman in relationships. He values the inner world more than external beauty, appreciates smart and educated women. If a man makes what he enjoys and appreciates life, he is a dream for Polish brides.


Men worldwide feel attracted to Latin mail order females in a much higher volume than other nations. It is easy to notice at any party when all men are staring at charming Colombian brides or explosive Venezuelan ladies. You may wonder if there is a reason, which can explain such a tendency. Google the list of popular actresses or singles to prove that Latin women are in great demand. There are some reasons why Latin mail order ladies amaze and excite.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of a Latina woman’s physique? Some think of their hips. Others imagine long shiny hair or a mouth with full lips. Many highlight indescribable smiles, which explain everything without words. 

Latin brides have features that border on perfection and an overwhelming physique. It reflects on their personalities and character. They are hot, energetic, ready to face new challenges. These girls take up sports, dance, sing, perform. Talent and constant desire to develop create a world of opportunities and chances. They use every possibility to show what they can do and get higher and higher. No wonder many men want to find legit mail order brides from Latin countries.


Brazilian brides are popular due to their desirable, long, tanned limbs, feminine curves, shiny hair, and exotic faces. They have earned a reputation for being hot lovers, unstoppable dancers, and ambitious ladies. Many men are fascinated by Brazilian mail order females. They are gorgeous, attractive, feminine, sexy, emotional, and spirited.

The dark-skinned Brazilian mail order lady attaches great importance to a well-groomed appearance. Brazilian brides’ features are also the pretty face, the strong, full, and shiny hair, the long legs. With all these advantages, Brazilian women catch everyone’s attention. They show what they have and move consciously. 

What we shouldn’t overlook here are their living conditions and history. Brazilian brides are a mixture of European and African. The standard of beauty here is also mixed. Women are not too skinny but take care of their nutrition, appearance, and looks. It changes the way they lead lives and what they value.

Many single or divorced women have lost the hope to find love and build happy relationships in Brazil. It is believed to be the best country to find a wife. Brides want to feel free, take up their favorite activities, and remain independent personality. Local men are too annoying and robust to be good partners for these hot-blooded women. Foreigners can make Brazilian brides feel happy, fulfilled, and establish a happy family, which plays an important role.


Colombian brides are women with a distinctive character. They are sweet and honeyed, having something subtle inside. Also, brides are affectionate and show love without hiding it. However, when they should prove something or achieve goals, that sweetness can turn into confidence. Isn’t that exciting? A woman without character ends up losing her charm. Also, after the fights comes reconciliation, and nobody is hotter and more passionate than Colombian mail order brides.

Colombian ladies have smiles that can illuminate an entire city. They magnetize with a funny personality and a laugh that sounds like a heavenly melody. It makes them good communicators and friends. Brides from Colombia are the life of every party and can bring joy to any meeting. 

What should you expect in relationships with them? Fun, happiness, sincere conversations will fill every day. There won’t be many secrets if you and your mail order lady are friends and support each other whenever you are. Finding Colombian girls on dating sites is straightforward. Their profiles are outstanding and attractive, which proves they are in great demand.

How Successful Are Mail Order Marriages?

There are no exact statistics that would demonstrate the success rate of marriages with real mail order brides. The apparent fact is that both men and women are interested in online marriages. Men see many advantages in such relationships. They spend money only on communication with those brides who attract them. When you meet in life, you don’t know what kind of girl your lady is, and to find out what her plans for life are, you should go on several dates. It is frustrating to find out that you are not suitable for each other and start seeking a girl from the beginning.

It’s much more comfortable with foreign brides. In their profiles, mail order girlfriends write about their education, religion, profession, goals for life. Some also describe the desired partner. It allows you to understand in the first seconds whether the girl attracts you. Relationships in real life begin after long online communication. And marriage between representatives of different nationalities is filled with unusualness, diversity. When a man lives with a foreign woman, he learns to perceive life in another way. The bride brings new values, traditions, rules to the normal alignment of things. Such a marriage is a union of two adults who decide to create a family with consciousness. 

Where to Get a Mail Order Bride? 

Online you find two main types of mail order bride websites that list mail-order girls’ profiles:

  • Local: Women who want to meet men living nearby. 
  • International: Girls who want to meet someone abroad. 

If you do not want to migrate to another country, there is no point in chatting with brides on local dating sites. Women looking for American men who have joined international dating sites have already thought about living in another country. It is why they prefer using websites or marriage agencies offering possibilities to contact foreign men. Many mail order girls on international dating sites have family and friends who live abroad. They decided that they could build a future from a blank page in another country. Also, many brides speak English and study to improve their knowledge. 

Below, you find some excellent platforms to meet the desired bride. 


Using the FindEuropeanBeauty wife finder, you see women with different profiles. It is a great choice when you seek romantic partners, relationships, friendships. You meet both those who want to stay at home and care for children and those who have a brilliant career and want to keep absolute independence. You will realize that women are open and accessible. They are on this site to meet strangers. 

You are welcome to start flirting on the dating site right after your registration with a free version. It allows members to analyze the site and decide if it is suitable for them. However, you will have limited options. Credits, a site’s virtual currency, help to expand your opportunities.

The FindEuropeanBeauty dating agency allows you to detail your profile and post photos. It maximizes the chances to meet your desired overseas wife. When you are a member of the site, you can view different profiles, send messages or gifts, and post many photos. Its four basic features are chat, profile, messaging, and photo posting.


  • A base of attractive brides from Ukraine, Russia, Poland;
  • Using filters to get precise search results for the type of girl you prefer saves a lot of time;
  • A simple interface and quick navigation;
  • The price of using services is low;
  • Mail order ladies want to come and visit you in your country.


  • No mobile app;
  • Free services are limited.


FindAsianBeauty is a platform to find mail order bride for sale. Whether these are brides living in Europe, America, or Asia, you have the choice to find a desired Asian mail order woman. The site has an intuitive interface, allowing users to switch from one page to another easily. Exciting graphics, an understandable menu layout offers a great experience. When searching for girls, you get access to numerous filters. 

If you prefer a particular Asian country, age group, insert these criteria into the search tool you see on the site. It is up to each user to define the relationship he wants to maintain with the other members.

Access to is possible using your Smartphone or PC connected to the Internet. It is designed in a more targeted way since brides are from Asia. They register on this site to find lonely guys who match their wishes. Love, flirtation, and friendship will be there when you use the agency.


  • Easy to use layout with necessary tools;
  • Even with extraordinary tastes in brides, you have numerous profiles of girls of all ages and appearance;
  • The use of filters lets you go straight to the point and search for the type of bride you want;
  • Registration requires no costs and subscriptions;
  • It is possible to find Asian women in your country or to travel to their country.


  • Chatting and communication require payments.


The LatinWomenLove dating site is believed to be one of the best foreign bride sites where women feel desired and respected. Information you find out about a bride is enough to make a choice. Its objective is to offer a friendly space to chat with singles from overseas and create a space in the spirit of Latin culture.

On LatinWomenLove, the tools and functionalities, the navigation are simple and go straight to the point. You find the possibility to chat with other members, add them as a favorite, show your attention. Once inside, you should respect the rules and be polite. Vulgar photos are not allowed, and non-compliance with the regulations leads to exclusion without appeal. The site is committed to listening to complaints from other members and protecting their personal information.

The site aims to build a friendly community and offering foreign men good chances to find love. No wonder lots of men appreciate the opportunity to meet a Latin mail order lady on the site.


  • Good moderation and helpful customer support;
  • Convenient tools simplify the usage;
  • The clean, functional site that goes to the point;
  • Detailed profiles with catching photos;
  • The possibility of friendly meetings and building relationships.


  • Site registration is free, but other options require payments.