Russian Mail Order Brides Cost – What is The Price For a Future Wife?

If you’re reading these lines, you must be aware that Russian women are the most loving and seductive wives in the world. Pursuing brides from Russia may cost up to $20.00. Here are various types of expenses you’ll need to face and reasons why a woman from Russia is worth it.

❤️ Success Marriage Rate 82%
💰 Slavic bride cost range $800 – $15,000
⌛ Average age of single Slavic women 28 y.o
😏 Best Sites LuckyDate

Girls from Russia have everything a man can seek for. Naturally lovely area, open-mindedness, and irresistible beauty – these hotties are perfect in so many ways. Of course, when you decide to buy beautiful Russian wives, you want to know what you’ll get. Here are a few common characteristics of local women.

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Why Russian Brides For Marriage Are So Appealing

Success Marriage Rate 91%
What Russian girls look for in a man? Respectful, Hardworking, Financially stable
Does Russia have hookup culture? Yes
Can I buy a Russian bride? Yes
How do you confess to a girl in Russia? Ya tebya lyublyu

They Are Beautiful

The beauty of thse women is undeniable. There’s no man who wouldn’t admire the charm of these cuties and no woman who wouldn’t be envious of it. It seems like mail order brides from Russia won the genetic lottery. The natural beauty boosted by proper self-care makes these women beauty queens.

You’ll have beautiful kids with her. Undoubtedly, these babes are stunning. They inherited this inborn charm from their mothers and would pass it to their kids. If you’re looking for this kind of gene, marry a Russian partner.

They Won’t Let You Get Bored

Relationships can get monotonous after some time. With a local bride by your side, it never happens! She knows to keep you entertained and bring new colors into your routine. Besides, the cultural differences will let you constantly explore each other from different sides. And don’t forget that these women are educated and well-versed. They can keep the conversation going and express their thoughts freely.


For Russian mail order brides, marriage is not about living together and raising kids. They know to handle and care for the family. These girls understand the value of family and are ready to protect the ones they love. There’s nothing a Russian woman wouldn’t do for the sake of her family. Local women also become wonderful mothers. She adores kids.


These women are supporters of traditional gender roles. Unlike American or European women, ladies from Russia wouldn’t split the bill. They consider a man as a breadwinner. You will be the one to initiate the dating process, woo her, and organize the dates. And don’t forget flowers. It’s a must when dating a Russian girl.


These women are not used to sitting around. Even if it’s a weekend or vacation, they will find how to occupy themselves. It’s very common for Russian wives to work equally with men and do the housework then.

They Know to Adapt To New Things

If you enjoy experiencing new things, Russian mail order brides are perfect companions. They are of adventurous nature and can easily adapt to the new things in life. These women will happily relocate to your country. New culture and lifestyle? Don’t worry, they’ll adjust to it very soon!

Mail Order Bride from Russia

Are There Russian Wives For Sale?

This is the first question that comes to your mind when speaking of Russian mail order bride cost. There is a thing a man interested in beautiful Russian brides for marriage needs to understand.

You cannot literally buy a mail order girlfriend. By the term “mail order bride cost”, we understand the cost you’ll need to pay on communication, wooing a woman, and helping her to relocate to your country. The mail order brides industry is not about human trafficking. You can’t just sign up on a dating agency, choose a woman you like, and have her delivered by post.

Good news! There are plenty of Russian women looking for love. Your chances to win a heart of Russian beauty are pretty high.

Russian brides for marriage

Free Credits to Use on Russian Mail Order Brides Sites

50 credits (one-time offer)
100 credits
$38 ($33 with a discount)
250 credits
$95 ($75 with a discount)

How Much To Pay For Russian Wife

There are several aspects you’ll need to consider when thinking of Russian mail order bride price. Now we’re considering an offline approach. So how to buy a Russian bride and how much does it cost?

Travel Costs

Let’s keep in mind that Russia is a large country. It lies in the European and Asian parts of the Euroasia continent. Travel costs will depend on where your potential bride resides. Prices for tickets to Moscow, St.Petersburg, and Vladivostok will vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. And by the way, don’t forget about Visa expenses (100-250 USD).

Accommodation Expenses

Again, everything depends on the city where you decide to find a dream woman. Large cities and tourist centers have higher living standards and thus higher costs. Sochi, Moscow, Vladivostok are among the most expensive places in Russia. In Vladivostok, a tourist will have to pay the highest price for accommodation with minimum conveniences. Moscow has plenty of fancy, pricey places, and Sochi is especially costly in the summer. However, an American love-seeker will find the prices quite affordable. A pretty standard room in a hotel in Vladivostok costs on average $60-70.

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Wooing And Dating

This is when the fun starts. When you arrive and settle down, you can start seeking a Russian wife. According to local dating etiquette, a man is expected to pay. No matter if you decide to have dinner in a restaurant, watch a movie, or try parachute jumping. Going dutch is considered inappropriate. Especially in the first stages of dating. So let’s sum up, the average bill for two in a decent place in Moscow is around $82, a taxi ride is about $9, and two cinema tickets will cost up to $12.


Prices on products in supermarkets are pretty affordable. You may pop in a few times during your stay in Russia. After all, you can’t always eat in restaurants. Some homemade delicious dishes are always a good idea.


Choose your Russian bride ❤️‍🔥

Rating 10
Rating 9.9
Rating 9.8

Russian Mail Order Bride Cost – Is It Cheaper To Date Online

There’s a stereotype that it’s more affordable to meet Russian bride online. After all, you don’t have to commute or take a long vacation to meet your love. Is it true? So how to get a Russian mail order bride, and how much does it cost? Read to find an answer.

Communication Charges

A free Russian bride website will offer registration, browsing, and some other basic features. In 99% of cases, you need to pay to communicate with a mail order Russian wife. The cost will depend on the site you choose. The best Russian bride service is always expensive. Some provide communication tools as a part of a subscription plan, while others charge credits in order to interact. Video chats are more expensive than chatting.

Russian Wives For Sale


Online dating doesn’t take away the need to woo a girl. A man who wants to find Russian brides online can choose the option of delivery services. As usual, international dating sites charge extra payments for it. You can choose a gift or bouquet that fits your budget and have them delivered right to your woman’s doorsteps.

Traveling Cost

Probably surprised to know that you still have to spend on traveling when seeking Russian wives online. Well, when you meet a female who makes you want to settle down and give birth to kids, you need to take her to your place. She would expect you to pay for her plane ticket to show your serious intentions.

Mail Order Russian brides

Russian Wedding Costs

So you met a woman of your dreams, proposed, and here it comes. An exciting moment when you two declare wedding vows and put wedding rings on each others’ fingers. This is no secret that a wedding is a pricey pleasure. So how much does it all cost in Russia?

Prices depend on the degree of “lavishness”. It’s common in Russia to have loud wedding parties. Friends and relatives are invited to congratulate the newlyweds and share this moment with them. A wedding cortege, white gown, flowers, and restaurants are a must.

What is the average cost of a Russian wedding? The insider reports it to be around $15.000, including the honeymoon.

Well, you can adjust the celebration cost if you’re on a budget. Want it to be something more moderate or more luxurious? Weddings in this country can fit any budget!

Wrapping Up

Women in this country are brides to admire. Tender, beautiful, and family-centered, these women become the dream wives of many foreigners. Local women looking for American men gracefully adorn the cities of Russia as well as Russian dating sites. Now when you know how to order a Russian bride and what’s the cost, you can give it a go! Yes, it may sound like a huge sum, but money doesn’t matter when speaking of purchasing a Russian wife.

One of the best ways to gauge a Russian mail order bride’s interest level is to communicate with her regularly. If she responds to your messages and seems interested in getting to know you better, then it’s likely that she is indeed interested in you. Another good way to gauge her interest level is to ask her directly if she is interested in marrying you. If she says yes, then you can be pretty sure that she is indeed interested in you!

Yes, Russian mail order brides are legitimate. However, there are also a number of scammers and scam artists who prey on unsuspecting men looking for foreign wives. It is important to be careful and do your research before you send any money to anyone you meet online.

There are a number of reasons why Russian women may seek foreign husbands. Some women are simply tired of the dating scene in their home country and want to try something new. Others may be seeking a better life or greater financial stability for themselves and their future children. And still others may simply be attracted to the exotic appeal of a foreign man.

There are a few different ways to go about finding a Russian mail order bride. The most popular way is to use a dating site that specializes in connecting Western men with russian mail order wife. These sites usually have vast databases of women, all of whom are looking for husbands. They also typically offer a variety of communication tools, making it easy to get to know the women and discover russian brides cost before you meet them in person.

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