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Most western men are just dreaming about meeting Asian girlfriends. Unfortunately, usually, this dream only remains a dream. But you can change it and we have a perfect tool which can help you in this matter. Let us introduce you to – the perfect place to meet women from the most different Asian countries. 

Here you may not only be able to meet thousands of Asian ladies and communicate with them online. With help of this site, you may be able to meet your true love and even create a family with a beautiful Asian girl. In our article, we wanted to cover the main points of this useful site and present to you. 

After reading this review of website you may be able to find out everything that you wanted regarding the AsianBeauties site and start your relationship with the girl of your dreams even without leaving your country. 

Review on Dating Site: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Site 

Before starting the use of any new service usually, users want to find out the truth about the company. Especially, it refers to men who approach all issues logically. We’ll be completely honest with you and may not say that is a platform without any disadvantages. Like any company, AsianBeauties may have both strong and weak sides, but do not get upset too fast because this dating site has many more pros than cons. 

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Before writing this section, we wanted to check all of the AsianBeauties platform’s functionality for ourselves. It’s worth mentioning that the platform has a wide variety of different tools, also mentioned in different reviews. We also were guided by some other reviews that helped us a lot in forming the list of the advantages. However, the final impression about AsianBeauties is based on our own experience. So here is the list of the points which distinguish the AsianBeauties platform from competitors.

  • Fast AsianBeauties Registration Process. First of all the registration is free of any charges and what is more important it would take you a maximum of one minute of your time. Usually, when users see the complicated and long registration process, they give up their attempts really fast. But in the case of, you will not face these difficulties. The only thing you will need is your email and a few minutes of your time and after that, you’re a happy user of AsianBeauties with your personal account. 
  • A Huge Community of AsianBeauties Users. Since this site is one of the most famous in Asian countries, it has a huge community of happy users. Here you will meet only real women who are looking for serious relationships. A free basis of the site and thousands of beautiful women have created a community of millions of people who use the site. What is more important is the number of users increasing сonstantly, so if you haven’t registered yet, create an account and become a part of the site. 
  • Convenient AsianBeauties Interface. How many times have you used a service which was completely unhandy? In case you already have such an unsuccessful experience we want to assure you that you will never see anything like that on The site is logical and simple at the same time. The interface of this dating site contains only the necessary tools that will make your journey not only pleasant but also comfortable. Here you will not spend a lot of time looking for some information because everything was made for your convenience. 
  • A Low Percentage of Fake AsianBeauties Profiles. This point is a merit of both the support team and moderators of the site. Here you will barely see the fake profile of girls. All because of the well-coordinated work of the moderators and also the verification process through the email address. The point is that once you create an account, you will need to verify your account. The special code will be sent to your account, which you will need to enter on the site to finish your registration. All this and other necessary procedures decrease the possibility of getting into a fake account. 
  • Ability to Use the AsianBeauties App on the Phone. Modern users are living on their phones. It is why for most of them, it’s crucial to use the site on their phones. First of all, it’s convenient and that means that you’re free to use the program no matter where you are. Unfortunately, the program is not available on the Play Market or App Store, because the site doesn’t have a mobile application. However, you will be free to use the web version of the site on your phone, because the web version is perfectly adapted for mobile devices.


In order to understand if is any good, you also should know some points that may disappoint you. But do not worry, because these points will not prevent you from receiving the maximum from this dating site. At the same time, like any other site, it has some weak points. But of course, the developers of the site are constantly adding some updates in which they are fixing and adding something new to make your experience with the site even more pleasant. 

Nevertheless, based on our experience and other dating site reviews, here are some of the main cons of the site.

  • Paid AsianBeauties Features. Despite the fact that the site contains free search. However, if you decide to improve the quality of your experience, you will have to buy some additional services for extra fees. The site has a lot of these paid features. In other dating reviews and in the testimonials sections, we noticed that a lot of customers are not satisfied with the fact that they need to buy a lot of features to start communicating with Asian singles.
  • Absence of AsianBeauties Mobile Application. Despite the fact that offers a web version for mobile devices, unfortunately, there is no special mobile application. Some users in their testimonials complain that it’s not too convenient to use only the web version of the application. Because of that, they need to log into their account every time, and of course, for users who have a mobile application for every program which they use it can be not too comfortable. However, still, a lot of users continue to use the web version of the app on their mobile devices. But it’s worth mentioning that the developers are improving the existing program constantly and who knows maybe they will present the mobile application in the near future. But for now, you will be able to use the AsianBeauties on the web version. 
  • No Free Messaging on AsianBeauties. At the same time when the signup process remains free, and the site offers the AsianBeauties free search, there is one flaw that is often mentioned. The point is that unfortunately, you will not be able to write to any girl that you like for free. Here for some fixed amount, you will have to buy special currency, named credits for which you will have the opportunity to write to the girl you liked the most. Surely you will be able to send likes, and if you match with her, you will not have to buy any credits. However, if you want to turn your attention to yourself, we recommend you to buy a few credits and don’t tempt fate.
AsianBeauties features Dating Site Review: Let’s Talk About Cost 

Another important question that every user asks pretty often sounds like this: “ Is worth paying for?” To answer this question, we want to emphasize that you will be able to register on the site absolutely free and you will be able to start the use of the app directly after the signup process. 

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Nevertheless, still like any other dating site, will offer you some additional paid features, that aim to make your online date with some Asian lady even more pleasant and convenient. For example, such a paid feature is the ability to send gifts to the girl you liked. 

Every feature that you will find in the program you will be able to buy for special currency named credits. Also, for your convenience we have collected the current prices in the table below, so you will be able to get acquainted with them. 

A number of CreditsPrice 
2 credits (regular price)$15.99
16 credits $96
100 credits $399

As you may have already understood, credits will help you to receive the maximum from the app. But, do not worry, the site will not force you to buy credits, the decision is up to you. However, if you want to receive the opportunity to message your girl without any limits, you will be able to buy such an opportunity with credits. And if you still have questions such as: “ Is worth paying for?”, we suggest you give this site a try and we assure you that the result will not disappoint you. 

How Does Work?

Every conscious user approaches using the internet site with all the responsibility. And of course, every new user is curious about what he will face on some site connected to relationships. Usually, users become curious and even suspicious in question if is worth it. 

It is why in our review we decided to put a section about the main principles of the work on, so you will be able to satisfy your interest. As you have already understood, the first necessary step that you need to complete is the creation of your account. It will not take too much time for you and these steps are incredibly simple, so we’ll not describe them in detail. We wanted to stop on some main principles and technique features that will help you to meet Asian girls on this site. 

The whole site is based on the principle of the match. So the thing is that you need to send sympathies to girls you like and wait till your beauty will like you back. Unfortunately, the messaging is limited, so if you decide to draw attention to your persona, we recommend you buy a few credits. 

Here you will also find some filters like the age and location of the girl, so you can make the process of searching, even more, productive. In the end let’s say that despite the wide variety of different paid features, you will not get frustrated. Instead, these features along with a user-friendly interface will make your experience unforgettable.

AsianBeauties search

What About the Quality of the Profiles on 

Is a good dating site? If this question is still popping out in your head, let’s move on to the most interesting part of our review. Let’s talk about the Asian women you will meet on this dating site. Usually, an average user does not give too much credit to some average dating sites. But, we want to assure you that is completely another story. 

Here the quality of girls will surprise you pleasantly since all of the women that will use this site are real. And if you have thought that it’s impossible to find a not scam dating site, will prove you otherwise. The high quality of girls’ profiles is connected to the fact that all profiles go through a detailed verification process. Since the AsianBeauties is for one hundred percent legit site, here you will never find any fake or scams profiles. 

The Truth About How the Site Deals With Safety and Security?

“Is safe?”. This is another important question that a user might ask himself before starting the use of the site. In order to answer this question let’s take a closer look at some security guarantees that the site will offer to its users. 

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that your data will be protected with the best security protocols. 

Secondly, another important point that may disturb you is securing the financial data including the payment methods, like cards or e-wallets. We hasten to assure you that your data will not be collected in any way, and what is more important through your use of the site you may not even use your means of payment. So you sleep peacefully. 

We also wanted to mention that your data will be protected with basic HTTP protocol and other specific methods that have been created especially for the site. So, our verdict is that is absolutely safe. 

Help and Support on

Another important point of any successful dating app is communicating with users. A successfully configured communication helps the users receive an expected result and also makes the AsianBeauties site more user-friendly for all its customers. The will answer all your questions via special sections with frequently asked questions. But if you prefer to speak with a manager or representative of the site the support team will do their best to help you with any even the most complicated request. 

What is more important is that you have never met a more dedicated team. The main point of this team is that they truly want to solve your request and help you. So if you used to think that the support team is not helpful, will prove that you’re wrong.

AsianBeauties app


If you’re dreaming about meeting an Asian girl, now you know that your best friend in this matter is This amazing site will become your ultimate tool in creating a strong and happy relationship with a beautiful Asian girl. 

One of the main advantages of this great site is absolutely free registration, dozens of beautiful Asian ladies from all over the world, a wide variety of paid and free services, a reliable security system, and a friendly support team. All this makes a number one service for finding an Asian love no matter your current location. 


Is Safe?

It’s absolutely safe since that site guarantees the safety of users with the most modern ways of data protection. Once you will create an account on this site your safety will be in the experienced hands of the AsianBeauties experts and along with some modern protection ways you will receive an absolutely safe dating app.

Is a Real Dating Site?

Despite the fact that AsianBeauties is a real dating site it’s also one of the best on the current market. Be sure that if you ask Asian women about what is, they will tell you that it's the best app for relationships in the whole Asia. So, you should not even doubt that this site is legit and real. You should just use it and see for yourself. 

How Many Members Does Have?

At the current moment, has around a million active subscribers. However, this number is increasing constantly. The AsianBeauties community is growing because of thousands of satisfied users, and their positive testimonials and successful love stories make this site even more attractive for new customers.

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