35 Most Beautiful Asian Women

Asian countries are rich in amazing women who possess not only mesmerizing beauty but a great personality. They attract many Westerners with their exotic and diverse appearance features. Who are these ladies who can fascinate you with their hot bodies and cute faces? Let’s take a look at this list of most beautiful Asian women and enjoy the beauty of the hottest models, actresses, influencers, business women, and singers. 

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#1 Liu Wen

One of the most famous and most gorgeous Chinese models, Liu Wen is a true example of Asian beauty. The girl is recognized worldwide as she has walked for Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, Prada, and many other luxury fashion houses. Her captivating smile and amazing figure are admired by many people all over the world. She is not only extremely beautiful but also is staying down-to-earth and nice regardless of her status as one of the most requested models in the world. On social media, she usually shares her travel photos, covers of fashion magazines, and pics from photoshoots.

Liu Wen

#2 Yoona

Im Yoon-ah, more recognizable as Yoona, is a popular Korean singer and actress who received outstanding new actress awards. She is an idol in the k-pop group Girl’s Generation and has a lot of fans who love her talent and cute appearance. Also, her roles in You Are My Destiny, Love Rain, The K2, and other pictures were well-received both by viewers and critics. 

Yoona’s porcelain skin, big eyes, and graceful silhouette make her one of the prettiest girls among Korean celebrities. She is an ambassador of many fashions, cosmetics, jewelry, and other brands like Pandora, Innisfree, Estee Lauder, Michael Kors, Miu Miu, etc.


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#3 Lalisa Manobal (Lisa)

We surely can say that Lisa is the most famous k-pop singer in the world. She has a large fanbase and the number of her followers on Instagram is over 76 million. She gained her popularity after debuting as a member of the girl group Blackpink in 2016. Her success as a solo rapper after realizing a single album in 2021 was huge too.

Her beauty is as fascinating as her talent. Full lips, expressive eyes, sexy figure, and love for hair color changing – these features distinguish her from others and attract both men and women.

Lalisa Manobal (Lisa)

#4 Lauren Tsai

An American actress, model, and illustrator of Chinese heritage known as the most influential Chinese actress made people fall in love with herself during the reality TV series Terrace House in 2016 and received screen awards. Now, this beautiful girl is living in Tokyo, Japan, building a career as an artist, and making her fans happy with new pics on Instagram.

Her big eyes, cute facial features, and skinny figure are extremely eye-catching and help her to get the attention of fashion brands. Lauren collaborated with Marc Jacobs, Nike, and other brands.

Lauren Tsai

#5 Amelia Henderson

Malaysian actress and model, Amelia amazes people with her performances in films and beautiful appearance. She mostly starred by dubbing characters in animated films and playing in Malaysian TV dramas. In 2019, Amelia won the Model Star Award, Celebrity of the Year award, and Stylish Instafamous Award. She is very active on social media, indeed, and regularly posts new photos.

Amelia Henderson

#6 Fiona Fussi

A 26 years old Singapore model, who started her career in 2012 is famous in many Asian countries. Fiona has worked with Audi, Chanel, Clarins, and Dior and appeared on the Vogue cover.

Like many other people, we are absolutely stunned by how beautiful she is! Everything in her appearance, from a captivating smile to a gorgeous figure, looks perfect. Also, she has a very elegant and feminine style that only emphasizes her beauty. On her social media, you can find many photos both in mesmerizing gowns and in cute casual outfits from the meetings with family and friends.

Fiona Fussi

#7 Kim Ji-soo (Jisoo)

Another member of the Korean group Blackpink, who first debuted as an actress in 2015 with one of the Asian film awards, is admired by millions of people in the world. She is very talented and made a good career as a singer becoming the 10th in the rank of the most popular k-pop idol. 

For a long time, she has worked with Dior and became their global ambassador. Also, she had photoshoots for advertisement campaigns for Nikon, LG Electronics, etc.

Kim Ji-soo (Jisoo)

#8 Anne Chen

Beautiful Taiwanese actress Anne Chen became popular in the 2010s after her roles in some successful TV series, especially the trilogy Happy of the Rings in 2012. She is not popular among foreigners and is known only in China and some neighboring countries, but we think this woman deserves your attention because of her cute appearance and elegance.

Anne Chen

#9 Im Jin-ah (Nana)

Nana is a Korean actress, singer, and model, who fascinates people with her multiple talents, beauty, and nice personality. She debuted with a girl group After School and was a member of Orange Camel until 2016. Alongside her singing career, Im Jin-ah starred in many Korean dramas and TV shows. The role in the TV drama The Good Wife helped her to gain wider recognition and win the Rookie Actress Award.

Im Jin-ah (Nana)

#10 Maya Ali

Maya Ali is one of the most famous Pakistani actresses, who has almost 7 million followers on Instagram. Her performance in the thriller film Zed, drama TV series Mann Mayal and Diyar-a-Dil was well-received by critics and viewers and also earned her winning of the Lux Style Award nomination for Best TV Actress.

Maya’s Eastern appearance can charm anyone who just takes a glance at her. She has fabulous big eyes, shiny long hair, and a slender figure, that are definitely eye-catching.

Maya Ali

#11 Fan Bingbing

Actress Fan Bingbing is one of the influential Chinese actress overseas started her career starring in Chinese films and then became worldwide famous with the role in X-men: Days of Future Past. Her pure Chinese beauty is the thing that has many fans and leading people in the fashion industry. Bingbing is a possessor of fair skin, soft facial features, and almond-shaped eyes, and not many people can guess her real age. Her beauty frequently graces the covers of fashion magazines like Vogue, Grazia, Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle, and others.

Fan Bingbing

#12 Tuyet Lan

Tuyet Lan is a Vietnamese model who has gained popularity after the show Vietnam’s Next Top Model and several television commercials. New York Fashion Week 2012 was debuting for her and helped to sign a contract with Wilhelmina Models agency. Tuyet has done covers and spreads for Elle, Cosmopolitan, Pulp Canada, Pink, Dep, L’Officiel, and other magazines. Her appearance and modeling potential got the attention of fashion brands like Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Salvatore Ferragamo. We are also fascinated by her long legs, sharp facial features, and elegance.

Tuyet Lan

#13 Naomi Scott

Naomi is a British actress of Indian descent British actress of Indian. She definitely possesses the best features of Indian beauty. This lady is loved for her amazing performance in the Disney film Alladin and the action film Charlie’s Angels. People admire her natural beauty and openness, as she seems very grounded and kind. In interviews, she frequently talks that a secret of her attractiveness is the maintenance of inner beauty just as well as visuals. 

Naomi Scott

#14 Deepika Padukone

This Indian actress is a combination of beauty, talent, and great personality traits. After her significant role in the romantic comedy Cocktail, she gained popularity and became one of the most requested Indian actresses. Besides her acting career, Deepika also works with charity foundations and organizations. 

Her appealing appearance is another feature her fans are fascinated with. This amazing actress has 65 million followers on Instagram and frequently shares with them different moments of her life.

Deepika Padukone

#15 Jade Nguyen

One of the most famous Vietnamese models, Jade Nguyen possesses a combination of Vietnamese and French beauty. She has expressive eyes, lovely cheekbones, full seductive lips, and a slender figure. Currently, she is living in Paris and working with famous luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Jean-Paul Gautier, Dior, Jacquemus, Paco Rabanne, and many others. 

Jade Nguyen

#16 Priyanka Chopra

Another Indian beauty that won the hearts of many men around the world, Priyanka Chopra is known as an amazing actress, model, and Miss World 2000. She started acting in Bollywood films first and after some leading roles and receiving critical acclaim, Priyanka gained worldwide recognition. For foreigners, she is famous for her roles in the TV series Quantico, the comedies Baywatch and Isn’t It Romantic. 

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Priyanka’s magnificent curved figure, expressive eyes, and tanned silky skin are what people are obsessed with in her appearance. Her beauty is complemented by many great personality traits. She is a philanthropist and frequently speaks out about women’s rights, and environmental issues. 

Priyanka Chopra

#17 Kiko Mizuhara

Kiko, whose real name is Audrie Kiko Daniel, is an American-Korean model and designer who works with many fashion houses and constantly appears on Fashion Weeks. She has walked on runways for Moschino, Alexander Wang, and Diesel, and shot for Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Shiseido, Marc Jacobs, etc. Since 2014, she has also worked as a designer, collaborated with Open Ceremony, and finally launched her brand called OK in 2017.

Fans find her facial features perfect, as she has plump lips, big eyes, a small narrow nose, and flawless skin. Beautiful Kiko has an amazing sense of style and accentuates her best features with outfits and makeup.

Kiko Mizuhara

#18 Tara Sutaria

Tara is an Indian actress, who is famous for her roles in many Hindi-language TV series and films. She is mostly known for her talent in India and neighboring countries, but men all around the world love Tara for her beauty. She has a graceful figure, sharp facial features, and a beautiful smile. Her social media are full of covers for her new films, fashion photoshoots, and sexy bikini pics from her vacations. 

Tara Sutaria

#19 Constance Lau

Singaporean actress Constance gained popularity after her role in the film Crazy Rich Asians in 2018. Before, she also worked as a model, and nowadays also features in some advertisement campaigns for Bulgari, Braun, Shiseido, and several fashion magazines covers.

She is a big sports lover and has a fit slim body. Constance Lau’s unique facial features like fox-like eyes, long face, and flawless skin are true examples of Chinese beauty, as she has Chinese roots. She looks gorgeous, especially in evening dresses that emphasize her elegance.

Constance Lau

#20 Shay Mitchell

Shay is one of the most popular half-Filipino actresses and starred in many successful film and TV series like Pretty Little Liars, You, Mother’s Day, etc. After her role in the teen drama TV series Pretty Little Liars, Shay was praised and nominated for Golden Globe Award, Teen Choice Award, People’s Choice Award, Star Guild Awards, and Young Hollywood Award.

We can’t help saying about her incredible beauty which you can see in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Her perfect figure, olive skin, and beautiful face are admired by her fans and experts. She was named as a sex symbol and mentioned in the Maxim Hot 100 list.

Shay Mitchell

#21 Urassaya Sperbund

29-years old actress and model from Thailand, Urassaya is widely recognizable as Yaya. She does not have a typical Thai look, as she is also of Norwegian descent. Wide eyebrows, double eyelids, plump lips, and a seductive body make Yaya’s fans fall in love with her, both in Thailand and abroad. She has a huge fanbase on Instagram, around 11.5 million followers, and loves to share with them her work and personal life. Urassaya is also a big plant lover and has another Instagram account for all her “babies”.

Urassaya Sperbund

#22 Joanne Tseng

Taiwanese TV host, singer, and actress Joanne Tseng is one of the most famous women from Taiwan. She started as a singer in the musical duo Sweety, but currently, she is building her solo career. Also, she starred in many both Taiwanese and Chinese films and drama series being admired with the Chinese cinema award. 

A slender leggy figure, long dark hair, and a bright smile are the best features of Joanne. You can enjoy her charming and elegant beauty on her social media, where the woman regularly posts her best shots and backstage pics from photoshoots and film shootings.

Joanne Tseng

#23 Sui He

Chinese model Sui He started her career at 17 years old and quickly became requested by luxury fashion designers. She debuted in the 2011 Spring/Summer runway season and was included in several rankings of the best young models. Later in her career, she walked for Dries van Noten, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes, Oscar de la Renta, etc. Sui also was one of Victoria’s Secret Angels for 8 years, from 2011 to 2018. She is a possessor of a high-fashion face and a graceful figure that is admired by many people around the world.

Sui He

#24 Chanel Iman

An American model of Korean and African American descent, Chanel is one of the most famous top models in the world. She was engaged in ad campaigns for dozens of fashion designers, like Dior, Ralph Lauren, and Bottega Veneta, but many people know her as Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Her unique beauty is marked by rich dark skin, curved body, Asian eyes, and full lips. On her Instagram, you can enjoy her beautiful vacation photos and adorable pics of her babies.

Chanel Iman

#25 Gemma Chan

British actress and ex-model of Chinese heritage gained worldwide popularity after her role as Astrid in Crazy Rich Asians. Also, she starred in the films Transformers: The Last Knight, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and the TV series Eternals and Humans. 

Gemma has a pure Chinese beauty and brilliantly emphasizes the best appearance features with stylish dresses, accessories, and makeup.

Gemma Chan

#26 Pallavi Sharda

An Australian actress of Indian heritage, Pallavi started her career in Bollywood Films in 2010. Her acting and dancing talent received critical acclaim and she promptly grew as an actress. In 2016 Pallavi got the role in the Hollywood film Lion, and then in the British drama series Beecham House and the Australian drama series Pulse that were presented at the Indian film festival.

Alongside her divine beauty, Pallavi Sharda has a nice and cheerful personality. She is included in the list of the most influential Asian Australians and spoke up about the better living conditions for Indians, and the rights of Indian women and children.

Pallavi Sharda

#27 Song Yuqi

Chinese singer, dancer, and songwriter, Yuqi debuted as a member of the k-pop group (G)I-dle in 2018. Their single album was successful and the girls gained worldwide popularity. As a leading singer in the group, Yuqi is also extremely popular. In addition to her singing career, she starred in TV shows Keep Running and Learn Away. In 2021, Yuqi also debuted as a solo singer and released a single album A Page.

Like many other k-pop singers, the 22-years old girl has a cute face and slim figure. She frequently changes her hair color and shows up in hot revealing outfits and colorful makeup.

Song Yuqi

#28 Kylie Verzosa

A model, actress, and Miss International 2016, Kylie Verzosa is one of the most famous Filipinos in the world. She starred in several Philippine films but is most requested as a model by Jasquemus, Versace, Huawei, etc. 

Kylie’s ideal body and extremely beautiful face attract men and become a goal for women. She doesn’t shy about showing her best features to the fans, so on Kylie’s social media, you can see many lingerie and bikini photos as well as pics from numerous photoshoots for fashion brands. 

Kylie Verzosa

#29 Katrina Kaif

Katrina is one of the most high-paid Indian actresses, who is also a successful businesswoman with her own cosmetics brand Kay Beauty. Her career path started with the role in the Bollywood comedy Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya? in 2005. For many other roles, Katrina was nominated for several Film Awards including producers guild film awards. 

Also, this woman is considered one of the most attractive Indian ladies, which is not surprising. She has appealing facial and body features, charisma, and a kind personality.

Katrina Kaif

#30 Song Hye Kuo

Song Hye Kyo is a popular Korean actress with filmfare awards, whose number of followers on Instagram is over 12 million people. She is popular for her role in Korean drama series like Full House, Descendants of the Sun, Now We are Breaking Up, and others. 

Song looks charming and cute, and these characteristics of her appearance sometimes even interfered with her career, as producers considered her too cute for the roles. However, we and many fans in the world adore her beauty, flawless skin, and bright eyes.

Song Hye Kuo

#31 Angelababy

Angelababy is probably the most famous female celebrity in China. She fascinates people with her divine beauty, big eyes, graceful silhouette, and porcelain skin. This beautiful lady has over 100 million followers on Chinese social media, and almost 10 million on Instagram. Not only followers can’t take their eyes off her, but fashion designers too. She frequently appears on ad campaigns for different brands.


#32 Arden Cho

Korean-American famous actress, a holder of one of teen choice awards and a national film award, and model Arden Cho gained her popularity after the role in the successful teen drama Teen Wolf. She has worked as a model with Apple, Nike, Clinique, Alexander McQueen, and other companies. If you want to enjoy Korean beauty, we recommend you to visit her social media account. Arden also has an adorable dog for which she made a different Instagram account.

Arden Cho

#33 Liza Soberano

Liza is a 24-years old Filipino-American actress, but also sometimes appears in ad campaigns for different companies. She became popular after several roles in Filipino TV drama series and films, like Forevermore and Just The Way You Are. Liza possesses both inside and outside beauty, as she is an active fighter for women’s rights and speaks up about harassment, violence, and abuse.

Liza Soberano

#34 Tomomi Morisaki

Tomomi first debuted as a member of the Japanese girls group OS☆U, but now she is known as a gravure model and YouTuber. The content she posts on her Instagram account is extremely sexy and sometimes very provocative. However, her love for reviling bikini photoshoots and nude pics played a big role in her popularity.

Tomomi Morisaki

#35 Risa Nakamura

This mesmerizing Japanese girl is a famous model and actress with the best supporting actress awards. She started her career in 2010 as a model and debuted in films in 2015. Risa’s beauty is the main factor for her huge popularity. She looks a lot like a doll and prefers doll-like dresses and makeup. Her eyes will definitely win your heart, as well as her adorable photos.

Risa Nakamura

Sum Up

All these amazing Asian women have a huge number of fans all around the world. They are possessors of unique beauty and a fascinating inner world. There are many other girls who deserve your attention but we hope you enjoy these 35 gorgeous Asian ladies.

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