Chinese Brides: Their Look, Characters, and Preferences

Western people often fetishize Chinese brides, seeing them as submissive ladies dreaming about living quietly behind their American or European husbands. However, contemporary Chinese wives are a far cry from their middle-aged predecessors. They are practical, independent, and intelligent, like western women, but with more reserved behavior and fewer emotions to show.

However, Chinese men seem to be not aware of their mental progress. Domestic violence, overwhelming household responsibilities, and unequal public status have already made many girls regret getting married. Along with local political and economic challenges, these reasons have become enough for China brides to seek happiness abroad. So, the following review discloses all the nuances to help males understand Chinese women and find the best brides they have ever wanted.

How to Attract Chinese Mail Order Brides?

Chinese mail order brides are usually very straight up about what is crucial for them. First, it is about men’s jobs. This will be women’s first question. Moreover, when a woman asks a man about his job, she needs specificity. So, are you a technician, engineer, or entrepreneur? Be specific since you cannot be an all-in-one professional in her eyes.

A Chinese bride wants her man to show that he takes care of her. He can prove it by carrying her purse, for example. It’s pretty challenging for masculine western guys, right? But, there is another way to show your care. What is it? Just shower a woman with presents. Don’t for one second think she is materialistic. In China, gifts mean the sign of your love, interest, and attentive attitude. So, with no thoughts to benefit from your wallet, your Chinese mail order bride will be happy to get small cute souvenirs.

A man shouldn’t be intrusive or persistent with his Asian mail order bride since handholding is the first base of intimacy for a woman. It’s critical to know that there is no sex education in China. It means that a girl’s parents have never talked to her about men and sex. They more likely taught her to stay a virgin before marriage.

Chinese Mail Order Brides

What Should You Consider Before Dating Chinese Girls?

Don’t expect to date a woman once she’s got your phone number. A Chinese romance starts from texting that can last for a couple of weeks or even a month. Texting is not foreplay, but it’s part of dating. During this stage, the female will try to find out as much as possible about the guy. A man, in his turn, should use the texting stage to clarify and remember his woman’s likes and preferences. Some more things are also crucial:

  • Men should expect jealousy while dating their Chinese girlfriends. Asian mail order brides won’t tolerate cheating.
  • Women spend much time in the bathroom, taking care of their looks. Although you will be happy to get a wife with flawless skin, you’d better have two bathrooms in your house.
  • Mail order brides from China are very result-oriented, expecting achievements and visible outcomes from your activities. They won’t waste time on those who are still finding themselves.
  • Note that in the West, we get to know each other individually. Once everything is okay, we decide to welcome partners into our coven. Things are different in China since usually, friends get two people to mate.

Now, last but not least. When you date a woman from China, you practically date her whole family. Chinese parents are very strict. They want to make sure that a guy can provide a woman with stability and wealth. So, actors, DJs, YouTubers, construction workers, artists, singers, or dancers are restricted from getting married to their daughters. Guys with tattoos are also on this denylist.

Chinese Mail Order Bride’s Likes and Habits

Let’s see what an average mail order Chinese bride likes to do when she dates a western guy. Some things might seem weird, while others are really charming and touchable. In any case, all that stuff is about their lifestyles, and men should accept them.

  • Would you like to go to the beach with your Chinese wife? Don’t be surprised to see a woman dressed in garments with long sleeves, hats, sunglasses, etc. Moreover, an umbrella is a primary accessory for her. What’s the matter? She just will do everything in her power to avoid the sun.
  • A Chinese woman will take photos of anything and everything while walking. Her selfie stick is an inherent attribute of her wardrobe. Interestingly your mail order bride will take pictures of small things, like cats, food, etc.
  • Chinese Mail order brides used to share their relationships on social media platforms. They usually post tons of selfies with their foreign boyfriends, places they’ve visited together, how they eat, walk, etc.
  • Brides from China are addicted to fashion. They like shopping and spend a lot of time choosing clothes. The same relates to their appearances.

Some of the likes mentioned above may distort the actual image of mail order brides Asian. In fact, women there are not crazy about style. In Chinese culture, people associate beautiful appearances with beautiful acts. Gorgeous and well-groomed women can count on well-paid jobs and better careers. Besides, Chinese girls experience much pressure if they don’t find someone by the age of 28. People around call them left-over women. Their parents feel desperate and start arranging blind dates to find men for their already “aged” daughters.

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Which Traits Do Chinese Women for Marriage Value in Western Men?

If an American or European fiancé wants to buy a bride from China, he will be happy to know why a girl likes him. With their commitment to traditional values, Chinese women like western males’ free spirit. They want to get new experiences and expect such opportunities from their partners.

Foreign brides from China appreciate western guy’s respectful attitude despite the number of exes women had earlier. Chinese men track women’s former partners to know how many of them exist. Foreigners usually don’t care about their girlfriends’ previous lives.

Chinese brides for marriage like foreigners’ ability to make money regardless of the education they’ve got. These ladies are not snobs, and they don’t expect to marry Prince Charming. However, they assess men based on their preventative look, car, dwelling, and income. They don’t want rich husbands, but they want to feel financially protected.

Top Reasons to Choose a Chinese Bride to Be Happy Forever

Why should you buy a Chinese wife? Most Asian men don’t understand your intentions to marry their country women when you can easily find a leggy blonde with big boobs. Still, there are enough reasons for your choice:

Women looking for American men are loyal. They are loving, caring, sweet, and will never cheat on you. They can also support you as friends and equal partners. No cheating from her at all, since she will never risk her marriage and social status in the USA or Europe for a moment’s pleasure.

Women in China won’t flatter you. They are always honest and sincere, telling you openly about your flaws and issues. They never criticize but just shed light on your drawbacks to put you back on track. The same relates to your look. Your mail order girlfriend will always have an idea of how to enhance your image.

Chinese ladies for marriage don’t play games. They know what they want and talk to you to show their views and expectations. They are family-oriented, cook well, and can create a comfortable atmosphere in the house. Many women are ambitious and build careers. However, they remain caring, supportive, and devoted to their husbands.

Where to Find Beautiful and Loyal Chinese Brides?

How to find a Chinese wife if there is no opportunity to leave your native country for traveling far away? In this case, you can meet your love online. Many Asian singles are seeking long-lasting relationships on web-based International dating platforms. For this purpose, it’s crucial to choose a legit online agency.


The site helps find Chinese brides from many countries worldwide. A smart matchmaking system provides accurate matches for relevant connections.


  • The platform has many free options.
  • High-quality profiles include many details.
  • The site has a dedicated mobile app.
  • Extended search options are easy to use.


  • Many users are into hookups.
  • Chinese girls from Australia and some other highly-developed countries might be picky.



  • 1 month: $29.98/month
  • 3 months: $20.00/month ($59.99 totally)
  • 12 months: $10.00/month ($119.98 totally)


  • 1 month: $34.99/month
  • 3 months: $23.33/month ($69.98 totally)
  • 12 months: $12.50/month ($149.99 totally)

Chinese Kisses

The site fits mainly Europeans, but users from the USA, Canada, and the UK can also find their Chinese love on its web pages.


  • Both text and webcam chats are among communication tools.
  • Women get free messaging.
  • Premium members have up to 300 monthly contacts.
  • The auto-translation is free.


  • The female user base is not very extensive.
  • Standard users have no access to full-sized photos.


  • 1 month: 35 EUR
  • 3 months: 70 EUR
  • 6 months: 105 EUR
  • 12 months: 140 EUR

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China Love Match

This virtual Chinese wife finder is remarkable for genuine profiles. It connects people together for real love. You should definitely consider this site if you seek a life partner.


  • Many communication tools are onboard, including email, video, and audio chat.
  • Blog posts and dating tips are on the site.
  • No scammers provide a safe and efficient experience.
  •  The auto-translation is helpful.


  • Web pages are overloaded with texts.
  • More language options are desirable.

Prices: $34.95 per month


Can I Marry a Chinese Girl?

When you meet your love and want to marry, you should follow the local rules to overcome bureaucratic hurdles. Most of the paperwork is different for various countries’ residents. Still, everyone should present a Certificate of Marriageability and a Certificate of Marriage. Note that girls cannot get married until 20, except for women in some rural regions. Generally, if you want to find the most loyal marital regulations, Hong Kong will be an excellent choice.

How Much Do Chinese Brides Cost?

The bride price is not low. A man should offer valuable betrothal gifts to his bride’s family: money, jewelry, antiques, etc. How much should a man pay? Everything depends on a girl’s family and area. For instance, the highest bride price in Shanghai may reach $20,000. Still, this tradition is gradually abandoned. Many contemporary oriental women accept the western marital culture.

Are Chinese Girls Easy?

There are many lonely women looking for love in China. Still, they are not easy at all. Chinese mail order wives are very practical and pragmatic. They put material benefits first as a guarantee of economic safety. Besides, girls there don’t forget about their roots and traditions even if they are influenced by western culture.

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