Beautiful Indonesian Mail Order Brides from A to Z

You can’t stand but dream about Indonesian brides. Most men on the planet will understand your focus since an Indonesian bride is hot and authentic. Not long ago, Indonesian women were very submissive. However, this role has never been in their characters. A woman’s forced obedience was artificially caused by the generally accepted philosophy that she is nothing more than a housewife and a mother.

Now, Indonesia brides have different roles. They move to large cities to get an education and work, build careers, and find equal partners for love and life. At the same time, many women don’t want to leave their agricultural areas for city lights. Instead, they continue to run the household and grow crops. And the best part is, both categories of Indonesian mail order brides managed to save their commitment to traditional family values.

Meanwhile, a considerable part of local women is involved in sex trafficking or local sex jobs. That’s why a man should be cautious while he is looking for his perfect Indonesian mail order bride.

Why Do Indonesian Mail Order Brides Want to Marry Western Men?

Unfortunately, child marriage and sexual harassment in the streets, offices, and transport are widespread in this country. Women suffer from violence despite numerous laws that should protect them. This is the primary reason for their loyalty to people from the USA or Europe.

Low-quality education also plays a role. Decent Indonesia ladies want more prospects for their future children and find the way out in international marriages. On the other hand, many local women looking for American men just want to enjoy their respectful attitude and democratic views on marital issues.

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Another aspect is also meaningful. Many ladies want to date white Americans, Canadians, and Europeans. This is because they see white males as more sexual men than Indonesian fellows and dark-skinned guys worldwide. This conventional wisdom is particularly relevant for villages, where just a few foreigners appear from time to time.

Anyway, guys from other countries have excellent chances to find diligent, beautiful, and loyal Indonesian women for marriage.

Indonesian Girls’ Features and Appearances

An average Indonesian girl has a cute face, slim body, light or tanned skin, and dark hair. Their eyes are the first thing you notice. You’ll hardly meet overweight women in this country. Indonesian brides care about their appearances by using a maximum of SPA products and a minimum of makeup. That’s why women’s skin is always even and soft.

However, you should pay more attention to the typical character of an Indonesia bride. So, what are their primary features?

  • Women have a very positive way of seeing things. Brides are always cheerful and easy-going. It means you’ll escape the drama in your relationships.
  • Women in this country are remarkable for their generosity and kindness. They try to support their family members, help relatives, respect friends, and care for their partners’ well-being.
  • Brides are conservative. They didn’t show their emotions and feelings in public.
  • Brides are religious and superstitious at the same time. Christianity and indigenous beliefs have been interlinked.
  • Women walk, work, and live in groups. They can’t stand loneliness and usually have big families.

Note that brides in Indonesia are not very romantic because of busy life and powerful gender roles. Of course, you can give a woman tons of compliments, but it’s better to clarify the situation and tell her what you really want.

How to Date Indonesian Women to Win Their Hearts

If you want to get an Indonesia wife, you should date her first. The following tips help you escape awkward behavior and embarrassing situations. Consider the recommendations to ensure entertaining and memorable dating:

  • Pay attention to your look. Those dating in big cities should avoid shorts in public places.
  • Choose clear venues to date (AC) since the air in cities is very polluted.
  • Show respect to Indonesian culture by positively discussing its various aspects.
  • Don’t skimp on drinks and food when you go out with your bride.
  • It’s better to avoid talking about her appearance. You should do more exquisite compliments rather than just say she is skinny, that sort of thing.
  • Don’t cross if your bride is late. Being late all the time is typical in this country. Time is slow here.

Note that it’s normal to give money to a girlfriend in Indonesia. You should also cover her specific expenses instead of giving presents. However, it would be wise to make sure that your Indonesian bride doesn’t give your money to other people. Besides, are you sure you are the only sponsor?

What about a possible language barrier? Of course, most girls know English, but they speak it not as fluently as in many other Asian regions. That’s why a man should keep his English simple while talking to his Indonesian bride. Otherwise, it may be challenging to explain things and topics crucial to enjoy a happy life together. So, if your Indonesian female partner is not very good at English, just be specific or teach her to improve her skills.

Where You Should Seek Indonesian Women for Marriage

Is “I want to marry an Indonesian girl” your final decision? Then, you should definitely know where to find your Indonesian love. First, it’s crucial to consider religious factors. Muslims can go to Aceh province since Sharia law rules there. Christians will feel more comfortable in West Papua.

Jakarta, Surabaya, South Bali, and Bandung are the best places to find an Indonesian mail bride. Women are hot, beautiful, and open-minded in these cities. You can meet many students and young professionals. As many foreign businesspersons live there, local brides know how to communicate with them correctly. As a rule, they are loyal girlfriends and good wives.

Which places provide more chances to meet Indonesian singles? Those resting in Bali should visit Shishi or La Favela nightclubs. Boca Rica, Basque, Fable, Dragonfly, and Loewy in Jakarta are also overcrowded with hot Indonesian women. However, it’s challenging to find a decent Endonesian girl for marriage because of many predatory females. Malls, parks, fairs, fests, and other social events are much more efficient.

It’s also possible to apply to a dedicated agency and buy a special tour. However, this way is very costly. If you want to meet your love without traveling and wasting money, try online matchmaking services. Although credible sites require paid subscriptions, they are still the cheapest option. Besides, you guarantee your complete safety while seeking love without leaving your home.

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Most Reputable Sites to Meet an Indonesian Mail Order Bride


The site is a niche platform focused on Indonesian ladies for marriage. It helps find friends and life partners among all community members. A high success rate, legit status, a vast audience, and attractive Indonesian brides’ profiles make the service popular worldwide. It provides quality connections and tolerates many types of relationships. Still, most Indonesian singles are into long-lasting romances to ensure probable future marriage.


  • It’s possible to set a date before you visit the country.
  • Profiles contain descriptive information.
  • The site generates high-quality matches.
  • Many communication tools add more value to this service.


  • Competition is stiff for men since only 30% of users are females.
  • The app doesn’t support IOS and Windows mobile devices.



  • 1 month: $24.98 per month
  • 3 months: $16.66 per month ($49.99 totally)
  • 12 months: $8.33 per month ($99.98 totally)


  • 1 month: $29.98 per month
  • 3 months: $20.00 per month ($59.99 totally)
  • 12 months: $10.00 per month ($119.98 totally)


The service welcomes people worldwide, including lonely Indonesian women looking for love abroad. Generally, its audience comprises over 290 million profiles. The app presents available stats of its success rate and states that 91,000 users remove their accounts because they managed to find someone special on the site. Marrying an Indonesian woman is more than possible with such a massive user base.


  • The app is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Many options are available (People Nearby, Encounters, etc.) to get a date quickly.
  • Anonymous browsing is possible.
  • No ads will flood your interface.


  • The app might be a bit overwhelming for mature and senior daters.
  • Profiles are not descriptive enough. Those focused on marrying Indonesian women might be disappointed.


Girls love Bumble, as it is not bombarding them with irrelevant messages. Women choose whether to communicate or not with a particular man. They make the first move, responding to the males’ invitations and “likes.” Hence, you can find a high-quality mail order girlfriend on Bumble.


  • The site presents many free features for standard users.
  • Appealing design is very convenient and encouraging.
  • The user base is massive and continues to grow.


  • Bumble’s friend finder and business section are a bit distracting.
  • More customization would come in handy.



  • 1 month: $12.99
  • 3 months: $10.66 per month ($31.99 totally)
  • 6 months: $8.00 per month ($47.99 totally)


  • 100 credits: $0.03 per credit ($2.99 totally)
  • 550 credits: $0.02 per credit ($9.99 totally)
  • 1,250 credits: $0.02 per credit ($19.99 totally)
  • 2,750 credits: $0.01 per credit ($39.99 totally)


Can I Marry an Indonesian Girl?

Any fiancé can marry an Indonesian woman if he follows the rules and local laws. Of course, some paperwork is indispensable. Besides, you have to pass through the religious ceremony at the wedding. Only then you’ll get a Buku Nikah (Marriage Book) as proof of the marriage’s validity.

Are Indonesian Girls Easy?

Indonesian single ladies are loyal but not easy. They live under strong family values, meaning no premarital sex very often. If a woman is easy, she can hardly become a caring wife. However, there is no denying that it’s much easier to win an Indonesian bride’s heart than to approach western females.

At What Age Can You Get Married in Indonesia?

Recently, Indonesian bridal law has raised the lowest allowed age of marriage for women. Now, brides can marry without parental permission at 21. However, society still encourages girls to get married earlier.

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