Japanese Brides: How to Meet, Date, and Marry a Beautiful Girl

Japanese brides can brighten up men’s lives, making them spicier and happier. Exotic nymphs from the oriental world are famous for their legendary beauty and natural sexuality. They look amazing and seem to be mysteries for down-to-earth western folks. Raised up in an advanced country, they still value family traditions.

At the same time, Japan brides are progressive enough to seek equal partnership and join online dating platforms to extend their boundaries and find foreign soul mates. If you like the idea of sharing the future with your beloved Japanese bride, consider the information in the post. It reveals how to get a Japanese wife and treat her to be happy together.

Over 64 women live in Japan, providing excellent chances for guys to find their love. However, the female mentality has considerably changed recently. Today, Japanese brides often seek ways of building up careers and raising children simultaneously. Hence, with still influential gender roles in Japan, local women think about foreigners more and more frequently. Good news for Americans and Europeans, right? However, don’t think you can just grab a Japanese mail order bride with zero effort. Since almost 43% of women believe marriage is not an integral part of life, men should consider the following fact to be cussed in dating eastern ladies.

Japanese Mail Order Brides

Japanese Mail Order Brides’ Dating Etiquette

What about flirting and approaching Japanese mail order brides? The first thing western men should know is that women from Japan will never reject them. Japanese brides are really challenging to say “no” because they are very polite. However, the “no” absence does not imply the “yes” presence. Everything is just round courtesy and politeness. It means a man can get dozens of phone numbers from beautiful Japanese women, but no one may respond to his messages later.

While a western woman creates a clear impression of whether she likes a man, a bride from Japan makes it difficult for males to understand her sympathy. A man just has to guess.

Note that Japanese women seeking American men will never approach guys first. Instead, they are feminine, sweet, and quiet, expecting men to be decisive. That’s not because of coquetry, but because social intelligence still plays a massive part in Japan. It also means that approaching a woman straight away without any consideration is considered aggressive in Japan.

Remember that Asian women are very susceptible to body contact and prefer to keep their distance while walking, dancing with men, or sitting near them at the table. Brides need time to allow themselves to get close to their male friends. Hence, never touch an eastern woman while greeting or talking to her.

How to Make a Japanese Woman Fall in Love with You

Mail order brides from Japan are charming. How to act not to scare them off?

  • Small gestures are critical. A man should open doors for a bride, put a jacket on or off her, push the chair in, etc. All that stuff shows a woman that a man cares about her.
  • Japan brides for marriage attach great importance to privacy and personal space.
  • Don’t be surprised if your potential mail order bride from Japan will invite you to a group date. Such social events are typical and even popular in this country. It doesn’t mean that a woman is not interested in you. It just means that she needs a little bit more time to know you better.
  • Bear in mind that a mail order Japanese bride wants a man to lead. Still, this is not about aggressive leadership. Women expect their boyfriends to plan the date, choose the best venues, dishes in restaurants, etc. So, try to be initiative and active when it comes to dates.
  • Guys should be ready to guess what their girlfriends like. For example, a woman will never say she is cold. Instead, she will do it all while looking like freezing. If you guess, bingo! You won her heart.

The key point is to remember that there is no dating around in Japan. If a man wants to have relationships, he should make a sort of confession and notify a Japan mail order bride about his intentions. Otherwise, she will never know whether you are her boyfriend. Generally, take a romance with a Japanese woman seriously, and she’ll reward you.

Does a Japanese Mail Order Bride Have Any Concerns?

Organized group dates called Goukon may be annoying, but men should just get through this phase. Just bring a couple of hot friends to make things smoother. Then, it’s crucial to consider no spontaneous adventures. A mail order bride Japanese prefers to know where you go out beforehand. Oh, women in Japan are not boring at all! Simply, planning is a part of their culture.

What about meals? If you expect delicious food cooked by your beloved Japan bride, your dream comes true. However, you can hardly say what is on your plate. Hence, just try to eat this suspicious substance.

Those looking for passion and hot scenes should move to pass oriental women. They used not to be very expressive. However, have to look at the bright side: your mail order girlfriend will never raise a scandal.

Japanese Woman

What Is Typical for Japanese Women for Marriage

Japanese wives are very polite and supportive. They always listen to what their husbands say, making them feel like they are the most extraordinary people on the planet. That’s why we all know that women in Japan are very pleasant in communication. Your life partner will always care about your feelings, trying to make your day lighter and more positive. What about more Japanese wife characteristics you’ll definitely value?

  • Oriental wives are very romantic, having a sense of fashion and exquisite manners.
  • Women are faithful wives since cheating is outside their culture.
  • They are agreeable and not picky. However, brides still have their opinion and views.
  • Japanese girls care about everything, from meals to home decorations.
  • An oriental girl will never hurt your wallet but be with you because of love. With so many traditions and patriarchal values, Japanese mail order wives are still open-minded.
  • Married women don’t stop looking after their figures and faces. They look young and attractive at any age.
  • A Jap wife is wise and feminine, never competing with males.

So, if you meet your love from Japan and marry her, maybe you are the happiest man on the Earth.

Why Do Japanese Girls Like Their Western Boyfriends?

Does a future Japanese wife really prefer a western guy to her compatriots? Japanese women looking for love see white fellows pretty often in the streets of Japan. They hear a lot of English and become curious about another culture. Most girls are into Americans, Canadians, and Australians. They consider these males good-looking and respect them for their pleasant manners. In other words, Japanese brides prefer polite and sexy gentlemen.

However, they will date white men if only it is about a good match. Brides from Japan want to see their western boyfriends fit and well-groomed. No overweight or pimply guys are accepted.

Where to Meet Beautiful and Upstanding Japanese Women?

If you live or work in Japan and want to find a Japanese wife, you’ll face no challenges. However, how to find a Japanese bride from overseas? In this case, an online international agency or Asian dating website will help you a lot. Most lonely singles from Japan register their profile on such platforms to avoid violence and scamming while meeting foreigners offline.

Web-based dating services cater to any man’s tastes in his search for an Asian wife online. They create a private and safe environment for making high-quality connections instead of low-down booty calls. Both parties feel secured when they start their communication with messaging, chatting, or video webcam sessions. This approach is very close to oriental cultural peculiarities characterized by a minimum of physical contact.

Best Dating Sites to Find a Japanese Wife

The following websites are among the top-rated resources with high success rates and responsive audiences.


The site from Cupid Media’s network contains thousands of profiles of Japanese women looking for American men. With over 700,000 members worldwide and girls between 18 and 34, the platform offers excellent chances to meet hot and intelligent Japanese women for marriage.


  • No pop-up ads on the interface.
  • A chat room is at your disposal.
  • Free users can look through the profile pictures.
  • Users can double space in their profiles to make them more disruptive.


  • A mobile app is available for Android owners only.
  • It would be great to see more extra features on the site.


Gold Membership

  • 1 month: $29.98 per month
  • 3 months: $20.00 per month ($59.99 totally)
  • 12 months: $10.00 per month ($119.98 totally)

Platinum Membership

  • 1 month: $34.99 per month
  • 3 months: $23.33 per month ($69.98 totally)
  • 12 months: $12.50 per month ($149.99 totally)


This is an easy-to-use and free-to-register online Japanese wife finder with many lucrative features and an extensive user base. It provides plenty of parameters to deliver accurate matches and make sure you’ll meet your love.


  • Appealing design with functional layout.
  • You can see how many members have viewed your profile.
  • 25 daily messages are available for free users.
  • Professional customer service is very responsive.


  • Many fake profiles are annoying.
  • The site has no mobile app.


  • Bronze Membership: $38.98 for 2 months
  • Silver Membership” $105.6 for 3 months
  • VIP Membership: $179.92 for 6 months

meet Japanese girls


The niche platform focuses on helping American fellows find a Japanese wife. Along with a free member search, the site also allows users to chat by text and arrange video sessions through web cameras.


  • 74% of the audience are women, which is good news for men.
  • Flowers and gifts delivery works.
  • Phone calls with an interpreter are available.


  • The only credit-based payment system is implemented.
  • You cannot download a mobile app from the Apple Store.


  • 20 credits: $0.80 per credit ($15.99)
  • 160 credits: $0.60 per credit ($96.00)
  • 1,000 credits: $0.40 per credit ($399.00)


At What Age Can You Get Married in Japan?

There is no need to worry about your bride’s age once you’ve decided to buy a Japanese wife. Japanese legislation is not strict and allows Japanese women to get married when they reach 16. However, if a fiancé is less than 20, official authorities and his parents must provide permission.

Why Are Japanese Women So Beautiful?

A Japanese beautiful wife always looks fantastic, mainly due to her perfect skin. Women in Japan pay much attention to correct diets and healthy lifestyles, having unique secrets and receipts of skincare. For instance, they feature well-balanced cuisine and long-lasting baths accompanied by SPA procedures. Besides, Japanese women avoid UV rays and never go out without makeup.

Can I Marry a Japanese Girl?

Marriage in Japan requires some paperwork, especially when it comes to foreigners. It’s better to hire a lawyer to avoid mistakes and missed documents. Besides, it’s crucial to seek the advice of your embassy to know whether your marring with a Japanese wife will be legit in both Japan and your native country.

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