Dating Scandinavian Mail Order Brides

Scandinavian mail order brides are mysterious women that get attention from men from around the world. These tall and blonde brides look like models. This is why so many Americans desire to meet Scandinavian girl and marry her. Discovering Scandinavian mail-order brides can be quite an adventure. These women are cool, calm, and collected. Scandinavian singles may not be very friendly and warm at first, but you should not give up on your dream of meeting a beautiful woman from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, or Iceland.

At first, beautiful Scandinavian women will attract you with their stunning bodies and cute faces. Local brides are certainly very different from European, Asian and Latin women. In this article, we will discuss why American men want to date Scandinavian brides and give you tips on successful dating.

Why do American men want to date Scandinavian women for marriage? Local women look like top models. They are tall, have blonde hair and soft facial features. American men say they look mysterious, and they are eager to discover what kind of women they are. So, pretty Scandinavian girls are in great request. Luckily, there are plenty of dating sites where single girls from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and other Nordic countries place their profiles with attractive photos.

Features of Scandinavian Women For Marriage

To make dating Scandinavian mail order wives a great adventure, you should learn about their characteristics. This will help you to understand local women and know how to approach them. Scandinavian wives online are truly stunning women, yet you need to learn some tips on dating them. So, keep reading our article and learn about the main characteristics of women from Scandinavia.

They Are Feminists

You may be surprised, but Scandinavian brides for marriage are proper feminists. They are proud to be women, and they want men to see them as strong, confident, and smart. Local brides are quite rich, and they can share a bill in an expensive restaurant. They respect men who give them personal space and support their decisions.

Marvelous Scandinavian Bride

They Are Reserved

Unlike Latin women who like to laugh out loud, dance, drink and chat with different people, brides from these countries may seem shy and not very talkative. When dating Scandinavian women, choose cozy and quiet places. Your future Nordic fiance would rather have a romantic date somewhere in a quiet restaurant talking about things that you both enjoy.

How to Date a Scandinavian Mail Order Bride?

Do Scandinavian women like American men? A lot! They see American men as very funny, smart, and handsome. There are many local girls who travel abroad to meet handsome guys for dating and marriage. Local men are very relaxed about approaching women, so finding a date is difficult. The average age when men get married here is 40 years old. However, they like to travel and meet their friends much more than thinking of getting married.

So, if you are seeking a Nordic female to date, you will find many singles who will want to chat with you. Your chances of succeeding with dating a local girl are very high. To make sure that you get a Scandinavian mail order wife, follow these tips:

Take Things Slowly

Scandinavian women for sale admire those men who respect their privacy. If you want to get lucky with dating a single woman from one of the Nordic countries, you should try to make friends first. Ask her to hang out and have a drink instead of setting up a date and inviting her to an expensive restaurant.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Getting physical with a Scandinavian girl for marriage can happen but only after a few dates. Unlike Latin brides from Mexico and Brazil who love to dance, hug, kiss, and have sex on the first date, you should keep your distance with brides from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. What you can do is to give her a friendly hug. They are hot Scandinavian brides, but you need to be patient before you get any closer. Gain her trust first.

Treat Her With Respect

You learned that Nordic women are feminists, and you should respect it. But you do not have to impress her with your moves like calling her 10 times a day, holding her bag, etc. If she wants to share a bill, let her do it as it will make her feel like you respect her and sees as a strong lady.

Top Dating Sites for Meeting Scandinavian Singles

If you are seeking a Scandinavian mail order bride, a dating site can be a good idea. Since local brides are quite shy and reserved, it may be a good idea to send them messages rather than come up in a bar and chat them up.


Tinder main page

Tinder is an international dating platform with a few million users from all over the world, including Scandinavian countries. It is a popular brides finder where you can buy Scandinavian lady within a few clicks. The way Tinder works is very simple. All you need to do is to create an account and add your photos. It is also important to add your location. Swiping female profiles is fun, as you can look through hundreds of beautiful girls’ profiles every day. Connecting with girls here is quite simple as the atmosphere at the app is relaxed.


  • Mostly young single women
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Search by nearby location
  • Advanced features are paid


  • Fake profiles spotted


There are several types of membership here. People below 28 and above 28 are paying different prices. Below you can see prices for users above the age of 28:

1 month – $29.99

6 months – $112.99 in total – $18.83 per month

12 months – $149.99 in total – $12.50 per month

The advantage of getting a paid membership is being matched with similar people instantly. Your profile will appear on top of the line, which means many more users will spot you.


OkCupid main page

Another great platform to find a partner for life is OkCupid. There is a desktop and mobile version for singles who prefer to search for love on the move. It is a good idea to look for a Scandinavian wife here as there are many Scandinavian brides looking for American men right here. The website has been popular since 2004, so it has all the necessary tools to connect you with like-minded singles and build a relationship regardless of distance. The main reason why you should join OkCupid is that messaging is free here. Yet by getting a paid subscription, you will be able to conduct a comprehensive search and meet Scandinavian women looking for marriage with the same interests and relationship goals.


  • Quick registration
  • Messaging is free
  • Affordable membership
  • Many profiles of Scandinavian singles
  • Mobile-friendly


  • Most features are paid


OkCupid Scandinavian wife finder newcomers can choose between three paid membership: Basic, Premium, and Boost. Below you can review prices for the Premium membership with unlocks all the features that make a connection with women more successful:

1 month – $24.90

3 months – $68.70 in total – $22.90 per month

6 months – $119.40 in total – $19.90 per month

Single users can also buy credits to boost their profiles and become more popular on the dating site.

main page

This is one of the most reliable dating sites with singles all over the world. It has got more than 20 years of experience in connecting similar people. According to ex-users reviews, this is a good place to find a future fiance. So, if you are interested in serious relationships, is a great place. Here you can build up a profile and provide much information about yourself. Search for beautiful brides from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark by age, similar interests, appearance, habits, and relationship goals. The only free tool that can help you connect with singles here is sending likes.


  • Dating site with big experience
  • Sending likes is free
  • Useful matching tool
  • Video date feature
  • Large database of singles from Scandinavia


  • Registration can take a long time
  • All connecting features are paid


There are Standard, and Premium plans available. See the prices for an advanced subscription with all features included:

3 months – $14.99 per month

6 months – $11.49 per month

12 months – $8.99 per month

Final Thoughts of Scandinavian Girls

If you want to find Scandinavian girl, a dating site can be a good idea. Even though local women are not very keen on meeting strangers and chatting with foreigners, they still give it a chance. So, head to the listed dating sites that are popular in Scandinavian countries and meet good-looking blondies.


Are Example Girls Easy?

If you want to find a Scandinavian bride, you should be patient. They are not very friendly and warm girls, but they get easier as you know them for longer. Make friends with a female from a Nordic country before you become a couple. Remember to respect her freedom and choices.

How Much Do Scandinavian Brides Cost?

It depends on the dating site you join. On average, a monthly subscription to a popular dating site will cost you about $20. This price includes searching for a Scandinavian bride for sale, sending likes, text, audio, and video messages, using matching tools, stickers, etc.

Why Are Scandinavian Women So Beautiful?

Local brides are so beautiful because they come from truly beautiful countries. They have a healthy diet and stay active throughout their lives. Scandinavian girls look after themselves and stay as natural as possible. They do not wear much makeup or have plastic surgeries to change their looks.

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