Can you trust a Ukrainian woman? The Best Choice For Every American Man

Many American men today are looking for a bride from Ukraine. It is due to many factors (the incredible natural beauty of girls, kindness, sharp mind, adherence to Western values). However, many are wondering if can you trust a Ukrainian woman. Those good girls in this country are always honest in their motives and emotions.

Ukrainians Are The Sexiest Nation In The World

Men worldwide believe Ukrainian ladies are the most beautiful and sexy girls in the world. Many thought this was a myth for a long time. However, in 2019 Big 7 Travels, do your research. So, 8,500 people, mainly from the English-speaking countries of the world, took part in this, they were given a choice of 50 different nationalities, they had to give each from 10 to 1 point, where 10 are very sexy, and 1 is not beautiful at all.

The study showed Ukrainian girls are in first place in the number of points, followed by Filipinos, Danes, and Brazilians. The authors of this study were surprised by these results since those nations that were traditionally considered sexy (the French and Italians) did not make it into the top five.

trust a ukrainian woman

A Few Words About Ukraine

Ukraine is a large country in Eastern Europe that was formerly part of the Soviet Union. Today, this country has chosen the European development course and even received the status of an EU candidate.

The national language in the country is Ukrainian. However, Ukrainian brides speak Russian, English, and Polish, and some of them speak French or German well. It leads to the fact every foreign man may easily and quickly find a common language with the traditional Ukrainian girl.


Today you cannot find significant cultural differences between life in the USA and Ukraine. People in Ukraine watch Hollywood films, are interested in world literature, and visit various exhibitions and museums. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the inhabitants of the country did not have a national identity; in many ways, they resembled the Russians. However, the Revolution of Dignity, which took place in 2014-2015, the annexation of Crimea, and the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbas, led to the fact the inhabitants of Ukraine began to identify themselves as Ukrainians and revive old traditions, holidays, wear national clothes (today you may easily see people in embroidered shirts on the streets of large and small cities).

In addition, people began to sing songs in Ukrainian more often, make films and pay attention to national ornaments. By the way, the Petrykivka painting is included in the list of the intangible cultural heritage of humankind by UNESCO.


In general, the way of life in Ukraine is not different from the American one. Ukrainian women work, participate in elections, and generally have a more prominent political and social position than men. Today, they can hold any job traditionally held by men. A Ukrainian girl can successfully run a business and make good money.

However, the Ukrainian wife must care for the house and the children. In family life, she wants a man to be the head of the family, but she may take the helm if he does not cope with his duties.

Most Ukrainian brides are fond of sports. They exercise regularly to maintain a beautiful figure and stay healthy.

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Family Life

As already mentioned, most Ukrainian women want their husbands to be the head of the family. As a rule, in serious relationships, the last word always remains with the man. Of course, a woman may express her opinion and give arguments if she disagrees with the idea of a man, but if he has made a decision, she will obey.

Most Ukrainian ladies take complete care of the house and the children themselves, but they will not mind if you decide to help them with something, especially when there is a newborn.

Such a girl can become a wonderful mother to her children. As a rule, they are very attentive and patient; they perceive the baby as an adult and always consider his opinion when making decisions. In addition, they will do everything so that the child develops harmoniously, and they will work with him on their own at home and take him to various courses.

Ukrainian lady loves animals very much, so don’t be surprised if a dog, a cat, a hamster, or a parrot appears in your house. Often, they also take care of pets, and all that is required of you is to show patience and love to the animal.


Ukrainian bride knows how to cook from an early age. The menu includes favorite traditional dishes, such as borscht or dumplings, and European and American cuisine (pizza, burgers, cheese soup, and more). Most of the diet here is meat (chicken, pigs, beef), vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, and others), cereals, fruits, and berries.

A Ukrainian woman may even prepare an exquisite dinner for family and guests from the refrigerator’s most straightforward set of products. It is worth saying women from this country often are not very whimsical about food.

Dating a Ukrainian you can be sure a delicious dinner is always waiting for you at home.

Why Are Ukrainian Girls So Beautiful?

All girls in this country are very different. However, there are several characteristics of a Ukrainian woman that unite them:

  • Light brown or black hair (many of them are dyed blonde);
  • Eyes can be any color, but most girls have brown eyes;
  • Smooth or snub nose;
  • Charming smile;
  • Gorgeous smile.

In most cases, Ukrainian girls are slightly shorter than Western women. The average height here is 61 – 64 inches. In addition, many women here usually have slim figures, full breasts, big ass, and thin waist, which makes them incredibly sexy.

Most American men talk about how mail order brides from this country have a unique radiance when they smile. They instantly cheer up and make the world around them a better place.

How do you know if a Ukrainian woman likes you? If a Ukrainian girl is in love, it is immediately apparent. At first, she will only talk about you, be embarrassed in your presence, and try to touch and spend as much time as possible together. Mail order bride is sincere in her emotions, and she may tell you herself if she has feelings for you.

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Ukrainian Girls

What Kind Of Relationship Can You Build With The Ukrainian?

Is it easy to get a girl in Ukraine? It cannot be said women here are very accessible, but they quickly make contact. Practice shows you may approach a girl in a park or a cafe, start a conversation with her, or exchange phone numbers, but they will never go to bed with you on the first date.

If you date Ukraine lady, you can be sure building strong relationships will not be difficult. Most of the girlfriends here tend to start a family, not just meet guys for sex. It is worth saying that in this country, most marriages are for love therefore, in such families, mutual respect reigns.

It is worth saying family values ​​in this country are incredibly developed, so the girl will do everything possible to maintain long term relationships. She will forgive you for possible mistakes, and she will not make a scandal over trifles. However, not all Ukrainian women may forgive adultery.

Among the main Ukrainian wife benefits are:

  • Loyalty;
  • Incredible natural beauty;
  • Excellent hostess and cook;
  • An ideal partner (not only in life but also in business matters);
  • A sharp mind and the ability to remain silent at the right time.

All these qualities show girls from this country can become wonderful wives to any man. Suppose you are looking for a Ukrainian women dating. In that case, you should understand such girls already have a specific relationship experience (and usually not a happy one), so the bride knows how to behave with a man so that there are no scandals, disagreements, and betrayals.

When spending money, a woman always remembers she needs to feed and clothe her family and children, but she wants to buy expensive cosmetics to please her man.

If you learn to trust a Ukrainian woman, she will give you an incredible charge of tenderness, love, and positivity and will fill your life with positive emotions.

It cannot be said the Ukrainian wife is very jealous. She will be fine with the fact you communicate with other women if love reigns in your relationship.

easy to get a girl in ukraine

Where Can You Meet Ukrainian Women?

If you want a serious relationship, you have two options – to come to this country or signup on a free dating site.

How do I get a girl in Kiev? If you fly to Kyiv, the country’s capital, you may be shocked by the number of beautiful girls around you for the first few days. Some American fiances say when they get to Khreshchatyk (the city’s main street), they feel like they are at a beauty contest. All the girls here have beautiful make-up, and beautiful hair and are very stylishly dressed. Like Russian women, Ukrainian women regard every exit to the street as a podium, so even the garbage is taken out in a beautiful outfit. If you want dating a Ukrainian woman, you may take a walk in the parks, go to a cafe or an exhibition center, anywhere you can meet a beauty who may win your heart. It will also allow you to understand Ukrainian culture better and love it as your own.

If you do not have the opportunity to come to Ukraine, you may register on numerous dating sites and create an account. Here singles expect men so they can write to you first. Here you can meet strong or vulnerable women, depending on which one you like best. You can set various filters on legit dating websites and view online dating profile. It is worth saying with online dating, romantic relationship develop faster than in real life, so after a few months of communication, you will already be able to marry a Ukrainian woman.

Studies show more than 40% of all dating in the US takes place on dating sites, you can easily meet your love on such platforms.

How do I attract a Ukrainian girl? All you have to do is be yourself, give small gifts and give lots of compliments. Dating Ukrainian women, you have to fill in that they love with their ears, and a few precise compliments may completely disarm the girl.


Are there any trustworthy Ukrainian women out there?

There is no definitive answer to this question as trustworthiness is subjective. However, there are many successful and reputable Ukrainian women in various industries such as politics, business, and entertainment. It is important to note that generalizations cannot be made about any group of people and it is unfair to label all Ukrainian women as untrustworthy based on the actions of a few individuals. Ultimately, trust must be earned through consistent and genuine actions.

How can you protect yourself from Ukrainian women who may try to scam you?

One of the best ways to protect yourself from potential scams is to thoroughly research the person you are communicating with. Look for any red flags in their online profile or behavior, such as requesting for money or personal information too quickly. It is also important to never send money or gifts to someone you have not met in person. If the person consistently pressures you for financial assistance, it is best to end communication with them immediately. Trust your instincts and always practice caution when interacting with someone online.

What should you do if you’ve been scammed by a Ukrainian woman?

If you have been scammed by a Ukrainian woman, it is important to first contact the appropriate authorities such as your local police department or the FBI. Additionally, you can report the scam to websites such as or the National Fraud Information Center. It is also important to contact your bank or credit card company to alert them of the scam and prevent further unauthorized charges.

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